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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: theeviljc: The white frosty air chills me to the bone.
theeviljc: I shiver and shake, trying to stay warm.
theeviljc: When i feel i cant take no more.
theeviljc: She pulls me in the warm front door.
theeviljc: Wraps me up in a comforting hug,
theeviljc: warming me up with her feverish love.
theeviljc: No matter how cold the winter can be.
theeviljc: her arms are always the best place for me.
Posted: June 1 2009 10:50 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Hater

Fabs: I hate them both
Fabs: This is my solemn oath
Fabs: Killed with a pipe of lead
Fabs: she stole him away from me
Fabs: he let her do it why couldnt he see
Fabs: i hate her more each and every day
Fabs: i wish my pain would go away
Fabs: why did she have it out for me
Fabs: she stole my love and i tried to plee
Fabs: but he wouldnt listen almost as he never heard
Fabs: i want her dead this is my solemn word
Fabs: i hate haters
Posted: June 1 2009 11:05 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Stench

vampireblues: stench
vampireblues: and firey temps
vampireblues: knock upon
vampireblues: the hollowed door
vampireblues: when be such
vampireblues: a lost and knotch
vampireblues: forgotten and locked
vampireblues: kept beneath our solemn shore
vampireblues: breath now
vampireblues: take it in deep
vampireblues: and feel the leisure
vampireblues: creeping at your reach
vampireblues: don't stop
vampireblues: walk on
vampireblues: and smell your keepers breach
Posted: June 1 2009 11:32 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Waves

Hippychick01: so they tell us hurricane season is here
Hippychick01: does that mean the big waves r finally near?
Hippychick01: i have had some recent crazy, wild dreams
Hippychick01: not just the spray on my window in streams
Hippychick01: huge, gigantic, monsterous waves
Hippychick01: i think they r tryin to shorten my days
Hippychick01: they pound at my door
Hippychick01: and not that one in the floor
Hippychick01: somehow they never break the glass
Hippychick01: thank god! that would kill my ass
Hippychick01: i hope its just wild nightmares
ShadowsDarkness left the room
Hippychick01: to be washed away now doesnt seem fair
Hippychick01: but i am on the fourth floor
Hippychick01: so i will worry no more
Posted: June 1 2009 11:43 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Ashtray

Nick Has Nooo Idea: Ashtray
Nick Has Nooo Idea: It fills with dust
Nick Has Nooo Idea: when I think of us
Nick Has Nooo Idea: Its by my side tonight
Nick Has Nooo Idea: keeping up the fight
Nick Has Nooo Idea: It doesn't complain
Nick Has Nooo Idea: When I call your name
Nick Has Nooo Idea: When I sleep it writes
Nick Has Nooo Idea: to keep me up nights
Nick Has Nooo Idea: The smokes piled up all day
Nick Has Nooo Idea: Hoping you wait while I'm away.
Posted: June 1 2009 11:58 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Stone

theeviljc: I sit here like a stone..
theeviljc: nothing effects me, cold as bone.
theeviljc: lost in thought, time is passed.
theeviljc: life is fleeting, nothing last.
theeviljc: dreams and nightmares become one,
theeviljc: heart is broken, comes undone.
theeviljc: screw it all, i will stay alone/
theeviljc: so i sit here, like a stone.
Posted: June 2 2009 12:05 AM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Haters

I hate them both
This is my solemn oath
I want that fat wz$@^ dead
Killed by a pipe of lead
She stole him away from me
He let her do it why didn't he see
I hate her more each and everyday
I wish my pain would go away
Why did she have it out for me
She stole my love and i tried to plea
But he wouldn't listen almost as if he never heard
I want her dead this is my solemn word
I hate haters
as much as i hate cheaters

posted by fabs
Posted: June 2 2009 01:09 AM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Court

Roo: Come stay with my awhile, on my island made of clouds. I'll share my sun with your skies, as we catch rainbows and bend them into memories.
Roo: Exchanging tears, for rain drops as our toes dip into the sands of time. Marking footsteps meant to be retraced back to the heart.
Roo: and broken dreams mend themselves, into revised visions of happiness
Roo: we'll play catch with the moon, and paste stars in the twilight. Just so i can see that sparkle once again grace your eyes.
Roo: I'll wrap you, in golden hues of the sun and let that warmth seep into your sould. lend you my hope and watch as the light plays in your dark skies once more.
Posted: June 2 2009 10:32 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Vegetable

♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Stagnant and fading
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: the light is almost gone
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: No life left inside
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: time to move on
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Becoming top soil
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: where I used to grow
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Almost gone now
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: nothing left to show
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Hoping to leave behind
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: a trace of who I used to be
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Nurturing whats left
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Im still there though you don't see
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Decomposing, rotting
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: left to dream of a day
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: When I was more than...
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: the vegetable you see today
Posted: June 2 2009 10:39 P
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Die

