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nutchiemaclee going to relog has lag
kittyd7015 u going to guess iron?
Iron_Fist yeah 36C based on your thumbnail
Princess of Demons like currently Im at a 36 DD which would be a 34 DDD or a 38 D
seanimal so ya'll are tlaking about boobs
tungsten jones Im a man and I aint even ok wit big body
Princess of Demons but its on a smaller frame
OpenGuyBen very nice princess
kittyd7015 nop bigger an im a small frame to
seanimal I dont know my boob size
Franshizuko I guess they perky
OpenGuyBen haha nor me
VoluptuousXBambolina I would've never guessed
Iron_Fist i can only measure boobs with my hands. my eyesight is bad
self1 I don't understand number letter cup sizes, maybe a picture would work better?
Princess of Demons I know may too much about measurements
VoluptuousXBambolina The fatter I get the more my cup size expands
seanimal I mean i can go measure... but I only have a protractor
angboj1982 keep eating vol
self1 Make sure to take it very clinically
seanimal that would take some time
self1 So it's not pornish
tungsten jones Cup=handful duhz
kittyd7015 thats how it works bambo lol. some of my friends have gained weight just for that. madness.
Princess of Demons I have a pic with my boobs in it
Franshizuko the more squishier too
seanimal Oh Princess!
Princess of Demons just go look at my profile dude
seanimal You do?
Iron_Fist that's dumb... the fatnesss aint worth the big boobs in my view
seanimal Send it to some christian lady!
kittyd7015 agree iron
seanimal It'd be funny!
Franshizuko ben why do you wanna know my boob size?
angboj1982 now watch all the men drool lmao
OpenGuyBen what size they are!
Franshizuko I am a dude
tungsten jones Pretty embarrassed to agree w iron fist...
OpenGuyBen im sorry...oops!
VoluptuousXBambolina I like to look cute in clothes
Iron_Fist you've hit a new low, jones
Iron_Fist only upwards and onwards from here then
OpenGuyBen hell I adore cute looking girls!
seanimal Clothes are for puritans
OpenGuyBen voluptious you must look so hot irl
Iron_Fist who doesn't adore cute looking girls
OpenGuyBen hi hannah
angboj1982 gay men?
VoluptuousXBambolina I'm not but thx
Iron_Fist i mean if u think theyre cute, absolutely u like them
OpenGuyBen you are voluptios
tungsten jones IF you have no effing clue bout my lows
Franshizuko gay men adore cute girls too
seanimal I'm the ugliest girl ever
hannahpercy75 help me to get $*!!&

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