rider66 Game?
SunsetJuliet Hot there, James?
Hi _Its _James Oh yeah very Juliet
Hi _Its _James Sorry mikes away
SunsetJuliet It's hot here, too.
Hi _Its _James 106f today
Still Stilich hot hot hot
Hi _Its _James @Bacon_and_Eggs
nsbgame hot too!
SunsetJuliet It's about 80 degrees here, but muggy
Hi _Its _James Hate muggy
Trachycarpus Anyone like a game?
SunsetJuliet I have an outdoor concert to attend this evening.
CowboyCaptainAmerica wish I could see the concery Sunset
SunsetJuliet It's a local band. It's free
Hi _Its _James What time Juliet ?
rider66 Game anybody?
SunsetJuliet The guitar player is the guitar player that's in my Dad's band
SunsetJuliet 6:30pm, James
Still Stilich game, anyone?
IrishEyesSmiling Game of wordy anyone?
SunsetJuliet Calling for T-storms
Hi _Its _James Still light then??
SunsetJuliet Yes, light until about 9pm
jackjack0 sunsett
CowboyCaptainAmerica anyone for a game?
SunsetJuliet What's with the faces?
jackjack0 u could change your name til *light until 9:* ok leave it as sunsett lol
sumhotchck jackjack, juliet...peeps
Michc Please watch out for cadfission. He's a creeper and a pervert.
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