Tekuno Neko is the elven language
vinyl puking is the absolute worst wtf
wuzzle daisy Ash, I reviewed your story.
Defective tare him a new assshole wuzz
Sleepdealer yea, it is
Ashen Absurdity Did you call it a giant pile of shit?
Sleepdealer or tolkien was just lazy ass
la la love you took a lot of pills laxatives and fasting but never puked
Defective alchool will do it lol
la la love you never gonna drink again
Defective LIES lol
Defective ophhh lol
BOOKS AND BOOKS hot chicks cool drinks
Ashen Absurdity You didn't call it a giant pile of shit.
la la love you bought a Guinness for herself
Angelcrush wow wat did i miss
wuzzle daisy If I thought it was, I would've, trust me.
Defective lol la la
Ashen Absurdity Lol. Fair enough.
la la love you I have to pee like every 3 min what's wrong
Ashen Absurdity Thanks btw.
wuzzle daisy Thank you for sharing. Really I meant what I said. You have a lot of talent.
la la love you who have energy for that
firewaterblues1 Chillin in the breezeway with the ghost of greg paz
Angelcrush ash has talent where
Angelcrush i like mgmt
Defective talent for collecting cats
vinyl yeah their new album is pretty great
Angelcrush wheres ashes talent
Ashen Absurdity And scalps mfkr
SalviaPlath Did you write or sing
la la love you ash is talent
vinyl a lot darker than their earlier stuff
Angelcrush ok fine don't tell me
Defective i shave my head since i was 20 VvvvV
Ashen Absurdity I posted the damn link, woman
SalviaPlath Didn't see it. Was afk
Ikuo angel where did you go
Angelcrush i was day dreaming
Ashen Absurdity I didn't say hair. I said scalp
Tekuno Neko i stopped shaving my head last year
Ashen Absurdity Give me a minute then
Defective well buzz cut not shave
Ashen Absurdity https://shar.es/1LHMeQ
la la love you shaving heads
Tekuno Neko shaveheads
Ashen Absurdity It's long af though
BOOKS AND BOOKS that's what she said
Angelcrush oh dam i don't have patience
purpleigloo12 hey everyone should I shave my head but keep my beard?
vinyl can you post a tl;dr
Defective thats what i do
vinyl fake and gay
Angelcrush i read it later ash
Ashen Absurdity Ain't no problem

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