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lance_sir: yo, breathe chris/ you gonna need that shit/ cause you might not be able to breathe after this/ and speak after this/ you gonna be beat after this match is over/ you gonna have to grab your folder/ your pad and your pen/ and come up with a battle diss to go at it again/ you can't even win a battle against me, how you gonna battle with ten?/ if this is how you gonna rap at them,/ i guarantee you'll place last at the end/ my friend/ you gonna be waitin a long time for that check to come in/ cause the raps you come up with/ should go straight into a rubbish bin/ yo, enough of this/ i'm done with this/ i don't even know why i'm tryin to f%*% with this/ i came here for some competition and you ain't even come equipped
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Shane_O_Mac: aww man / imma do a ryme

kane u seem like a nice guy

24 male

still a virgin

dam ....... u must have pain in ur life

trying to throw the anger out at a little hawian

thats kinda shit

he has game ..yes ive seen both your raps

but ur beat ...he can spit

yes ur all tough

u got nI**AS trying to roll up ...and rush it

but all ive seen so far was a bunch of the same rymes

every second verse u do is like......*stfu ..id kill you u little hawian ...

thats lame ...sad ...ur know reading this getting mad

dont blame me ..that i just straight up put a farmer whoopin ..threw beats on ur ass....

as they usually say .....

fawk u and have a nice day

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lance_sir: ok chris i do carry a backpack/ i'll give you that/ but damn where'd you get that hat from? the clearance rack?/ damn, you'd have to pay me to wear that crap/ and judging from that/ you probably got a fur coat made out of rat/ cause yo, we both no you ain't gettin paid off of rap/ if that was the case, you're ass would be gettin laid off fast/ cause everything you be sayin is wack/ somethin that you claim that i am/ but damn, i cut your ass down so bad the last time, i'm surprised you're able to stand/ but now i'm disabling your plans/ of ever making a grand/ cause i'm taking that mic straight from your hand/ so yo b~y@y, take that label off of your hat
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lance_sir: you better start prayin to Christ kid/ cause the way that you rhymin/ gonna put you in a financial crisis/ it don't matter whether or not, you got recording devices/ you could record a whole album, and not even your congregation would buy it/ so why even try it/ just zip it and be quiet/ you could shoot a video and nobody would like it/ even if it featured Selma Hayek/ your music's weak just stop denying it/ i already beat you with the first reply and you just keep tryin to spit
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lance_sir: you're lucky this war is only lyrical/ cause if it wasn't, then your physical/ condition would be critical/ it's time i got rid of you/ i'm like a pigeon flying over you/ cause i'm about to shit on you/ and yo i'm like a crime boss cause when i drop my song, i'm a put a hit on you/ yo why do i even spit at you?/ why did i even get at you?/ when there's way more important shit to do/ like entering the recording booth/ which is something you will never do/ cause your flow is terrible/ and very unbearable/ matter of fact, how dare you go/ against this pro/ who's a verbal intellectual/ when you, on the other hand, got the intelligence of a vegetable
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lance_sir: lol. i'll be waiting my man!
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lance_sir: damn chris, finally/ it took you almost an hour to reply to me/ you wanna give me a face lift and pick a fight with me/ cause your skills don't coincide with me/ when flowin on the m.i.c./ see i can spell my words out just like you/ tell me somethin that you can do that i can't out do/ you're right, you should save your battle bars, cause after we spar, you'll be leaving without a house or food/ oh yeah, and the keys to your car too/ man, right now i should be charging you dude/ because you need to pay me for tuition cause you just got schooled
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Shane_O_Mac: now i shouldnt really cut into this

