moha_ pusman that was rude
VampiressKay after i had kj seems like shit just changed he started hittin me for stupid shit
my_name_jeuuf he cheated on u?
heart_of_spades Don't even explain bud you not happy you get out and move on
VampiressKay he left for hours on end i wasnt allowed to leave
my_name_jeuuf those arent real males
VampiressKay shit just got tiresome
Weedov Bbbb it's cold here
Night Rider25 I'm gonna drive in the rain to get my coffee fix. Cya
heart_of_spades &^&~ that Kat
my_name_jeuuf i used to know 2 peeps on here who got abused by their husbands
heart_of_spades Tell me bout you
my_name_jeuuf now they happy pple
my_name_jeuuf they moved on
VampiressKay im just me i cgange day to day
my_name_jeuuf u should find urself a sugar daddg
my_name_jeuuf ull be fine
my_name_jeuuf money talks
heart_of_spades True but surely there's a quick demo of what your all about
VampiressKay rather just find a relationship with a man who wants to do it together fk that havin a man holdin mkney over ur head bullshit
VampiressKay im a bipolar nut case
Weedov Any other people here than jeuuf?
my_name_jeuuf they are rare
my_name_jeuuf ignores the penguin **
heart_of_spades Cool I may not seem so nuts
Weedov thanks, thats what i want
my_name_jeuuf ur just jelly
my_name_jeuuf pple use telescopes
my_name_jeuuf u use microscopes
Weedov I differentiate between telescope and microscope
jasonwillson2017 Monica how are you ??
Weedov it pisses me off if a retarded dares to talk to me
my_name_jeuuf i love how that affected u so much
Weedov i'm only nice to above average iq s
my_name_jeuuf u need thicker skin
VampiressKay n u need a thicker peen
Weedov na really it does, it's below my dignity.
my_name_jeuuf its pretty thick lol
Weedov And i care about that, maybe too much.
VampiressKay ok flat pancakes
my_name_jeuuf i could post a pic but imma get banned
VampiressKay im not bored im procrastinating
my_name_jeuuf vida i still like u
Weedov Heart you're only bored. I am boring and cold
VampiressKay jason u ok?
heart_of_spades Well get on with it pls pretty pls lol
VampiressKay ur not gettin ne hi backs
Weedov i dont like to put myself in a situation that retarded hoes even dare to address me, actually.
Weedov i really keep away from them.
my_name_jeuuf u did doh urself

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