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rn6157 I lived in Union county, Galway is new to me
jethro55 that not good lob
jethro55 wots the prognosis
rn6157 but thank you .. appreciated ...
scallop007 ya nodoubt esp raw
jethro55 she try to rip it out yet
jethro55 hay ride
wolfeestyle yeah rm, right next to Pleasantville, Hamilton, etc
pleasefeedthelobster she dont have to have the tube the rest of her life.just to when she can swallow normal again
Ride_On hay jethro u travelin yet?
jethro55 in milan new mexico
wolfeestyle gm ride on, smooches there ya shexeh woman
jethro55 went to the big texan wed night
scallop007 morning ride
jakefromgulfshores good go till you reach the Pacific, and then go 1/2 mile farther
Ride_On lol jake
jethro55 i got picts on my cell it wont connet to the wifi here
scallop007 bought a Coffee for Ride_On
Ride_On scall
pleasefeedthelobster aint they a country song..amarillo by morning?
wolfeestyle ride, i think lobsterfest likes ya
jethro55 will be in orange bbeach in a few weeks
xnoyesnoyesnox mmmm boffee
jethro55 got bidnezz to take care of
wolfeestyle goerge strait
jethro55 a meeting
pleasefeedthelobster tonya harding bidnezz
Ride_On lol jethro got cans to pickup crush n turn in
jethro55 gotta get cans so i gots fuel moneys
wolfeestyle i used to smash cans and save them. made a ton of money every week
limitations I am going to go make myself a real decaf coffee.
scallop007 bought a Coffee for xnoyesnoyesnox
jethro55 why do we care if u make a real decaf coffee
Ride_On jethro does that n amkes cash
pleasefeedthelobster did u see george strait in amarillo? wait? he wont be there until morning
wolfeestyle i had a bunch of guys that worked in bars who used to save'em for me
jethro55 garth books in oklahoma city
Ride_On lol lobs hes retired unless they r havin a ropin he wont be there at all
wolfeestyle this was back in the 80's. they were paying 75 or 80 cents a pound
Ride_On i love me some garth
wolfeestyle then it was a dollar a pound
pleasefeedthelobster why are they gonna rope george strait?
jakefromgulfshores i read that as girth for a second
Ride_On he team ropes
wolfeestyle lmao ride, i thought that was girth for a minute, lmao
scallop007 george strait is ignorant signing autographs
jethro55 pervert
Ride_On lol jake
wolfeestyle i am nt a pervert
pleasefeedthelobster u seen george in peeerson? scallop
wolfeestyle lmao jake, you read myt mind
xnoyesnoyesnox lift up the receiver u know im a fogiver
jethro55 catn ait to get me a in n out
scallop007 i got him to sign one for arlene he !!#&*ed about it so bad he needed a cuff side the head the spoiled brat -.-
jethro55 i cant breathe in this alltitude bs
jethro55 well besarely breathe
jethro55 bearly
pleasefeedthelobster northern new mexico is mountains? we have a background contract with los alamos national lab
Ride_On lmaooooooo
scallop007 need oxygen jeth ?
Ride_On barely
wolfeestyle my neck hurts and it's still two hours until breakfast. i'm thinking a little more sleep, but i don't know. i was sleeping most of the night

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