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Sparkyleo: hey here's a challenge, write some good rhymes to see whose the best
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Sparkyleo: this ain't no rapper but leo the m.c ,
quiet the factor I'll show the beast in me,
leave your mind burning as the world keeps on turning,
when they be battling i just be performing,
and i ain't got talent i just got skills,
working so hard i feel like i just got killed,
just by walking by, them niggas get the chills,
they don't get burned them niggas get grilled.
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darknight101: I spit accid on the mic
my rhymes are rough and gritty
my lyrics are so clever it makes yours seem shitty
I aint no gangsta
but this aint sesame st
if u ever f**k with me I'll unleash a beast
I defeat all opponants...
flawless victory
u byx*&*y can't do shit to me
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perswayzo: yeaa im on my money ish,use it to go build my boat jus so i can say im on my money ship,talkin wen im speaking rythms is the only time my tounge slips,i come out with crazxy bars that leave imitators with ther tounge twist, n im smokin on so much piff im waitin for collapsed lungs n ish,i no i got so many haters but the rythm aint bout this,its bout ive been hustlin since i was young,bought my own house quick,got my own sik click,n im married to my money so shes my own spouse kid,2cars 2 cribs,tell her if she wants some kids to get a bibb,and all the things they said theyv'e done im the one tht did it trick
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Eggaman89: ListenUp.
This is the lyrical infamous champion
with out doubt most critical cynical expansion
come into my world as a dull lantern
leave with human remains
in your pocket whilst still ranting

i will tell you what this shits no bull
i drink red bull step steady footed
and just read still

people think im ill man ting goes the bell
whilst still standing
i just freed my mind of systematical chanting

why listen to the voices
when the mind is free from illicit choices
and we will band him
rejoice the misfits voice but dont listen
its your own biusiness
thts the difference
between the brain and prison..
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TheRich70: yung Na$..off the head i decapitate opponents,sharp delivery off they head they bout 2 drop at any moment.Why force ya hand when u can always see the closest,keep a Ace up my sleeve make sure nobody notice....weather its black jack or rap,i gotta win it skrap,Not tryna be in back make sure i win everylap,U listen an you laugh....im tellin the truth,My Teams down in a quarter,...MY HEADS THREW THE ROOF.Man i put that on ya daughter,and her chicken noodle soup,i got a Car Full Of CHICKENS best believe its a COUPE,all these BIRDS wanna get in when they see u got loot,If i threw Stakkz out the window dey'D be gone like poof.....i mean.......im a thug,...new 2 wireclub,...i spit,...up in ya club...had 2 show sum luv.Alot of My rivals they battled,.... and heard the old me, RIGHT NOW they in closets socked......like mw^~ foewly.oppose me....i keep sum10 tucked in my denim,u got that kiddy flow man but i spit str8 VENOM..so 4 Me ITS over 4 this little RAP GAME,like PARKER im HIGH on my ROOF, wit MY MARY JANE.- (AKAWEED if u DNT KNOW & didnt get the line)
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gaining7777: Crash ,boom, bash, scorching the earth, when I comith, like a comet, mcs runnith away, when I bomb shit, cause they know, they can't get with the kid, rockin the Detroit halo, on this page its turned backwords, I'm standin at the gates of seventh heaven, and straightt spittin blunt words, from my dome, cause the Great Lakes spells home for the kid, currently rockin the microphone................
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gaining7777: Fzy&*z up yur program, Sanman pops sweet at yur show man, comin new for my old fans, breakin thru with the grand stand, so strike a pose for the kiddie cam,b sure to get my good side,Lokey'll get the mic rite, so I can recite raps and keep the crowd hype, when I do you'll know I'm true to this, you will b missed if u persist, I'm not the run of the mill mc, Sanman might b willin to kill mcs, that make fake cuts, cuz enoughs enough, y'all know what I'm talkin about, I bust buckshots out of my mouth, if yur scared than stay in the house, if yur bold than come on out, and ill strip yur clout if u got some..............
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gaining7777: Does she love me, does she love me not, quick decisions fy$& a flower, why do my feelings turn sour, for the fussy head, she wants to b dead, when I release my grip on the honey dip, slip sliding into a new saga, new relationships turn drama like soap operas, I can't relax with a fee, that claims to love me, on the second date, dinner at 8, ill probably b late, confused within the love pyramid, cupid steady shootin me, now I'm shootin back, fy$x that, no need for a jim hat, I probably won't b f@#x~^ with cat, id rather just blow smoke from the blunt in the c%~w, maybe get the pink eye high, I dont care, i swear, no time to find the rite bzwxz, this pseudo night witch flew my way, hoping for midnight roles in the hay, not today, id even b willing to pay, a real lady with which to play....

