takeyouinn hey sens. I have a question. Seriously
SensasianaI Well it wouldn’t be except I’m also 5’1” so being so light when I can’t reach things people pick me up like I’m some kid
sheepshed she graduated at nine tom, finishing college at twelve, thats why she talks like a twelve year old little boy
SensasianaI It’s not cute it’s annoying
SensasianaI I can climb on a shelf like all the other shirt girls
SensasianaI Shoot take
tomf20 Im like why you doing this?
takeyouinn is the word “oriental” offensive?
tomf20 She tld me
takeyouinn shirt girls?
SensasianaI Not really
takeyouinn oh. Short. Lol
SensasianaI Lmao short
takeyouinn lol. Duh
sheepshed tom what about that makes you feel bad ?
tomf20 short as to what
takeyouinn short is cute annie. 😍
SensasianaI That’s what my boyfriend tells me
takeyouinn don’t listen to sens. She’s wrong. Again.
SensasianaI And that I can save my knees
takeyouinn Lol. 😂😂😂
takeyouinn good point
SensasianaI I haven’t been wrong once in my entire life
tomf20 sheep because she is very tempermental and basically said the marriage isnt going well
sheepshed tom well that can make one feel bad, you hadnt said that
tomf20 which in marriage as to asians it is taboo to divorce
sheepshed exploring God and the world at age 24 isnt bad
takeyouinn i ask about “oriental” cuz if i use it my family freaks and calls me racist
sheepshed sad to have a bad marriage in early 20s... but the traveling isnt bad
newriverrat100 One is never wrong if they believe there own lies
takeyouinn But i am not being racist. It’s a freaking word
tomf20 sheep as her daughters friend with no dad she opens up to me
takeyouinn Rat. Profound. Lol.
SensasianaI Not knowing what words mean doesn’t make you a racist
tomf20 I said okay nikki
sheepshed tom heck making vows for life in america its taboo to break them, too... but divorce happens anyway
SensasianaI Oriental refers specifically to east Asia. All orientals are Asian but not all Asians are oriental.
takeyouinn I know the meaning. It’s people from the “east”
tomf20 Well no Sheep it dont work that way to some cultures
SensasianaI Not the east. East Asia.
takeyouinn Ahhhh. Ok
takeyouinn i thought it was more broad
sheepshed ____ Thank God We Have Trump ______
takeyouinn Ok. Thank you. Lol
takeyouinn i’ll say asian then
tomf20 Once married you are married thru out life
Slabmuncher China owns america
tomf20 in budhists ideas
takeyouinn Slab. Stop
sheepshed a marriage going bad is sad, but no other part of what you said really is
Slabmuncher 20 tril n debt to them 😀
sheepshed tom what makes you think vows before God in america are *any less* ?
vstargal slab, yuppers
takeyouinn I need to see if my family is alive. And let them know i am
sheepshed she can come back to any faith or culture she wants, she is young
tomf20 Sheep I think its absurd she is going to leave her husband for two years to go to Mongolia
takeyouinn bye all. ❤️
Slabmuncher How is that possibly evan possible to pay bk
Slabmuncher Explain lol
vstargal tom she was married for only 2 yrs?
tomf20 Sheep because I know her asian mother
sheepshed heck, if he is in the navy he is in the hoiuse all the time ?
tomf20 She shuns people that are divorced
tomf20 Thas why
tomf20 Yes vet still married
tomf20 I never said divorced
tomf20 I guess what you would say a leave of absence
sheepshed she doesnt have to live with her mother for her lifetime
tomf20 Time away from each other
tomf20 Sheep she dont she lives with her husband in Voirginia
tomf20 For now
sheepshed ___Go Trump ___
vstargal tom is she in the military too, or just married into military
tomf20 I have a big mouth I never should of said anything!
vstargal tom your just concerned is all

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