snizzyloaf chat men
acrata4ever therefore crackheads are patriots
snizzyloaf they are
CucklordSupreme what about chat bois?
acrata4ever we should praise them like veterans
snizzyloaf chatbois arent even human to me
Puma Pants Cucky confirmed chatboi
snizzyloaf and i’m born again
snizzyloaf so there ya go
acrata4ever and they should get free healthcare for serving their country
acrata4ever or at least free teeth
acrata4ever cmon stop being so cheap
snizzyloaf they need a ticket to the rehab
acrata4ever tell your *^&$ing congresmen crackheads are the same as vet
snizzyloaf im gonna invest in chat bois
acrata4ever they need teeth
snizzyloaf they need 11th grade english
acrata4ever the govt made bazillions on crack in the 80s
snizzyloaf hahahaha jk
acrata4ever funded iran contra
CucklordSupreme i don't speaka da engrish
acrata4ever world visions death squads
snizzyloaf but u gotta have some standards
snizzyloaf isc if u
AesofIniquity Can someone shut these two retards up
CucklordSupreme that is an impossible task
snizzyloaf idc if you look like foo
acrata4ever and here you go calling a random person you dont know a crackhead
acrata4ever like its shamefull
snizzyloaf me? im done w that
AesofIniquity Acracka u know ur a dope fiend
snizzyloaf sorryif i offendeda anymoreeeeeee
acrata4ever you wouldnt be standing here today if it wasnt for the cia preventing nuclear wars since 1945
snizzyloaf im on myphone it sucks
acrata4ever and being funded by narcotics
snizzyloaf u stop caring after 1 min about the spelling
acrata4ever god bless our cia heroin dealers in afghanistan
MLG PROM3THEUS @acrata4ever “god” is jelly
acrata4ever did you know afghanistan has no oil?
CucklordSupreme the downward spiral of music room
aceleopard99 god bless the cia coke dealers with noriega
acrata4ever its all dust and wind
AesofIniquity Ha cuck forreal
snizzyloaf u n i t ed sta tes of po p p y seedp over t y
aceleopard99 god bless the cia herion dealers during nam
jonaszelly gimme some yayo
acrata4ever afghanistan has one gross national product
jonaszelly keep it in the borders
acrata4ever /know what that is?
aceleopard99 acrat, uranium
acrata4ever no raw opium
snizzyloaf no more drugs: only weed fentanyl a d meth
AesofIniquity Sniz u do Meth?
snizzyloaf drugs are over and population control is here
snizzyloaf no buti used to do cocaine
CucklordSupreme i inject heroin into my eyes
snizzyloaf any friends tellme cocaine doesn’t exist anymore
aceleopard99 Afghanistan also holds cheneys pipeline from khazechstan to Persian gulf
snizzyloaf its all fake
acrata4ever 40% of opium used in american pharmecuticals is grown behind an electric fence in new zealand
AesofIniquity Probably was meth
acrata4ever you know where the other 60% comes from?
Puma Pants Make the decision for me
snizzyloaf i smoke pot
CucklordSupreme 2+2 is 4 - 1 that's 3 quik meths
Puma Pants Yes or no
acrata4ever and thats why wew are in afghanistan for 16 years
snizzyloaf but it is for delret
Puma Pants That's super quik meths
snizzyloaf depression
acrata4ever and you havent see any footage
Puma Pants You're speaking my language, Aes
Puma Pants I can always get a replacement tomorrow.
Puma Pants The language that says do it, Cucky
acrata4ever just green nightvision lightshows
CucklordSupreme do it in the back of the car
acrata4ever bloodless
Puma Pants I could not would not in a car
snizzyloaf there is no replacement for who u truly are though, puma pants
AesofIniquity Yeah u would
Puma Pants Yeah, I would.
CucklordSupreme my car has jizz stains all in the back seat
acrata4ever ok i hope you enjoyed that little rant
Puma Pants stfu sniz, I'm not talking to you.

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