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TheCatholicMan Melanie , NOT AT ALL
L I P she must hate your musky smell
TheCatholicMan not at all
sad fatty POnzo needs to get drunk and laid, whichever comes first.
hagler easy man
moyermelanie810 And the music sings it kesha
Ouchithurts Musky...
L I P lmao
atg2015 lippy you would love my mum and dads banter it’s so funny
L I P lol whit
Ouchithurts That s true
hagler is she still alive
L I P antonio I know it, I love couples who have been together forever banter
L I P they are just so real
PG Rick I don't think ponzo should get drunk fatty
L I P they let it all out
L I P they can even scream at each other and act normal a minute later
hagler do we say equal rights
LovelyBCBG13 Hiya everyone
L I P hi lovely
TheCatholicMan L l P : the wife sometimes holds her nose when she .......................................................... well, anyway , never mind , not gonna go there, ....suffice it to say , she obeys me, does what I tell her
hagler hey lovely
fonzarellii Lippy grand master of conspiracy theories
PG Rick Hi 13
thePervy1 hi lovelybcbg
TheCatholicMan to God be the praise , too
L I P catholic you lie boy
LovelyBCBG13 Hiya Rick
Miss_Melanie That sounds even worse
L I P no woman listen that well
Spirallove1981 life sweet life
moyermelanie810 KESH a Blow
atg2015 Lippy I funny one my mum will go “tony you want a coffee ? He’s like “yeh! She’s like “ok well make me a tea while ya there!!
peter1_60 Yes same
PG Rick G'day
hagler does she have a chance
LovelyBCBG13 How is everyone?
hagler ok lovely
L I P lmfao antonio
hagler Easter
L I P antonio how many years together>
hagler So he had Risen
steven_v Are there any mods on?
odie sl Hey all
Michael Nope.
L I P good thanks Lovely , just got home so relaxing a few
L I P holy moly 46
sallyMAX steve there some snobs, but no mods
L I P steven hiya
steven_v Hey LIP

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