abbyzetz same ting
abbyzetz lol.....u felll into my joke
abuffler what joke?
abbyzetz kentuky and tenn
abbyzetz same ting
abuffler keep your day job
abbyzetz i guess u had to be there
abuffler comedy is not gonna work out for you
zorrro707 well. i went thru
abuffler on your way to dollywood, z?
zorrro707 nope, doly lives heer
zorrro707 i was gonna go past yu,, and i did
algywalgypalgy GN - naptime
algywalgypalgy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
tulsadigs5 they're dropping like flies
abuffler and i am going too, work tomorrow
tulsadigs5 nite abuff.....
zorrro707 bb.............
zorrro707 u bike today ?
BBposter nope...did a walk
barksbt no one is here? or no one is talking?
cuteerin Not yet
barksbt so i see. LOL
barksbt is it too early?
barksbt well, it's late for me, so i'm gonna head out.
barksbt hagn, all.
cuteerin But ill talk
zorrro707 whut shud we tawk about ?
zorrro707 baseball scores ?
cuteerin I'm ok
ptretheway185 what wrong

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