crabjuice my winnings...
Cheebs_ he say he will cut pat for takin half his win debs
crabjuice Wins 185!
Cheebs_ its a game
crabjuice yessssss
debs_ omg, that little sob
MystiSky Dangggg
crabjuice I win again everybody
crabjuice im the bestttttttt
moneypenny_ used the Disemvowel! power on crabjuice
Cheebs_ i neva win but u neva see me threating ppl
BAD BOY GRAMPS no chit sherlock
Techieman18 lol penny
crabjuice sck n my chclt slty blls
dustyrob the room rejoices
Cheebs_ lol dusty
Kiss__ used the Small Text power on crabjuice
crabjuice stck m n yr mth n sck m
oldman river thats cause your decent people cheebs
Cheebs_ where is a mod when u need one
Cheebs_ ty brad
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