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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: X: Day by day, I watch you spin
X: Time and time and time again
X: World of pain that envelops you
X: Green, yellow, mostly blue
X: I float aloof to all your woes
X: Watch your conflicts come and go
X: Night by night, I circle you
X: Hiding my dark side from view
X: If I could feel, I'd cry a tear
X: But I think I'll stay
X: Right
X: Out
X: Here
Posted: June 4 2009 09:50 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Highwire

theeviljc: panik grips my heart..
theeviljc: like a vice squishing a some small piece of fruit..
theeviljc: life in the balance,
theeviljc: death just inches away from me..
theeviljc: i look again...
theeviljc: so tiny.. its so damn tiny..
theeviljc: why is it so dangerous?
theeviljc: i imagine this is what a person feels just before they jump off a building
theeviljc: or that crazy guy that walks the hirewire between two helicopters with there spinning blades of death..
theeviljc: omg.. shes gonna do it..
theeviljc: shes still alive..
theeviljc: ok my turn....
theeviljc: damn blowfish......
Posted: June 4 2009 10:00 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Lunacy

TheMoo: hooowwwwwwwlll the beast cries into the nigh
TheMoo: the screams echo into the darkness
TheMoo: howls of laughter and howls of wolves
TheMoo: screams of terror and laughs of maniacal glee echo through the h alls
TheMoo: its the night on end when all nightmares get to walk the eart reaping revenge on the ones who created them
TheMoo: angry for being created into the shiftless horrible shapes that is their bodies and minds
TheMoo: the wolves roam
TheMoo: the nightmares stalk their creaters
TheMoo: you turn to me and mine for release, for forgiveness
TheMoo: but we did not create this lunacy
TheMoo: this is just our world and we're happy here
TheMoo: learn to live with it its going to last a very long time
Posted: June 4 2009 10:26 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Good times forgotten

vampireblues: long lost long ago
vampireblues: it happened in the blink of an eye
vampireblues: you and me
vampireblues: riding in that elevator
vampireblues: to the sky
vampireblues: let the good times roll
vampireblues: you say, lip synching rick okasick
vampireblues: but huddled worries of what we will be
vampireblues: fill our minds
vampireblues: what do you want i ask
vampireblues: i want here
vampireblues: i want now
Posted: June 4 2009 10:32 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Gnomes

THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: Washed Up On There Yonder Shore
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: I Met A Little Man At The Height Of Three Or Four
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: Hopping Ans Skipping Saying 'Dare To Challenge Me'
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: I Said Ok Im Game On This Fine Day
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: He Walks Along My Side
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: We See A Rainbow He Siad Oh Theres My Guide
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: Talking And Playing
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: He Lifted My Spirits
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: I Asked What Was This Challenge
Posted: June 4 2009 10:41 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: moonlit kisses

X: Dancing, meandering slowly in the dark
X: Across the dusk-lit pond
X: Like moonlit kisses swirling in the branches
X: Of mangrove trees centuries old
X: Fireflies, so called by men
X: Lanterns of a world so easily overlooked
X: Reminders of a simpler time
X: Perhaps a barely-felt kiss on the arm
X: Then the wings ignite and he's off again
X: To join his troope of dancers
X: O to be able to emanate one's own light
X: In a dark, unforgiving world
X: O to fly safely above deep waters
X: This is the summit of existence
X: Fire and freedom
Posted: June 4 2009 10:52 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Fog

♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Tulley fog setting
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: restricting all vision now
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: settling low too
Posted: June 4 2009 11:11 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: amad3us: do you blame me that I loved him?
amad3us: When stadning all alone.
amad3us: i cried for bread, a hopless world
amad3us: pressed my lips to a stone?
amad3us: do you blame me that I loved him?
amad3us: that my heart beat glad and free
amad3us: when he told me in the sweetest voice
amad3us: he loved bu only me...
Roo (Super Elite Member Lvl. 8) joined the room
amad3us: can you blame me that I did not see?
amad3us: beneath his burning kiss..
amad3us: the seapeants voice, or even less hear.
amad3us: the deadly snake's hiss.
amad3us: can you blame me that my heart grew cold?
amad3us: that the tempted did but turn.
amad3us: when he was fretted and caressed,
amad3us: I was left to burn
Roo left the room
amad3us: crime has no sz^ and yet today
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amad3us: i wear a brand of shame
amad3us: whilst he amid the GAY and Proud
amad3us: still bear and honored name
amad3us: you love for me was two sided
amad3us: like a newly sharpened sword
amad3us: with one face to look at me another to look at him
amad3us: it has a name, I hate to say, "we" were a double standard.
Posted: June 5 2009 11:17 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: A child's love

theeviljc: it happens the very first time they look into your eye..
theeviljc: when you first hold them, feel their gental breathing.
theeviljc: the softest skin you ever felt.
theeviljc: they grow so fast, like weeds right before your eyes.
theeviljc: and if ya blink just once, they are already grown.
theeviljc: nothing compares to the way your child loves you,
theeviljc: no man or woman will ever give you themselves completely.
theeviljc: only the love of a child is truly unconditional.
theeviljc: only the love of a child is truly unconditional......
Posted: June 7 2009 08:55 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Optimism

X: An optimist feels we live in the best of all possible worlds
X: A pessimist fears that this is so.
X: An optimist says the glass is half full
X: A pessimist says the glass is half empty
X: An anarchist smashes the glass with a sledgehammer
X: I'm not pessimistic
X: I'm an optimist
X: Just as I'm aghast that you were once the leader of your sperm group
X: It's natural selection
X: Idiots die of their own devices
X: I smirk with sadistic glee at your fall from grace
X: Then I can pave the mountaintop and put up an umbrella
X: Not a damned thing wrong in my world today
X: We put brick walls up around the trailer parks
X: Bussed the homeless to another state
X: Masked the ugly people
X: Edged the lawns
X: Not a damned thing wrong in the neighborhood today
X: The future's so bright
X: I need a GPS and a prayer
Posted: June 7 2009 08:56 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Redwoods

♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Destination north
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: greeted with ease
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: The mighty Redwoods
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: are these trees
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: .
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Growing older
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: we lose our shine
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Dulled down by life
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: slowly over time
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: .
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: What once nestled us
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: no longer comes to mind
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Then again, maybe...
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: we're just going blind
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: .
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: In search of something
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: bigger than before
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: We keep on looking
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: there as to be more
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: .
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Returning to our youth
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: would do us some good
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Remembering the strength
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: in those mighty Redwoods
Posted: June 7 2009 09:04 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Refined

xbombchellex: You break my down
xbombchellex: and we start from
xbombchellex: the beginning
xbombchellex: where all is well.
xbombchellex: Before love has broken me
xbombchellex: and loss has taken
xbombchellex: my spirit.
xbombchellex: I think back to those
xbombchellex: moments of innocence
xbombchellex: and I yearn to
xbombchellex: find her again
xbombchellex: that simple girl
xbombchellex: Pure, untouched
Posted: June 7 2009 09:10 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: North Star

amad3us: Shining in the sky, sparkling so bright
amad3us: the north star of legend, omen of light.
amad3us: It let's no one become stray
amad3us: as it leads all nightly dreamers along their way.
amad3us: The light sparks the dreams unbound
amad3us: by those who have pursued but nothing found
amad3us: en"light"en the way to the silent heart's desire
amad3us: for those who seek the truth require
amad3us: and beyond the light, nothing has gone
amad3us: the wish fullfilled by the breaking of dawn
amad3us: But all the joy from your blazing light
amad3us: will once again rekindle thir souls tomorrow night.
Posted: June 7 2009 09:30 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Crayons

ShadowsDarkness: Scribbles
ShadowsDarkness: Trival things
ShadowsDarkness: Written down in haste
ShadowsDarkness: An imp flinging a crayon
ShadowsDarkness: Across a white solid sheet
Posted: June 7 2009 09:48 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Pasture

