Weedov i don't remember how i passed the course, really i don't
Maslenok These stories about carpets should reach millions of pages
Innocent Bystanda Many say that
Innocent Bystanda Let us say good luck and kindness
Jokero__ What's your speciality vida?
Weedov Maslenok u think refering to carpet story is offensive?
Weedov i like it
Innocent Bystanda I think he has a crush weed
Weedov i like myths
Innocent Bystanda Not sure if it is you or me
Weedov no matter about Norse, Greece of Iran
Weedov lol bystanda
Maslenok I'm not too much in carpet stuff bystanda
alecoeco123 Any one to chat in private
Weedov he means it's u, bystanda
Maslenok Just know it's like vodka for russians
Innocent Bystanda I picked you as something of a carpet biter mas
alecoeco123 How are u
Innocent Bystanda I am upset alec
Maslenok Fatal error
Innocent Bystanda but I shall say no more
Innocent Bystanda Not sure about fatal mas
Innocent Bystanda I am still typing
Maslenok But I am
Innocent Bystanda Cant say alec
alecoeco123 Ok may be in privsate
Jokero__ I don't care who you are
Maslenok Private will be better guys
Jokero__ Where you're from
Jokero__ What you did
Jokero__ As long as you love me
marblanco17 hola mi nombre es marcela
Jokero__ Hola marcela
Maslenok I hate racism
Maslenok And black people
alecoeco123 How can i help u
Jokero__ I hate everyone equally
Weedov Jokero
Jokero__ I have no discrimination
Tiffany @marblanco17 english in main please ty
Weedov from tiffany
Maslenok Mistress
Variant hi everybody!
Tiffany Sits on chair
Tiffany Hai Variant!
Jokero__ Hello miss tiff
Maslenok Will she fart?
Tiffany Hello gorgeous Jokero

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