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imaginethat7 noda...what year
rockislandred1 they wont letyou in hun
nodakwida straight 6
penny7 smalllss...talllsss... hiii
dennisfyttvll wb wild bill
mrkeebler58 hey rock
Aliasdaveagain lol prolly not rock
mrkeebler58 ty dennis
penny7 keeblerrrr
mrkeebler58 pennyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Aliasdaveagain cuase Im such a danger to society
imaginethat7 this guy banged up a 2011,,,deployed air bags,,,, says needs DASH REDONE,,,,,everything else good
nodakwida will go to 3 easy
mrkeebler58 imagineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
rockislandred1 stop jack ty
mikeandhisbike45 lol dave, you are why i lock my doors at night
imaginethat7 figured let me ask,,, a 2011,,just get new air bags....ask for front pics,,,
dennisfyttvll doesnt it cost a fortune to redo the air bags?
rockislandred1 you ere muted earlier
jdchevypower Dizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
imaginethat7 holy shit,,needs radiator,,,bracket,, etc,,
penny7 dizzz
mikeandhisbike45 they never learn
imaginethat7 excatly,,dennisss
teacher2017 hey sandy
dizzledat hi penny
teacher2017 Sandra sorry
jdchevypower Imagineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
AntiqueLace bbiab~!!!
dennisfyttvll my ex wife had some mighty fine air bags
jackw_stevens who will marry me
nodakwida Free,,vs fixed up airbags and in an accident?
imaginethat7 so i ask him,,how much u want,, he says $6,000..told him was fkin nuts
RickLaMesa my daughter shared more pics with me this morning
nodakwida ^$%nuts
rockislandred1 stop hjack
donejcd1 yeah it do stu most places i know would charge 5000 to install N guarantee it
Aliasdaveagain lmao seriously teacher ? A shirtless pic and your hand in your shorts ?
jdchevypower Joeeeeeeeeeeeee
imaginethat7 noda,,i am all for freee,,,lol
imaginethat7 hey chevyyy
donejcd1 hi jd ole man
dennisfyttvll most cars are junked if air bags have been deployed
RickLaMesa lol dave
donejcd1 yup that is true
Aliasdaveagain lmao mike I just saw that you bugger
Aliasdaveagain the door locking thing
donejcd1 cuz most of them r these matchbox cars
mikeandhisbike45 lol lol dave
imaginethat7 true,,dennis,,, mu 01 cherokee sport had airbags deployed,,and i didnt care,, pd a $1,000 for it
mrkeebler58 hey mike
pjmay96 Good Evening From Ohio
dizzledat that's deleted already dave
jdchevypower mr kkkkkkkkkkkk
dennisfyttvll like my ass would fit in a matchbox car
Aliasdaveagain good cause I reported it

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