Geek_Approved call them tuesday ok ?>
Innocent Bystanda Terms like beggage chicken
fkcampbell yes man
Paulypocket30 Mellow accent
fkcampbell xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Innocent Bystanda In english that is "baggage check in"
fkcampbell they think not her again
Paulypocket30 Or do ya think ikea
Paulypocket30 i care lol
fkcampbell behind you
Geek_Approved hi amyness
amy williamson how are you Paul
jaaradstarwars Any is. CHETER
fkcampbell kept me up now
Paulypocket30 Am dapper = fine ha
amy williamson no i'm not jared
fkcampbell pee time
Geek_Approved ice cream does that
Paulypocket30 Don't sprinkle wen u tinkle
fkcampbell you know i am trying to diet
Innocent Bystanda I was not aware there was an appointed time to take a pee
fkcampbell sick it really
Innocent Bystanda Clearly I have been doing it wrong
fkcampbell grains fruit nuts all over again
Geek_Approved peeing is subliminal
fkcampbell i pee long
Geek_Approved if i hear the water faucet running i need to pee
Paulypocket30 I pee freely
fkcampbell like a hoose
Innocent Bystanda I thought that was for doctors who want a sample?
fkcampbell or fountain
Geek_Approved like a racehorse
fkcampbell oh shit i forgot to do my sample woops
Paulypocket30 I write me name huh
mafasataday like a yawn bi stader mention pee n half will xperience an instant may be past fast or nevitable piccle brigade!!!1
fkcampbell had a blood test
fkcampbell oh well
Innocent Bystanda Bugga campbell
Paulypocket30 Then shiver lmao
heavenlyXO Should woman be allowed to use their imagination?
fkcampbell silly question
Innocent Bystanda Heavenly why do you do this?
fkcampbell some men really
Innocent Bystanda Stupid questions
heavenlyXO Because I think it's funny
Innocent Bystanda I doubt anyone else does
fkcampbell i think your hats funny
mafasataday i get u bro
Innocent Bystanda And why are they targeted at women?
Paulypocket30 You set that abuse up bro lololol
Geek_Approved he's a misogynist troll
mafasataday for what being more right brained.i applaud
Innocent Bystanda Yeah I am in two minds
Innocent Bystanda EIther misogynist or perhaps not overly bright
amy williamson do you guys like me
Paulypocket30 Sounds like me tbh 😳
mafasataday no hes generation no difference
Innocent Bystanda I don't not like you amy

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