u two seem to be battleing

ready to throw fists

we got a hawian

and a little prep b~$@z

now thats it .....throwing a emo ryme

make it not raceist

aight now chris

ur style is this

u wear noname hats with mics on it

jesus man u just saved this emos life

making me laugh to hard when i look at ur pics

oh by the way

if ur goin to try and come back

donty be spittin it like this

*hey there emo go cry and slit ur wrist *

cause ill have to call up some of my emo homies

and run a sad train on ur big fat b%^@&

slap her around and tell her

*u see my feelings .......do u feel me now chick*

as u can see ur goin to have to google this

u just got punched outta ur socks.....u wigg

as i spit ill wait for ur responce

taps watch

ohh chris

still waiting

where is it

meh fawk it

on to lance

u spit first


opps i mean

the hawian american pies fintch!!!!
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lance_sir: damn, you had to cut into this/ you fat son of a b%&#~/ you're so fat, your ass alone, make it like FAT JOE and BIG PUN was both in this b^%&$/ should've left it alone, cause really are you serious?/ do you really think you can compare to me?/ right now, i don't know if i'm SUMO WRESTLING with a PANDA BEAR or battling an emcee/ damn, this ain't fair, i'll give the chance to leave/ cause how embarassing would it be?/ being beat by a JAPANESE?/ a slanted eye like me?/ you might be over 300 pounds, but you still ain't in the same weight class to rap against me
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Shane_O_Mac: oh man better get ready to blog this

wireclubs best rap battle has started

in this corner

a fatty white in the black trunks

and in the red corner

a fawking skinny washed up hawian rapper prospect kid

now since im the phatest

i thank you for my weight problems

i should really not be rapping you

i should be gettin on the phone

and calling dog the bounty hunter

and his fat wife beth

tell them i got a tip

where the dishwashing child molester lance is

*how much was the bail leland ...and whats the charges*

*umm... 100 gs ...childmolestastion in the 5th degree*

im glad u have new shoes .....

ill tune in and watch ur ass on tv .....wow

that little hawian is running

awww i know i can compete with u

we will rap it all night

if u want haha

chris and the other guy is weak

and they are to easy

thats no fun


sorry i keep calling u hawian

ur asian

my bad


go make me some deep freid wong tongs

cause this fatty is goin to eat them

and u up

on this rap page

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Shane_O_Mac: no chris i know ur mad at gays

sorry ur dad wears dresses

and spends ur college funds on hummers in the bathroom at the gay bar

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kay

i think ur ignoring me

cause u cant spit what i can in 30 seconds

if u had two bros and 3 fawking months

till the due date

ud still call me up

*oh shane i know u gave me time...... i need a exstention ..can i have one please*

well bud

noway ur goin to the top of the mcee charts

ur almost as bad as the jhonas brothers at rapping ...

omg and from the previous beat down i gave u

at least they get laid

virgin boy

bet u walk into porn stores

and pop a b#x^x when u see a w#y~$ on the dvd cover

u think im gay

look at my wire hotties

u prolly creeped threw it and added them saying

*hey asl ...yes yes im good freinds with shane*

and they still wont give yea the time of day ..

mabye u shouldnt call peops gay

cause with ur women skills

ur the one heading to the bar

charging prices on ass

rent to own

to bad ur dads whispering in ur ear

*can i put that on layaway*

bamm outs
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Shane_O_Mac: aww u make me wanna throw a 50

get a h&^z@% with acuall real teeth to blow u

mr virgin

mr hip hop

when ur sucking ur mommas tits

ur dads at the door way crying

i think he too wants some

now lets see here

u rap about

guys banging


do i have to to take u to the gay districk

and let some homies

run a train on ur bum

i wont thow

caused ud be to pleased

would give u to much fun

now while ur

wacking of with head phones

imma mabye

just mabye

give ur women

the dick

shes been taking balls deep

the real one she wants

aight son!
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Kane: why ya'll rappin bout purses in back packs
foundation an all dat b#~w& trash
did ya'll forget how to rap
did u forget how to come to the battle feild strapped
well i didnt
an if ya'll not finished i'll show up late by myself just to end it

to da hawiian go back to the beach dude
i heard there some 3 foot waves [haha] u in the mood
go back to your sandy ass hoes
go get drunk an hang wit ya bros
as for tryin to spit on dees tracks
u'd be better off hangin at 7-11 tryin to mac

chris if some guy handed u a gun with 1 shot
after 24 hours id still be out runnin the streets
cause u cant take it out here u aint no beast
so go back inside wit ya pad an pen
write some more wack shit an try it again

shane o mac umm i dont know, u feel the flow
have u ever seen weed grow, i still dont know
but if u go real slow i'll bring back da pain
take all u ever aquired an bring u back to square 1 again