TheMoo: out in a pasture
TheMoo: a cow stands thinking
TheMoo: chewing on hay and even some drinking
TheMoo: of water while thinking the thoughts he was thinking
TheMoo: when really he had not one little inkling
TheMoo: of what was awaiting the very next day
TheMoo: a slaughter house and a butchers blade.
Posted: June 7 2009 09:53 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Padded Pouch

HugoSharp: Earl von Baren sat fat on his couch
HugoSharp: Then deep reached he into his pouch
HugoSharp: Out he withdrew a magnificent beast
HugoSharp: That'd grown there, mired in mildew and yeast
HugoSharp: For old Earl's pouch was padded with gut
HugoSharp: That'd he reaped from the neighboring village's s&y#
HugoSharp: The beast's mild maw opened, and flapping,
HugoSharp: Said, "Earl, I can't sleep if keep on with crapping!"
Posted: June 7 2009 09:59 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Moose Knuckles

sunflower34: i have always been a weird child
sunflower34: my temperment at best was never mild
sunflower34: my mother always told me to go out and play
sunflower34: so i took her advice on a cold rainy day
sunflower34: walking in the forrest i fell to my knees
sunflower34: it hit me so fast, it was an aweful sneeze
sunflower34: looking out my surroundings i got sick
sunflower34: underneath my leg, there was something thick
sunflower34: little did i know then what this was.
sunflower34: it was something i know it because
sunflower34: it gave me a chuckle.
sunflower34: it was a pair of moose knuckles?
Posted: June 7 2009 10:08 PM / Edited: 6/7/2009 10:08:48 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Unlucky Mike

theeviljc: lost in spirit,
theeviljc: blinded by misfortune,
theeviljc: unlucky mike sits weeping.
theeviljc: all his life has been a struggle,
theeviljc: every breath a fight for survival
theeviljc: lost his parents before he knew them,
theeviljc: found a family that just abused him.
theeviljc: broke free to live anew,
theeviljc: only to be betrayed by those he knew..
theeviljc: found the love he always sought..
theeviljc: but lost her to a careless thought..
theeviljc: with all this on poor mikeys head.
theeviljc: all he wishes, is to be dead.
theeviljc: with relife just inches away
theeviljc: he palms the metal as he begins to sway..
theeviljc: no more pains, of a long hard life...
theeviljc: pulls the trigger to end the strife.
Posted: June 7 2009 10:42 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Epiphany

♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Break the monotony
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: demolish it with fury
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: slit the wrist of the boring
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: quick and in a hurry
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: kick the high and mighty
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: knock them down a notch
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: slap the face of the ignorant
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: choke those that only watch
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: tear apart the hatred
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: rip it into pieces
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: rid yourself of all you despise
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: as your own demon releases
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: as its shadows block the sun
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: repelling the warmth you knew
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: chilling you to the bone
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: piercing you right through
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: was the segregation worth it
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: in your quest for content
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: will those cast you cast aside
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: remember when you were a friend
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: then it hits me like an epiphany
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: I'm one of the many
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Guilty as the rest
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Not always being my best
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: There is a darkness deep in me
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: I dont' let it out often you see
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: I'm no different than you
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: but you wouldn't know that now would you.
Posted: June 7 2009 10:53 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Chilling

TheMoo: Lifes a breeeeze
TheMoo: take it easy as you please with a lemon squeaze
TheMoo: you worry about nothing but shall we stop and think
TheMoo: the life so perfect and makes you comfortable
TheMoo: that you dont even think beyond what the next day holds
TheMoo: but in the end
TheMoo: oh yes the end
TheMoo: when it comes when it wants like a whisper on the breeze and a thief in the night
TheMoo: everything you have will be stripped away
TheMoo: everything you are will be cast aside
TheMoo: memories of you will fade
TheMoo: day by boring day you will slowly be turned into nothing
TheMoo: nothing more than a brief existence
TheMoo: gone
TheMoo: forgotten
TheMoo: now thats chilling.
Posted: June 7 2009 11:01 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: A pledge

