Our Rules

Things that will get a member banned:

  • Trying to circumvent any of our security features and or access other member's private information;
  • Misrepresenting gender, age or trying to impersonate someone else;
  • Posting pornographic, explicit or content that is deemed too vulgar;
  • Spamming;
  • Bullying;
  • Trolling.


If you have been suspended by a moderator, this means you are unable to access key areas of the site for 24 hours. If you are confused as to why you have been suspended, feel free to contact a member of our staff to inquire why. Creating accounts in order to return while suspended is not allowed and might trigger an automatic, permanent ban.


If you were banned, it means your account was closed and you lost all the time you invested on it. We are unable to un-ban accounts because the process is destructive - all data associated with the account is immediately deleted. We believe in second chances and even banned users are welcome to return if they are willing to respect our ToS and abide by the rules.


This can be defined in many ways: (1) it can be done in the sense of 'flooding' or sending lines repeatedly; (2) it can be defined as posting the same announcement continually with no change or input into the room or forum; You can be suspended without warning or muted based on the mod's discretion.


No advertising or solicitation of any kind. This is not a website for the sale of goods and services. This will result in an instant suspension and possible ban of your account.

Arguments, fighting, trolling, etc.

It is ok to disagree with someone as long as the conversation remains civil and polite. People have disagreements from time to time and a quarrel is nothing to worry about until it goes on too long, gets out of hand, or steps up in intensity. Being rude to other members will not be tolerated, regardless of who started the argument and it will result in immediate suspension or even a ban.


Racism, prejudice, sexism, or homophobia will not be tolerated. No warning will be given, this is an instant suspension and possible ban from the website.


All images must be family-friendly. Swimwear is fine, underwear and nudity are not. If the picture suggests you are naked, you should not upload it either.

Adult, sexual and crude content (or images)

Announcements of sexual or crude nature will not be tolerated in any public section of the site and it will result in an immediate suspension, possibly a ban.


Excessive profanity, obscenity or vulgar language will not be tolerated in any public section of the site.


Safe links are allowed to be posted, but linking to any content that violates our content guidelines, such as pornographic or hateful content is not allowed and may result in suspension or a possible ban.

Contact information

For your own protection, we don't allow the posting of private contact information in any public section of the site. This includes but is not limited to emails, phone numbers, and contact information to instant messaging services.

Multiple account abuse

Do not create multiple accounts as this may result in the automatic deletion of all of your accounts. Do not have two accounts in a room at the same time.

All public rooms are English-only

We can't moderate what we can't understand. If you would like to chat in another language, feel free to create your own room :)

Please be sure to read the Terms of Service and become acquainted with them. When you create an account on Wireclub, you are agreeing to these conditions.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please feel free to contact a member of our team for more information. You can find us here: Wireclub Team

We hope you enjoy your time on the site! -Wireclub Staff