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Lippy Hippy Chick lmao he will let you slide
Leeahhh and you let me way down, joel
xanderjoel began said awful things about jews
Leeahhh along with negan
Negan09 looool
Damien that's just something I made up sweet
Sweet_Dreams_Arg @Damien awwww culona
Damien mami culito lol
Jonathan1982 Joel thinks people here care about his
Leeahhh silly childish insults being thrown back and forth does not a good troll make
Damien culona? LOL
Lippy Hippy Chick wait they're saying Leah is a racist?
xanderjoel see ya later negan, you racist punk
Sweet_Dreams_Arg @Damien awww thats romantic
Leeahhh a lot of them were cherry
Negan09 leah said hi to that racist indian guy golden and hugged her
Leeahhh oh wait, yes joel said i am lol
LolaLagunitas oh lord lol
OL1X women in here .. have manly faces...
Leeahhh never seen him before
LolaLagunitas I'm working on it Olix
Negan09 golden guy was talkin about turnning jews to neo nazis
LolaLagunitas bare with me
Lippy Hippy Chick lmao leah crazy shit
Negan09 turning in
Damien sweet that's me
stockups enjoy all
Leeahhh they just want my attention, i get that
Damien Mr. Romance
OL1X haaaaaaaaaaaaa
Negan09 golden is an indian i think we need to turn him in to pakistan for good
Sweet_Dreams_Arg @Damien i know i know
gay satan Cant blame them leah
leahmathis15 Are you talking about me?
Negan09 and put xander joel in a good diet
LolaLagunitas you're not important enough leahmathis
Negan09 and get plastic surgery for leah
Leeahhh lol lola
Lippy Hippy Chick Obito so then you jumped in and said hateful racist things too and now whining about it?
Negan09 and than we all be happy
Lippy Hippy Chick take it like a man
Leeahhh yes negan was all bout it bout it
steven pants Leah bend over for tox
Negan09 lippy i didnt say anythin racist did i
leahmathis15 I am truly the queen of wire
Lippy Hippy Chick I think you did
steven pants Now!!!! 😃😃😃😃😃
LolaLagunitas queen of cuckoo maybe
Lippy Hippy Chick but i refuse to read up
Leeahhh tox, don't start being an idiot like the rest
Negan09 llloooooool
Leeahhh i cant take it
LolaLagunitas i give you 2 min before somethign retarded comes out of your mouth...besides a dick

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