aight stop count to 10
when that backfires an u still cant think clear
do what i do c@x%z a beer
slam the whole damn thing
an then dissappear
do the world a service all three of ya'll
with out ya'lls wack ass shit
this resetion, yea we'd be done wit it
a why dont ya'll go legit
get a 9-5 an forget this gangsta shit
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Kane: weak ass
b%y~* ass
thats put plain an simple chris
an when u read this
i bet u'll untuck your dick
puff out your chest
an swear u was the best
but ive been underestimated an im tired of dat
you aint tolerated u know dat
in fact i bet u've got nothin else to type
ya i've got ya number now u aint nuthin but hype
i'll bust anything, an everything ive got at u
:aw na dawg u aint right:
thats what i always hear
but im through waitin for ya'll applause
ima take this battle like little miss daws
call in my peeps, gettin ride of ya'll creeps, leavin ya'll in the gutta in a big ass heap
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lance_sir: damn kane/ you must be gay/ sayin you got dude's number/ you ain't no gunner/ not even a runner up/ so shut it up/ all i hear you talk about is dudes untuckin their dicks/ you must be that desperate from not fx&*#* a chick/ you must be really frustrated from all of that shit/ talkin bout dumpin a clip/ and runnin up with your click/ with your ugly ass lips/ you look like a f~&@zy fish/ you must of thought you was gonna win/ just cause i was a c*z%^/ thinkin i ain't got mad flows/ tryin to talk about my sandy ass hoes/ while you be using your hand for your hoe/ damn, you should go/ before you get smacked up some more/ you really need to practice some more/ cause your raps are a bore/ you be droppin some wack shit, so leave your crap at the door/ and let me know/ when you really ready to battle this pro
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Kane: aight aight thanks for the advice
next time all rap bout hoes an stop puttin down mice
ass far as freestyle goes i know i aint no pro
but how far did u make it.....bro
again i admit defeat
i aint gunna rap no more
ima stick to the streets
pimpin whores, an bustin licks
ya'll the ones on the computer jackin each others dicks
u know i wont rap bout chicks i dont have
wit rhyms u cant grab
with a wit so sharp u might get stabbed
an if ya believe that here comes another jab
the only chicks i wouldna touch are yours
wit sour cream p#%@y
eatin is a chore
i keep my b#$x^zw gangsta
so when i give em some they all want more
the real problem is i aint no e-gangsta
so i feel funny callin u names b%*z^
but just for u i think i can make a switch
p^#$z ass muthafucka
if u was any softa u'd be a busta
na i wouldna toucha
an wouldna call u niether
except for a soft ass cracker wit a little ass peter
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WESSMATIK: ill battle who ever
13 years ago Report
Kane: it is a bit early for me to retire....
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WESSMATIK: ill still will battle who ever
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◄♫.B!G.SAM.♫►: sorry to say this yo all dosn't know how to rap.
come battle me in real rap ,show me some flow. and ur own way of rapin LOSERS!
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DaBabySkinner: dont play me ill ak you and change ur face, disobey u, erase ur data base, bath in ur paste and then ur faded, ill razorblade ur date and hang to celebrate cuz hell is great wut the f%wx is wrong with me? musta been this hellish state hellen wait im about to drop a bomb on the 7 gates heaven welcome to 666 if gods a bz&$w she can kiss my dick, while i take a shit call us the walkin dead u got ur brains hangin loose and ur coughin red we babies chopped up in the rocking bed, ya were hopped off meds, holding chopped off heads, now were face to face in this game and u can beleive that a coped ur bread, i know ur sick of me i got infantry im a stickin beast its a feast when i rip the beat it so simply becomes a symphony, cant get rid of me im too evil people wanna run and sleep with jesus eat ur meat and ur soul beleive us cuz ur heart out with a rusty cleaver the reaper that burst through ur speakers hopped on dust but still huffin either, this divisions a bit to leathal cross our path become the sequal
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SmokeyJr.: This is toward Dababyskinner and Kane

Quit rapping, Your rhymes are a F#y$%@$ JOKE
Where i'm from, Fake b%&yx&* like you get STUCK AND SMOKED
Go back to your day job, SKINNING BABIES
Cause when it comes to these battles, I'm the only one WINNING LATELY
And Kane, You don't know how to rhyme, So go BACK HOME
Keep talking that tough shit, And you will get CLAPPED HOLMES
I never met anybody as FAKE AS YOU TWO
I just ripped you boys up, I never hand out no BREAKS FOOLS
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Perdurabo: Eli is the king of rap! He deeeeed it!

(Edited by Perdurabo)
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