Aquilegia Selektor.
Tony Chacheres Break you off like some mofo japanese
lexiblickfeldt i love hollywood undead lol!
Tony Chacheres Leave ya stuck in that mofo black truck
Aquilegia I was till late last night. My tip of my fingers hurt now.
Aquilegia Sorry bad internet
Aquilegia I just woke up
Selektor What prompted you to take it up?
Aquilegia To kill time
Selektor Couldn't you just go to the gym like regular people.
Aquilegia No but I want to learn swimming
Aquilegia I don't know any nice swimming pools here and I'd have to talk to my father to ask.
Aquilegia Which I don't plan on doing.
Aquilegia How are you?
Selektor Why not?
Selektor Alive -_-
Aquilegia I am just not talking to either of them.
Aquilegia You didn't tell me what is your job
Selektor And I never will.
Aquilegia I won't judge.
Selektor For your own protection.
PsionicDDream do you think you might have carpal tunnel aquilegia?
PoliticalGangster He works at a car dealership
Aquilegia Carpal tunnel?
Aquilegia Do you work for mafia, Travis?
Aquilegia What is that, dream?
PsionicDDream because the tips of your fingers hurt...but i don't know the cause
Aquilegia No, Dream. I was crocheting for hours yesterday. That's why they hurt.
PsionicDDream i see. and good, much better
PsionicDDream if anyone has it, or knows someone who does - complex B vitamins remove the pain
johnnyrocks35 I just found out that fb never crashes
johnnyrocks35 when did pac become the tall man?

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