jimmyjim397 yea was in other room
jimmyjim397 going back soon. I like it there
loadbearingwall yeah life out there huh
loadbearingwall thats always good
jimmyjim397 I need stimuli
loadbearingwall yeah stagnant is no good
ben miller hi guys
loadbearingwall what you up to ben
carrieapril1016 hows everyone
samar_zaman Game anyone
carrieapril1016 call me April... Carrie isnt here at the moment
ben miller hi april
loadbearingwall ok april easy to remember
Ranjan Narvekar split persona or gemini twins ?
ben miller not much just woken up
KATALEIA Lol ranjan..
loadbearingwall double the convo i can do that
carrieapril1016 i actually suffer from multiple personality disorder
loadbearingwall how many are there
loadbearingwall any fun ones april
carrieapril1016 fun ... whhadda ya mean?
Arcarde game anyone ?
carrieapril1016 talker... im confused... purpose of chatroom is to talk...correct?
Arcarde thats a bingo
loadbearingwall yeah but do you see movement?
Rural_Juror portland
Meek Freyja very quiet... i can not be only one who can't sleep ....
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