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lokin4peace2knou still is i think
lokin4peace2knou a good smoke is near so close to you
mmjohnjohn nonsnce you dwel
mmjohnjohn a dwel, not mispelin
lokin4peace2knou see ill stop my wine if you enjoy my nature
lokin4peace2knou and i waite so paintaint
mmjohnjohn a Dwel is one such ass a beaver to build a dam in thr desert
pr0xy__ I'm cold. I need a shirt. Don't wanna do laundry at 2:39AM.
mmjohnjohn a lunitic is what you ar looking for
lokin4peace2knou ant relly seekin it in a time you are livin
mmjohnjohn mother load
lokin4peace2knou sad i forget you like it only when you can fell yourself
mmjohnjohn FRIND I WOULD RATHER THE RINDS OF THEIR skins as much like pigs
insubordination Wear a blanket
pr0xy__ Exactly what I did insub.
hungarianprince9 Did you like Kobe Bryant taco?
insubordination I'm so hungry.
mmjohnjohn Sorry i live in s fla rt now and we live with heat for 6 monhs of the year, i would rther shovel snow
pr0xy__ Me too
insubordination I don't watch sports
insubordination Ever in my life
ArcaneArts this computer is so annoying haha
insubordination It's for pig heads
ArcaneArts i have to install a app to actually modify screen saver
ArcaneArts just SAYING LOL
mmjohnjohn you bastard, no golf stations, ah hahaha
ArcaneArts s-t-u-p-i-d
insubordination I'm gonna sign up for Hindi lessons next week.
insubordination They are 2 hours every Wednesday evening in Beverly hills
ArcaneArts it goes to sleep in 5 mins alot
insubordination For 2 months.
ArcaneArts i think they put that feature in there "every 5 mins" to see if customers get angry
ArcaneArts it certainly doesnt feel nice
ArcaneArts to see your pc asleep all the time
hungarianprince9 Are you getting my computer ready for me arcane arts?
pr0xy__ Change the settings Arcane
ArcaneArts what settings
mmjohnjohn "I had suich a bad a discriptive of choices today and decided i would watch a lil golf and this $#!% took five mins to check out a 2 foot put, i said !@~~ me , even tthe announcr sai what is he doingg
ArcaneArts its a chromebook
insubordination Omgggggomggggg
ArcaneArts the settings area in chromebook is for sale in korea
ArcaneArts its fake
insubordination Next Bachelorette
insubordination Kenny and Lee get into a brawl.
mmjohnjohn it was the end, this is the end
pr0xy__ Ah - Nevermind. Conveluted piece of shit.
ArcaneArts it is proxy
hungarianprince9 Chrome books suck
ArcaneArts oh yes well it doesnt and it does
mmjohnjohn noo, need real ppl talking in here not reality bulshit, you stop thaty shit now or i am gone
ArcaneArts it does because someone gave it to me for 50$
ArcaneArts it doesnt for some people who dont want hard drives
mmjohnjohn is to late, ho old ar you ppl, I suck
insubordination I couldn't find Hindi at UCLA
pr0xy__ I'm 39 MM
ArcaneArts what does conveluted mean
mmjohnjohn parents
mmjohnjohn $!@@^^!s
pr0xy__ Okay, then. That escalated quickly.
hungarianprince9 Someone needs to stick a needle in johnjohns butt and strap him to a table
pr0xy__ No idea Arcane.
hungarianprince9 Convoluted*
insubordination I'm gonna get fat.
mmjohnjohn I can not concieve the wated life in this room with out some colution to the patheic parents that ever bor you
pr0xy__ Thanks prince
insubordination Something is wrong
mmjohnjohn asted lives
mmjohnjohn wasted lives
tropical haze Are you trying to sound intelligent, john?
insubordination I had a dream about eating cake
insubordination Standing in front of the fridge
mmjohnjohn the EARTH an enity a place we all live on is dying you are all clueless, i do hope you love the color of your lipstick, mother %^%^ers
hungarianprince9 Do you know why I am dying?
tropical haze Yes John, you're the only person in the world who thinks that.
pr0xy__ Someone is an angry drunk.
mmjohnjohn simone, go away the room is a deth spiril

I think therefore I am!

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