aceleopard99 slaughter? lmaooooo, i saw the first slaughter show ever, Vinnie Vincent passed out from the heat and slaughter played the rest of the set
thats_life_ppl_say but i did so just like flow reverse the flow with pulairity um that ikay flow is energy pularity is flow
Defective accidentally ? lol
CucklordSupreme did it have two buttholes afterwards?
Sonde Mes Trous No, just one really big one.
loppioppi i broke my leg to save u ace
la la love you No, it's an animal and it's not here to feed you, but your life
PaleBurnedAcid Well someone told us that if you but a chickens head under its wing it will fall asleep
Sonde Mes Trous See how you're being ignored, Batl?
PaleBurnedAcid Me and my cousin tried it
PaleBurnedAcid But we ended up breaking their poor necks
aceleopard99 moana still blaming her grandfather because SHE brings shame to her people?
PaleBurnedAcid And what's your excuse ace?
Defective we used to take pheasent and spin them around by there feet then put there head under wing ... would zonk em out for a lil while
Sonde Mes Trous haha how can I blame my grandfather when he has nothing to do with it?
Defective it works
Sonde Mes Trous It was my great grandfather I linked.
Sonde Mes Trous Pay attention.
aceleopard99 lmaooooo, I'm white, my people bring shame to themselves
Sonde Mes Trous SIll old man.
aceleopard99 you should know better
PaleBurnedAcid Ivr bad luck with birds Def
aceleopard99 and be better
PaleBurnedAcid I've killed too many by accident
Sonde Mes Trous Oh, Pale. It gets even better - a white man mansplaining to a Maori woman about her people.
aceleopard99 but you've decided to be what you are, maybe someday youll pull your head out of your ass
Sonde Mes Trous Come along children, let's all sit down and listen to The Man.
PaleBurnedAcid Pheasants. Chickens and a parrot
PaleBurnedAcid Oh I got that bit Mó
Defective lol sooo no ostrichs in iraeland for ya to murder ?
PaleBurnedAcid I get a lot of it on here too.
Sonde Mes Trous I'm trying to upload a pic of the baby jacket i just made, but Wire mobile isn't liking me so much right now.
PaleBurnedAcid Not yet Def
aceleopard99 so anyway
PaleBurnedAcid Give me time
PaleBurnedAcid Knit or crochet?
Sonde Mes Trous I just can't get the hang of crocheting for some reason.
aceleopard99 la, some people follow mans hunter gatherer history, and don't hoard stuff like grains and veges, we take what the lord gives
thats_life_ppl_say dont push me around
PaleBurnedAcid My godmother is excellent at it. She made me a black and purple scarf with skulls in it
aceleopard99 and leaves the rest for others
PaleBurnedAcid I'll upload s pic when I'm home
thats_life_ppl_say the one would know what i mean
PaleBurnedAcid I'm kinda still in my goth phase cux
PaleBurnedAcid Been 30 years
Defective i seen it ... bad ass, thought was store bought
PaleBurnedAcid I don't think I'm going to outgrow it
thats_life_ppl_say dont tell me i better but i u seem better
PaleBurnedAcid Def you've been looking though my pics.
Batl Skard Did you like what you saw?
CucklordSupreme goth is cool
PaleBurnedAcid Agreed cux
thats_life_ppl_say hows my toofs
loppioppi baroque too
PaleBurnedAcid And black hides the coffee spills
loppioppi romanic
loppioppi romanic-goth best period tbh
thats_life_ppl_say hey she jump my bones
thats_life_ppl_say i minding my business
PaleBurnedAcid Def are your trolling me?
Defective what ? OO
Defective bought a Heineken for thats_life_ppl_say
PaleBurnedAcid Only happen when it rains?
Defective ohhh lol
loppioppi it must be an irish term
PaleBurnedAcid Hey paigey
Defective not intenially but it fits eh ? lol
la la love you Be better don't talk about it(: there is no good reason to eat animals and animals produceds, the only reason it's to say 'I know it's not moral but I just don't %*$!ing care'. There is no justification for that in our days. But again, your life, your deci

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