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MosstheBoss its a good christmas tune
ryeisback01 no I'm afraid
AaronOMGLookItsAaron Sammy I doubt it.
Touchable1 toronro is in can'a'darr isn't it?
Sammy BL I thought so
loudnhere it is touchable
Mynameismynames awesome song woohoo
MosstheBoss Can Dar ya
MosstheBoss Beyond the Borders of Life
AaronOMGLookItsAaron Damn I might get a couple hours sleep tonight after all
Sammy BL I have lived beyond. I Don't Die Easily.
Touchable1 canned Durrah
YHWH7 Heal me too
ryeisback01 LOL!! u can do it with ease just get down on ur knees
kiwilion rudolph the deepthroat reindeeeeeeeerr..has a very shinyyy knobbbb
Touchable1 back in a bit
sinch791 Qapp000🌋
YHWH7 Uh oh
MosstheBoss ^ also a good one
kiwilion even the otherr reindeerrss.s.really wanna polishh his knobbbb
Sammy BL my arm is damaged aaron
YHWH7 On second thought I think i feel better
AaronOMGLookItsAaron I bet it's not tennis elbow.
PeppaPiggy Door knobs n broom sticks kinda song there
sinch791 But whY tho
loudnhere hi mari
Sammy BL I see cuts no blood
Touchable1 have a listen to this guy while I'm gone, funny as f'k
kiwilion jus a bitta festiv mischief is healthy
dejavu_82 Hi Mariz
dejavu_82 How are you
carrieapril1016 aaron...empath???
ryeisback01 makes me want to go out for a romantic night of dancing
AaronOMGLookItsAaron You take the empath, I'll take the other path.
YHWH7 Why did he have to go on his knees for his elbow to get to you
YHWH7 healed*
sinch791 I think i just broke wire
YHWH7 Hahhahhhhahahaa
ryeisback01 I'd swing u around the dance floor, Peppa
Sammy BL Aaron is a funny angel
Sammy BL He healz what he wants
T e a r s turns on the lights

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