CiaoBella1987: cant show them what they do
CiaoBella1987: only more for them to pursue
CiaoBella1987: just a game
CiaoBella1987: for those with no goal to aim
CiaoBella1987: their malevolence grew
CiaoBella1987: sit back and feel safe
CiaoBella1987: watch as your words kill but a fragile waif
CiaoBella1987: hand me my gleaming death
CiaoBella1987: laugh as i choke on my every breath
CiaoBella1987: you werent the one to let the blood flow
CiaoBella1987: pressure of life to much to undergo
CiaoBella1987: still cant do anything right
CiaoBella1987: need to be polite
CiaoBella1987: ive tried and fallen so far
CiaoBella1987: dont know what the right words are
CiaoBella1987: still they dont understand
CiaoBella1987: this is why my death was so unplanned
CiaoBella1987: this my civil suicide
CiaoBella1987: hate my deaths guide
Posted: June 2 2009 10:50 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Afterlife

Angsaviourel: Paper sunshine, gave me a little time
Angsaviourel: Increase the beat, leaving a wreath
Angsaviourel: Engraving its steps
Angsaviourel: Whispered to shivers
Angsaviourel: Dishing a solar night
Angsaviourel: Tell father of the foil
Angsaviourel: Of lost time and turmoil
Angsaviourel: You're ever so clever
Angsaviourel: In dreary little weather
Angsaviourel: Afterlife, were it true
Angsaviourel: Would creating life undo
Angsaviourel: The cycled dead well
Angsaviourel: Cupping plastic hells
Angsaviourel: If this white after was
Angsaviourel: But a reality, so does
Angsaviourel: That make me an invalid
Angsaviourel: Or an aware placid
Posted: June 2 2009 11:08 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Rivers

Roo: Between two Rivers,
Roo: I am torn
Roo: For one is Glorious,
Roo: the other is scorn.
Roo: Where do I rest my weary head tonight?
Roo: Between the reeds of delight?
Roo: Or amongst the stupor of pale moonlight?
Roo: The mists from one is blinding my eyes
Roo: the other is deafening my silence cries
Roo: My mind seems quick to shake these lies
Roo: Where am I to go, dear friend
Roo: do i dare take the bend?
Roo: Cross the raging waters fickle?
Roo: Or cross the stream thats barely a trickle?
Roo: Uncertainly is where my life is headed,
Roo: whether it goes slowly,
Roo: or with the flow.
Posted: June 2 2009 11:23 P
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Honor

Karma: I'd nothing to give you,
Karma: But you took nonetheless.
Karma: I was empty to begin with.
Karma: A shell - I confess.
Karma: .
Karma: When you walked away,
Karma: It wasn't neglect.
Karma: Simply theivery. Larceny.
Karma: You stole my respect.
Posted: June 3 2009 12:35 AM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Homeless

violentsponge: Life Is Better On The Other Side Of The Gutter
violentsponge: Those people deserve the satisfaction of a hard day of work.
violentsponge: Standing with a bummy sign? What a f&~*&%y jerk!
violentsponge: Sitting around and begging... Now that's the life.
violentsponge: How can they be unhappy? That's not really strife!
violentsponge: Struggling is a forty hour week in an air conditioned cubicle.
violentsponge: This guy doesn't evn know the frustrations of a vehicle.
violentsponge: Whining, "Ohhh I'm starving... can you give me some money?"
violentsponge: Look, He'll just spend it on malt liquor. I can spot a rummy.
violentsponge: Don't ever try to give them a nickle or a quarter.
violentsponge: Make them work for corperate greed, or make their lives much shorter.
Posted: June 3 2009 12:40 AM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Fear

Angsaviourel: Blend the blue, make anew
Angsaviourel: Allowing tears tonight
Angsaviourel: Can you sense death?
Angsaviourel: She hovers so patiently
Angsaviourel: Wonders of your fears
Angsaviourel: Awaiting selfishly
Angsaviourel: Hearts are mere false things
Angsaviourel: A hip flask, weary traveler
Angsaviourel: And shines over the rims
Angsaviourel: Of the china man broke
Angsaviourel: Hate is a blanket
Angsaviourel: Of suffocating tricks
Angsaviourel: I wish to save everyone
Angsaviourel: From its beautiful abyss
Angsaviourel: Perhaps today, in time it may
Angsaviourel: Be you who falters to fright
Angsaviourel: Being bound, found around
Angsaviourel: A shattered little flight
Angsaviourel: Fear is a noose
Angsaviourel: For the hopeful weak
Angsaviourel: I will leave anyone
Angsaviourel: This demise you speak
Posted: June 3 2009 01:00 AM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Shadow

CiaoBella1987: You make me shake.
CiaoBella1987: Tears stream, staining my face with salt water.
CiaoBella1987: I know it shouldn't bother me but
CiaoBella1987: With the slightest reminder of that night
CiaoBella1987: I go ballistic/
CiaoBella1987: .
CiaoBella1987: Plese Stop Hurting Me!!
CiaoBella1987: I scream, pleading
CiaoBella1987: Please Help Me Up Again!!
CiaoBella1987: I beg at your feet
CiaoBella1987: Please Tell Me It'S Not True!!
CiaoBella1987: I contemplate death in your arms
CiaoBella1987: .
CiaoBella1987: Its true
CiaoBella1987: Its true
CiaoBella1987: You whisper
CiaoBella1987: Words of poison
CiaoBella1987: .
CiaoBella1987: And the wounds tear open again.
Posted: June 3 2009 01:03 AM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: ♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: A crippling effect sets in
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Netting my inner strength
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Xenophobic to my surroundings
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: It takes hold and strangles
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Eating at my inner self
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Taking away my breath
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Yelling from the inside out

