Seapunk Lol -dab-
critters Jamie is a hater
GlobalJuke lol seapunk cool opinions
Seapunk Cool statements
James6767 good Q, jolly. i've never seen one
GlobalJuke nah, they were warm statements of effection
New and Fake what do you do if the haters dab back?
GlobalJuke affection? idk
critters Jamie did you see that video of the cat giving its owner dabs?
gumish having said that now I want you all to listen to that rock gem from Poland - Proletaryat - Droga
critters omg so cute. Hold up
Seapunk Im too busy couvhing
Seapunk To notice what they did
James6767 cool gum-i listen to that in my miniskirt when i'm in the shower.
Seapunk Affection worked
gumish hahah James
Seapunk Your affection didnt effect me*
Seapunk Used both in a sentence
Nicktronic gonna be alone for the eclipse
New and Fake that's cute, but that's not dabbing
GlobalJuke are you a teacher?
critters whatever
critters I don't speak ebonics
Nicktronic in a dark area
critters what's dabbing?
gumish Seapunk is a guru
Seapunk The moon is fake
gumish I used to be a guru too but I lost weight recently
gumish hello Ivyrose
GlobalJuke The moon is too real
Seapunk That was a bad example of dabbing
Seapunk Its an arm move
GlobalJuke I think we should blow up the moon. It's causing women to have periods and making them all crazy.
New and Fake well, he's doing it as a joke
Seapunk Cause people cough into tgeir arm when they take a dab
critters lol what the hell is this
Seapunk Just made it a thing
Seapunk The moon was already blown up
New and Fake it's just a stupid dance move that became a meme, hobo
James6767 i'm skipping the eclipse to watch Moonstruck
critters I bet a cat could do it though
gumish Seapunk I was blown away by your theory
critters Gummy please don't wink
Seapunk Wgat theory
Seapunk Hop off my nuts gum
critters some people only like to ride them themselves, but don't want anyone riding theirs
gumish hobo - could you explain to me why I should stop winking
New and Fake it's creepy, gumish
James6767 supposedly at 1:30 but he's had 4 no-shows. ~JN
critters because Jeff does it and it's creepy
critters yo fruit
gumish creepy? why?
jollygoodspork i'm taking off all of my clothes and painting myself blue for the eclipse. then i'm going to dance around naked on the lawn so i can convince my neighbor to move away.
gumish hahah sporky
FruitusLupus eclipse is for new beginnings
FruitusLupus sever away
New and Fake please don't attach your mystical bullshit to this
gumish severe case of severing away
Seapunk I just bought this can of nuts
Seapunk Its mine
FruitusLupus never share yo nuts
gumish I'm gonna extort it from you Megan
Seapunk All of the nuts are mine
FruitusLupus pull the trigger. do the jump.
FruitusLupus its gonna be catchy when i'm done with it
gumish you're nuts Megan
Seapunk Ok ok fine you can have 1. -give you the can of nuts

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