RAP WARS (Page 6)

westbran89: My name is W-E-S-T,
nobody wants to see or hear me,
Like a lifeless body walking full of Disease in the street,
That bum or your gutter living son,
You a sick bastard I know it,
So I think you'd better run,
Pull a 10 inch blade out
start with a slice,
You'll have a 1 in 6 chance of living,
Now roll that dice
Like a crayon book
I'll color you red
Start by chopping off arms, legs neck an head
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YGR33: English speakers struggling with their raps. One here who speaks Spanish observes them and determines that their language does not determine, that speaking in Russian, in Chinese or in the language that they please to speak, they will continue to need to find a way to overcome someone in Spanish and without being able to rhyme because they do not dominate correct English, surpasses them, even just observing, without participating because they do not know English.
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