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ChexMix you getting any rain there Mike?
mikew4562 woo hoo lol
lightdancer hi sunny
mikew4562 hey chexie lol
nobodysin although she hated Texas...lol
mikew4562 no chexie not yet
wind_roamer why else would someone come to a chat room to tell this story
nobodysin I tried to argue to no avail
ChexMix ok I didnt realie we had rain forcasted, we are getting rain now
helena1033 hi Karen
mikew4562 they say it is mosty tomarrow chexy
nobodysin seems like Texans and Okies hate one another
sunnybcgirl07 My company is leaving in 2 days. I feel kinda sad
ChexMix mike, this is tomorrow
mikew4562 is going bye chexi
nobodysin you tell me
datum50 Gn everyone. My eyes are burning. TTFN
sunnybcgirl07 Gnite datum
wind_roamer where going sunny?
sunnybcgirl07 Back to Texas
ucscruzin ITs 9 oclock on a saturday. . .there's an old man sitting next to me
ucscruzin making love to his tonic and gin
karenofcalifornia68 Ummmmm, where are you?
Solataire Ok, time to go. Thanks for the chat everyone If you have to choose between being right or being kind, always choose kind....You never know how your kindness might help another
nobodysin she always voted democrat yet hated Johnson...why?...cause he was Texan...go gigure...so she accused him of staging JFK's death as the Oliver Stone movie seemed to imply
moparbadazz have a gd 1 sola
wind_roamer i choose to bite lol
sunnybcgirl07 So true solitaire. Gnite
tamathy45 used the Upsidedown Text power on wind_roamer
clock652 hi karen
nobodysin tc solitaire one
karenofcalifornia68 Hi clock, what's up?
missshutterbug53 Hi Everyone
nobodysin hey miss
sunnybcgirl07 Hi shutterbug
clock652 you of course
tempeauetic stone is an idiot
wind_roamer ɹǝʇʇnɥs oƮƮǝɥ
Mink_n_Sable ok,so Itotally got side tracked lol again.
Mink_n_Sable who'd I miss? lol
wind_roamer dǝǝƮq ǝɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ
clock652 luv the side stuff
sunnybcgirl07 Haha wind
missshutterbug53 How is everyone?
wind_roamer ¿ʎɥʇɐɯɐʇ sᴉ oɥʍ
Essufc Bored lol
clock652 hi clock
nobodysin I don't know but I'm ok?
TabAInsertB Helena, I have another interviewon Tues!
wind_roamer ɥɐɥɐɥ ou

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