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goingonholiday Vivvvles change what?
Vanilla Cake this is all wierd
CherryBIossom22 it was probably him
Vanilla Cake i don't know fit, or anyone here
vivvvles going, do u want me to really say it in the room?
nutzzobad brb gonna get some ice water
rak03252 cherry, any luck with trans ?
goingonholiday for the love of god
vivvvles im too nice to say it
gigglesalot6 looks like i didn't come in at a good time
Vanilla Cake just all weird
goingonholiday The truth will set you free
vivvvles lol giggles,
goingonholiday GIGGLES SHUSH we will let you know when its ok
vivvvles going, u know i never bolted u,,,,
goingonholiday drop anchor and hush
CherryBIossom22 nah its still in the intersection..didnt even try to park it
goingonholiday Vivvvles I know
chickabooms use the block button...giggles
rak03252 Yoiks Cherry
gigglesalot6 lol chicka
Vanilla Cake rak.. i don't know anyone here..
goingonholiday Giggles your slip is showing
gigglesalot6 don't wear a slip
Vanilla Cake holiday.. might delete u
goingonholiday Vanilla if you feel you need to
vivvvles where is chica??? did she leave?
rak03252 well u r learning Vani, and seem to be making new friends as u go
chickabooms she only has 5 people on her friends list
PeppahL I think Holiday liked bolting himself.. he'd always do the < and poof he was gone lol
ATumultuousWoman I'm watching, Viv.
Vanilla Cake i don't anyone chicka
gigglesalot6 i only have 2 people on my friends list
vivvvles lol peppah
vivvvles chica, there u r
Vanilla Cake i said for the 100000000 xxxx i was never on aol or any of this
gigglesalot6 i like to get to know people before adding them
vivvvles wut now going?
goingonholiday back to what you were gonna say in the room
goingonholiday What do i need to change?
vivvvles going,,,,i forgot
CherryBIossom22 tumsssssssssssssssssss xoxoxoxox
ATumultuousWoman Cherry*********************oxoxoxox
chickabooms you have rak......and going....cake
PeppahL your underwear, Holiday
goingonholiday Vivvvles dont make me faux %!%^$ slap you
PeppahL Bonnie
goingonholiday Peppah I wear sexy ones
vivvvles lol going,,,,,,like im so scared, lol
vivvvles bring it
chickabooms and you have bees...cake
nutzzobad ((((sweetBonnie)
Vanilla Cake holiday... are you sick in the head
CherryBIossom22 foreplay lol
sweetbonnie33 (((((((((( nutzy ))))))))
vivvvles lol Cherry
sweetbonnie33 hi atumult...
goingonholiday Vivvvles I will spank your ass so hard you will sing the national anthem backwards
gigglesalot6 hi bonnie
rockislandred1 bbs swutcing locations
vivvvles ((((((((((((((((((((bonnie))))))))))) Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
vivvvles going,,,u can try
vivvvles hb rocky
sweetbonnie33 ((((((((((( vivvles ))))))))))hiya
gigglesalot6 you sure seem like a nice person going
goingonholiday Vanilla why do you think i am sick in the head?
CherryBIossom22 whistle dixie?
PeppahL lmao @ backwards
chickabooms no...holiday isnt sick....chat is like.....Halloween...to going..he can let out his alter ego
goingonholiday Giggles I am
vivvvles PEppah,,,stop laughing, lol
gigglesalot6 i met that sarcastically
goingonholiday I can do whatever i want here or anywhere else
goingonholiday to be honest
PeppahL it's funny!!!
goingonholiday I work for myself and I call the shots
goingonholiday quite honestly
PeppahL I never heard the national anthem backwards before
sweetbonnie33 dont we all

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