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Lavdi1 zman: Sounds like a Hannity sound bite
SIX66 Think a guy with a 30% approval rating is going to get house members and senators to stand beside him when midterm elections come around?
SIX66 nope
TraceyFace Philosophy has a lot to do with society and civil/lgbt rights
Dancing Cow who can get to the bottom?
cousnbruce SIX66 you voted for Hillary Clinton?
SIX66 Zman IS a hannity sound bite.
Lavdi1 antifa did not put Trump's ratings down in the dirt
SIX66 only dumber..;agree:
Lavdi1 He did that
TraceyFace we just spent ages talking about racism and black crime, but homosexuality is a step too far
SIX66 Doesnt matter who i voted for
FEATHERcircle not on bruce's bucketlist tracy
SIX66 They didnt win.
TraceyFace personally i'm fascinated by the moral philosophy of the people on here who condemn homosexuals
Dancing Cow well, somebody need to get to the bottom because everything is changing to darn fast
cousnbruce Pope Francis said it's evil to teach children they can choose their gender. He also said gays & lesbians shouldn't be allowed to adopt children
SIX66 I don't tracey
TraceyFace I disagree with Pope Francis
FEATHERcircle condomenation
SIX66 fk the pope
TraceyFace ..not on his dress sense though, those hats are on point
Dancing Cow cut the cord!
cousnbruce Tracey - Only God condemns homosexuals to Hell. We can only warn them
SIX66 He doesnt wear hats
SIX66 god couldnt give a shit actually
FEATHERcircle like bruce has an actual idea of total complexion
TraceyFace Bruce, you've jumped straigh to the presupposition that god and hell exists
Dancing Cow I like all the popes
Dancing Cow hahahaha
SIX66 If its such a "sin" why didnt the kid mention it?
cousnbruce Tracey, you assume the opposite
SIX66 Jesus never mentioned being gay ONCE
TraceyFace oh no, we've gone philosophy room full circle!
FEATHERcircle pope- a -matic in a bubble was my fav
Dancing Cow Let's see ya destroy papal history
TraceyFace yes, I assume the opposite, I assume god of the bible does not exist
Dancing Cow hahahahahaha
cousnbruce SIX66 - Jesus never mentioned bestiality - but that isn't a license to marry your cocker spaniel
FEATHERcircle reminded me of the pope doing a cameo for q on the next generation
SIX66 You haveto understand..Bruce has been brainwashed by conservatives who apparently think racism is just fine..AND the bible.
tim1timau what is this god thing you speak of ?
cousnbruce The Bible is great !
Dancing Cow at least we might always have a little clue.......... where we came from
SIX66 So now beastiality and another human being are the same
SIX66 I see
tim1timau what is the bible ?
Dancing Cow bunch of stuck up human beings
Dancing Cow tsk tsk tsk
psychnonaught *actuate re-engagement of mind in t minus 3 2
SIX66 Of course you think the bible is great you have been brainwashed with it since you were old enough to say "Takers"..
Dancing Cow I'm not as good so I need to be better?
FEATHERcircle basic instructions before leaving eternity B I B L E
cousnbruce Pray for these desperately depraved deviants: all gays & lesbians. Not only are they perverse in the extreme, but the Bible also says they're going to Hell. Pray for those perverts ! amen
psychnonaught dont fall for the bullshit danc
SIX66 But apparently the bible is ok with nazis..skinheads..the KKK and throwing urine on jewish people..
tim1timau seriously, what is this bible thing everyone keeps talking about ?
SIX66 I have to re-read this thing..
TraceyFace I'm proud to be perverse
Dancing Cow Bible says we can never be better than our teacher
FEATHERcircle bi polar indoctrination before lying [about] evolution
cousnbruce Tracey, people are proud of things they should be ashamed of
tim1timau ok, i googled it, and apparently the bible is a "book of god" - so, what is this god thing then ?
SIX66 Also..what cousn is to uneducated to know have about as much control over your sexuality as you do your eye color...
Dancing Cow God is Truth
Zmaniac lavid that was the antifa interview this weekend on nbc
TraceyFace I don't see any reason to be ashamed of an attraction to the same gender
Zmaniac haha you need to watch it
tim1timau then why not just call it the book of truth ?
psychnonaught ok this a temporary complete conscious me can we talk about any dream that you feel is not what you think?
aridShrub there was already "Book of Ruth" too confusing.
cousnbruce Tracey, you just don't see, period
Zmaniac he said violence was the only answer
SIX66 Because..until you are xcompletely brainwashed by it tim..its a book.
tim1timau how can you be brainwashed by a book, i've read many books, and i've not been brainwashed by any of them
TraceyFace Oh is that some biblical metaphore for me being 'blind' to God bruce?
Dancing Cow not everybody is able to believe it tim
Geek_Approved somehow i doubt any true philosopher would condemn anyone based on their sexual orientation. bruce you're in the wrong room. try the religious kooks just down the hall
Dancing Cow put lock on Holy Bible!

I think therefore I am!

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