pdbq game?
Mike_Almighty game anyone? hit me up
llama_mama75 Maybe ...since we are at the base of humanity positive negative energy then only the light waves and interference changes our time in the timeline called life ???
xsauceyx parallel universe
xsauceyx dark matter is suppose to be the key
llama_mama75 I felt an odd ... Familiarity and yet I felt at ease ..
BeepBoopBeep Good moaning
llama_mama75 Dark matter with light ~ like a catalyst ?
sandrakay776 Read Richard Dawkins 'The Greatest Show On Earth' a proof of evolution
llama_mama75 Ok ..I love to read
ThrobinHood ello beep
llama_mama75 Will look for It now
BeepBoopBeep Hey ThrobbinWood
english kitten so tired today
simonedfll game please
english kitten going back to bed blah
llama_mama75 I need a game ..
Buildinit Wassup beep
tamaar_j Game pls
BeepBoopBeep Buildinit: Not much as you can see. Room is dead lol. You?
BeepBoopBeep Scar (__!__)
Buildinit Same ol
cuppa_tea Game please
BeepBoopBeep Sunday - everyone's at Church busy confessing
Lovelyharp nice one beepboop
Tati_ Carol hi?
S CA R One last quick game anyone?
S CA R Got it
cuppa_tea Game please
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