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darknessmerciful Especially if I'm simple
tacky turtle but my current boss, a woman
AnthonyCahill i just know life ends
jrde cream ?
tacky turtle is just like yes
AnthonyCahill knowledge ends
darknessmerciful I feel like my questions are simple
FEATHERcircle the mightmare leaks out to the wild horses on the street of dreams
Creampuff Yes jrde?
AnthonyCahill i get to make it upbased on knowledge
tacky turtle i'm like her bulldog in a way
Solnech tacky
tacky turtle it's cool
AnthonyCahill and i am happy life stopped
jrde come see me
darknessmerciful Then I might trust you
AnthonyCahill cause it allows for hbonesty
AnthonyCahill and i love being honmest
tacky turtle i don't want to talk to you sol
AnthonyCahill my bread and butter
tacky turtle how many more hints can i drop
darknessmerciful It doesn't make sense to me
Creampuff where in N.I.
Solnech I have managed to work with it I mean bosses trying to shove me off etc
AnthonyCahill doesnt matter
wildrose62 creampuff - there are visible women, I know
AnthonyCahill i GET BACK HERE
Solnech why not ?
jrde yes
jrde i would pay
AnthonyCahill isnt the same as seeing things anew, EVER
tacky turtle i don't need a reason. i can do whatever i want.
wildrose62 I have a friend who's 51 and she draws people to herself - just one of those big personality people
tacky turtle figure it out for yourself
wildrose62 That's not me
AnthonyCahill meaning this is easy
Roll___ Heidi,, cool stuff
jrde what would you do with your 2 dogs
Creampuff she left Roll
AnthonyCahill its human psychology 101 in a hundred years
wildrose62 I'm just that woman peoplew pass in the street without a second glance - or a first one for that matter
jrde see they need you
wildrose62 And I like that
Creampuff How long would I stay
AnthonyCahill i'm not this
Mewski_ Wild it depends on the planetary alignments
darknessmerciful It should be easy
FEATHERcircle patience never makes up honesty trying to prove its lack of experience
AnthonyCahill mutagen was correct
wildrose62 It'as sort of this totoal lack of expectations
tacky turtle wild those people are pricks
darknessmerciful I don't understand why it's not. Easier
Mewski_ i bet you have your days
tacky turtle i would buy you tea right now
tacky turtle and ask you about your day
tacky turtle that's how things should be
AnthonyCahill i'm a human freekin being
darknessmerciful I like that very much
Mewski_ Muta, yes. He's a keeper
AnthonyCahill what else would i be
AnthonyCahill except questioning
Solnech my day sucked today
AnthonyCahill b ut just now is history
Mewski_ Sol, sorry to hear.
Solnech like I am supoosed to be happy bunny but I am not
wildrose62 I just think some people are shallow, and if I don't meet some expectation of theirs, I'm probably better off for that
AnthonyCahill noconspiracy
darknessmerciful If you care about my being you'd want me to protect myself from harm
AnthonyCahill no politics
wildrose62 It's not a negative at all
Mewski_ happy bunnies get eaten
Creampuff I agree wild
AnthonyCahill just now isspecific
FEATHERcircle by covering the lack of exoerience with persuasionand patient manipulations
Creampuff there are shallow people
AnthonyCahill if just now becomes common?
tacky turtle i know the feeling, wild. all too well.
Creampuff who get upset over trivial things
AnthonyCahill doesnt that mean weshould confuse the future?
FEATHERcircle that's pretty hardcore like a poppy bush type
Solnech so yesterday my boss didn't recognise one of my transaction
AnthonyCahill axh,its fine#
wildrose62 Solnech - I could tapdance and cheer you up
IAmJacksEnvy Don't buy hookers on your business card
AnthonyCahill i dont mean i work out humanity without presences
Solnech do I don't get paid for fcnkg working a lot to sell something
AnthonyCahill i do so with friends

I think therefore I am!

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