X: I float as a ghost, looking down
X: Billowing white form over a sleeping town
X: Somehow I was never born
X: Never manifested, never took on a form
X: Oh what I'd give if I could feel
X: Ice on my tongue or even a hot meal
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X: Part of society, yet somehow not
X: Relegated to obscurity and rot
X: Oh yes, I'd give all that I had
X: But I had nothing, so I went mad
X: Many will utter at my headstone
X: "The stupid fx~* is finally gone"
X: And still I float so high above
X: Never knowing warmth or love
X: I'd pledge every last thing I own
X: For a loving caress against my bones
Posted: June 7 2009 11:15 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Waterfall

sunflower34: my life is like a river
sunflower34: starting small
sunflower34: growing strong
sunflower34: taking turns
sunflower34: over rocks...
sunflower34: under the watchful eye of the trees
sunflower34: .
sunflower34: things fall on me
sunflower34: people pass through me
sunflower34: yet this is not the worst
sunflower34: .
sunflower34: i am gaining speed
sunflower34: forgetting the future
sunflower34: dwelling on my past
sunflower34: unaware of the fall ahead.
sunflower34: racing i forget where i was going
sunflower34: pushing i can go only where i'm flowing
sunflower34: there's an end somewhere.
sunflower34: my life is a river
sunflower34: my life is too fast
sunflower34: my life is spent thinking of rocks
sunflower34: and not of where i've been compelled to go
sunflower34: the rocks led me here
sunflower34: over this waterfall
Posted: June 7 2009 11:26 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Coincidences

HugoSharp: "Uncap me" she begged, and felt the balm
HugoSharp: Of noxious freedom. The fingers slid
HugoSharp: So delicate along the shaft; she peeked
HugoSharp: One vitriolic eye as black as sin
HugoSharp: Toward a nostril. "Breathe me..."
HugoSharp: And together, she and her betrothed
HugoSharp: Swirled toxic, tingling into a dark cloud
HugoSharp: She felt the tumble, the collision
HugoSharp: with a surface hard as her metal heart
HugoSharp: and on she rolled, gamboling, roaming
HugoSharp: until she settled soft upon a papered bed
HugoSharp: and there she scribbled, dug her nose
HugoSharp: into the crisp affair, inscribed her name upon him:
HugoSharp: Asdljflkdoj
Posted: June 7 2009 11:45 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Illness

CiaoBella1987: a pitter a patter
CiaoBella1987: the room starts to spin
CiaoBella1987: your eyesight goes
CiaoBella1987: you don't know where you are
CiaoBella1987: a lonely cold black world
CiaoBella1987: your eyes roll to the back of your head
CiaoBella1987: you collapse
CiaoBella1987: the pitter and patter slow
CiaoBella1987: eventually they cease to exist
CiaoBella1987: everyone runs
CiaoBella1987: but no one can help
CiaoBella1987: no response
CiaoBella1987: placed in a bed
CiaoBella1987: a machine doing all the work for you
CiaoBella1987: slowly the pitter and patter return
CiaoBella1987: your eyes flutter
CiaoBella1987: a single tear rolls down your cheek
CiaoBella1987: you look for a framiliar sight
CiaoBella1987: but no one is there
CiaoBella1987: no one cares
CiaoBella1987: no more chances
CiaoBella1987: the illness now has controll of you
Posted: June 7 2009 11:53 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Rain

Zhyanthan: Craters lay visible
Zhyanthan: Leave nothing unfinished
Zhyanthan: Infestation grounds
Zhyanthan: An eye-blinkin cover
Zhyanthan: Through rain and thunder
Zhyanthan: A wish forming true
Zhyanthan: Allow tarnished sleuths
Zhyanthan: To keep warm at night
Zhyanthan: Reject an early life
Zhyanthan: Share everlasting rows
Zhyanthan: To seek were no one knows
Zhyanthan: To break that which is close
Zhyanthan: This rain that simply chose
Zhyanthan: Peripheral demon delights
Posted: June 8 2009 12:03 AM / Edited: 6/8/2009 12:05:27 AM
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