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ljj1111 no, you should not look
ljj1111 nobody should !!!!
tomblack999 Hi rainy
X0EnduringLove0X hello tom gm
jethro55 no peaking
Kanzy__cougarbitey If u value your eyesight don't look
countryboybt1 lol that's why i smoke the weed i do to help see...lol'
rainydaysmiles c ya all later
jethro55 hows that help the copd
ljj1111 ill just look outside to see if the sky darkens
X0EnduringLove0X tc rainy...
webmasternot_99 hard to injure your eyes with cload cover
countryboybt1 at least i don't smoke cigs still..lol
ljj1111 i dont smoke.....anything
Kanzy__cougarbitey Weed doesn't help your eyes...to see
X0EnduringLove0X well...im going to get a few things done...bbl
ljj1111 bye XO
countryboybt1 yes for glaucoma relieves pressure even eye dr says it helps
jethro55 wot dr says that
ljj1111 my eye dr didnt tell me to smoke weed
countryboybt1 my eye dr i even have tests coming
gansul Hi room
ljj1111 hi gansul
countryboybt1 they use a thing to check weye pressure
ljj1111 hi sherrie
countryboybt1 normal should be 10 I'm at 18
tomblack999 Hi Sherrie
countryboybt1 hiya sherrie
ljj1111 i gotta start takin testosterone treatment
countryboybt1 i do daily ljj
ljj1111 injection or gel ?
sherrie4748 What cya doing???
countryboybt1 i take testorone pills'
jethro55 Although marijuana can lower the intraocular pressure (IOP), its side effects and short duration of action, coupled with a lack of evidence that it use alters the course of glaucoma, preclude recommending this drug in any form for the treatment of glaucoma
ljj1111 oh...ok
jethro55 f glaucoma at the present time.
ljj1111 country, what was your testosterone level reading ?
jethro55 sherry
jethro55 happy eclipse day
countryboybt1 i have open angle glaucoma
ljj1111 it is !!!!
jethro55 r u ready
sherrie4748 Yup got my glasses
jethro55 will be glad when its over
jethro55 can go back to trump'
ljj1111 who wants to go back to trump ?
sherrie4748 1.4 mill coming to Tn
jethro55 not many
ljj1111 wow sherrie
ljj1111 i dont

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