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aheleva wooohoo
suzy376 goo du go then
goodabz so teach me to change my fatw
paganpoetry johnjohn
goodabz Like w SK II or sth
suzy376 fatwa?
Pinkymiss I am a bab bad girl
mmjohnjohn pagan s making my libito run wild
paganpoetry calm down
sassamoglass707 Wow what are y'all talking about
suzy376 pinkkkkk
sassamoglass707 Like anyone
wizardofodds when aheleva gets a pine cone in his as he calls it rimming
aheleva wiz is gonna rim my ass hole sassamog
aheleva i dont get pinecones in my ass
goodabz how to change my fate gusieee
goodabz Guiseee
Boozenian The r/K hypothesis is an observable scientific fact.
JohnDoe38 Off yourself.
goodabz pls tell me how to... change my fatee...
sassamoglass707 Why are you talking abou that?
goodabz AND i just blew up onna very good friend .
goodabz But O'm so confused
goodabz Should one just have 1 friend in life
goodabz Idkkk
goodabz Thata a stupid qns
sassamoglass707 Haha I can't be this drunk
Pinkymiss Hey suzy
mmjohnjohn pagan, you do know we would ha a gret time in the florida kes nd looking for plc in th lower keys that ws wcke by Irm
sassamoglass707 Haha what ?
goodabz Question
Boozenian There are some, like JohnDoe, who choose not to participate in sex.
paganpoetry johnjohn
sassamoglass707 Is that code?
goodabz Where is thenproductive talks?
aheleva i love getting my butt hole licked by wizofodds
Boozenian And it is better for the species.
sassamoglass707 What's up witch lady ?
aridShrub maybe it is humanity choosing not to participate with John Doe?
JohnDoe38 Sex is icky.
goodabz Like argentina being poor
mmjohnjohn am old, if i can live for another 10 yars in a place i would tht , then tht is a blessing = )
goodabz & all. Hehe.
sassamoglass707 We light magick?
JohnDoe38 johnjohn, you'll make it to 100.
goodabz Opps sorry
wizardofodds johnjohn arent you too old for pagan
goodabz Ahh gahh.
wizardofodds you dont even know who naruto is
JohnDoe38 Pagan can change his diaper.
aheleva wiz naruto is the petname you gave my ass hole right?
goodabz ok this is bad.
mmjohnjohn I sure am, but she is not 14 nd i m not 32
sassamoglass707 I am like a naruto for my circle
Boozenian The true enlightenment is a rarity in the human insect.
wizardofodds no piney aheleva
mmjohnjohn ppl do you understand a differenc
wizardofodds pay attention
paganpoetry you say im in love
aridShrub "bad sex is worse than no sex" -wiz
sassamoglass707 Konoha life
paganpoetry i say youre a fool
paganpoetry look away now
paganpoetry ill look away too
JohnDoe38 She can call you gramps in bed.
Boozenian Very few see the irrelevance of children and keep adding to the mistake.
aridShrub very gentlemanly
mmjohnjohn like a $^*!in major duuuh
Boozenian I've always promoted condoms.
Boozenian And mouth shots.
sassamoglass707 Dude I am part Japanese and that is odd to me
JohnDoe38 Children are cute because if they weren't cute, we'd realize they're parasites.

I think therefore I am!

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