Posted: June 3 2009 09:14 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Shade_of_blue: I consume myself with sorrow
Shade_of_blue: i take these feelings and i borrow
Shade_of_blue: i bleed and devour my surroundings
Shade_of_blue: my hatred is red with furry and spite
Shade_of_blue: i would hate you to know this form of my delight
Shade_of_blue: the sadist inside likes to find inner energies
Shade_of_blue: this moment in time is what i find and betray and im searching
Shade_of_blue: and i would hate you to know me like this becouse is so true
Shade_of_blue: that i hate you and you feed me , now lets find where the triggers at...
Posted: June 3 2009 09:14 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Waiting

♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: The clock ticks and rings loudly through my head.
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Rattling my senses with a cloud of confusion
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Time passes so painfully slow, achingly.
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Each second making me fully aware...
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: That this distance, your absence... its draining
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: I sit here helpless to it, just.... waiting.
Posted: June 4 2009 08:34 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Millions

X: For a mere idea
X: They'll die
X: In the millions, they'll die
X: Woe to the world when madmen wield power
X: Sandy winds and shriveled-up flowers
X: Compassion rendered conceptual
X: To zealots and fanatics
X: Tempting God to prove He exists
X: And whether He does or not
X: Millions will die
X: There was once a song on the wind
X: In quiet, remove forests
X: Now
X: There is an unnamed fear
X: A silent prayer for death
X: For living after the blast
X: Would be far
X: Worse
Posted: June 4 2009 08:35 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Lit Fuse

TheMoo: A chuckle distrubs the complete stillness of the room
TheMoo: the prospect of chaos devistation and doom
TheMoo: the small feelings of stop please dont do it
TheMoo: he's had enough of this just screw it
TheMoo: the ridicule and unjust things
TheMoo: this is the outcome all the mocking brings
TheMoo: he wont punch them or kick them or try to maim
TheMoo: they all dont realize he's quite insane
TheMoo: he walks from the buidling this parties a blast
TheMoo: the charges are set their fates are cast
TheMoo: they'll try to run and but its no use
TheMoo: the bombs just like me with a well lit fuse
Posted: June 4 2009 08:43 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Paint

theeviljc: they lay it thick..
theeviljc: like paint on glass.
theeviljc: layer over layer of their bullshit and lies.
theeviljc: scrolling past my view i watch,
theeviljc: tired,
theeviljc: bored,
theeviljc: annoyed....
theeviljc: the disembodied font of witless ass's,
theeviljc: devouring my time.
theeviljc: why do i wast so much time,
theeviljc: why do i listen to these asshats, night after night?
theeviljc: i think i know..
theeviljc: coz maybe..
theeviljc: just maybe, i will meet the few that make it all worth while..
theeviljc: maybe iwill find the one,
theeviljc: that will make it all worth while..
Posted: June 4 2009 09:06 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Emo

♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Drag it out and scream
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: customize your scheme
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: dramatize and rationalize
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: carve it deeper inside
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: brutalize your self in vain
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: oh the agony and pain
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Blah!
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Suck it up and shut it
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: here let me help you quit
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: I'll give you a reason to cry
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: We all KNOW you want to die
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: so go on have another fit
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: I'll show you emo, you little shit
Posted: June 4 2009 09:15 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Grope

TheMoo: air flowed in but constricted from release
TheMoo: waning to pass out but not being told you could
TheMoo: isn't moo ready or something?
TheMoo: damn it
TheMoo: the fingers around ur throat loosen
TheMoo: thats a good girl do as ur told
TheMoo: a grope a feel a rub a pinch
TheMoo: this is what you came here for
TheMoo: feel the please mixed with the pain
TheMoo: you dont have permission to complain
TheMoo: rub the thighs and grip the throat
TheMoo: smack the ass and pull the hair
TheMoo: this is what i do
TheMoo: this is why you come to be in the dead of the night
TheMoo: you dont have permission to not enjoy it
Posted: June 4 2009 09:26 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Cleanliness

joshua__james: how can i write about cleanliness?
joshua__james: im more dirty than infections from the vietnam war
joshua__james: with agent orange
joshua__james: you can read about me in the dsm 4
joshua__james: i have garbage, beer cans and problems scattered all over my floor
joshua__james: and i get bored
joshua__james: just thinking of cleaning my own space and i ignore
joshua__james: vacuums, javex, and the rest
joshua__james: of the commercialization that tries to get the best of me
joshua__james: im poor
Posted: June 4 2009 09:40 PM
10 years ago Report
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