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gaining7777: A yo hardcore, whatcha really know about hardcore style, I b representin the ill 7mile, listen 2 this quick , I b hittin mcs like "POW", I'm straight, my lyrical clipp holds eight, u can find eack mcs floatin in th great lakes, mistakes have been made, and so has the money, it aint funny, what could b so humorous about a mc gettin gaged and its numerous, boom these, no pretenden, no offenden, I b blendin all types of fruit for u and ur crew, I'm new, check ill 7, 1, 2, and plus, a prosperous pumper once told me, that if I keep pumpin, than ill b the pumper, like thumper, Sanman humps on the mic, ill bumpya off the top ten over nite.............
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you7777: Its gaining7777. Had to change my profile for technical reasons. Hit me up at you7777.
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you7777: like thelonious monk did, the funks what pumps,look how i slip and slide to confine my sky high raps, people give me dap inthe hood where its good, cuz they listen, dissin wack mcs every time i rrhyme, cuz i gotta reperesent,spent my last dime when they sent for me,so i prove im down to make moves with reeny, lokey,and bolove, and chris, we roll like this, this is how we roll, payin a toll so we can bomb the casual, mathmatical when i rhyme gradually, i want the echoe effect, connect with my allied force crew, im adding my spice to the funk stew, with new hits,ill rip ur raps up, dont get stuck within the L7 sypher,i can get hyper if thats whats required of me...............

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you7777: I flip the s*****,to depict the darkside of a jeckel and hide type ....., buck buck from my lyrical trigga, witness my two faced switch, I pitch to a number of places, the road traces me bAck, to what I know to b familiarity, Detroit Cities got me
trapped up in a good way, c ill never stray from where I stay, dependent on my circle to make my dreams come true, so u can b assumin, that this cubic trooper is a shoein, prunin my plants so they can bloomin, I b better with the butter in me, then c me change into fluid flame, fluent fame, ill make a name and rock my crane style , insanely 7 mile......................
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you7777: How many times have I looked inside, not really to hide, just to verify I'm still there, prepared for what I might c, a different form of me, or a variation of the same guy, a guy with wings that fly, a bird man, the sanman that swoops thru, to save u, from u, like a mutant, sometimes is c a demon, that eats at the lives of others, feeds on how much they suffer, until I'm full of it, that shit that tends to ruin it, I chew and spit like caw ,in a camels jaw, no problems in there, I come prepared when look, inside me. .....................

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Fayth77: it never mattered what was in your head,
cuz my systematic rhymes will knock you dead
I'll have ya runnin home to mommy, it'll make you wet yourself
till your soggy.
Better stand down and know your place, swell up your face
I know you're sittin there in a daze.
I shuttem Down with a quickness
from me expect no less.
I have no name, and I still put you to shame

OOK s I am no rapper but it was still fun...LOL
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Fayth77: Biff Bam Boom, I just Cleared the room
all your rhymes are old and dead like
a tomb.
you stepped to me you met your doom
try to play me, I spill your guts
after this you lose your nuts
I am a tickin time bomb when I get
on tha mic.
I take off like a rocket, putting duckets in my pockets
do not worry I let you swing on my Jocket
don't pretend cuz, everyone knows you'll like it.
You like to talk about being a pimp, but we all know with out a handful
of viagra your just limp.
so step off and go home to mommy
where you can listen in the night as she calls
me poppi.

Ok so here I was just bored.
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Fayth77: So I guess I am soo good at this noone can even answer...LOL HAHAHA
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Rugby 62626
Rugby 62626: The Ultimate Goal To a Life Lived is Purpose..
The only Insight to there SouL's left is Worthless..
We've Inverted... These Reason's for Nursin'..
Hip Hop Back To Stability.. It's Worsen'
So who Can Be Blamed For This? Each Person..
We ShaLL ReMaiN InVinceAble.. Yet CuRSiD...
Because Of The.. Minimle Erge to Search For a MineraLed Earth... This In Turn BiRth My CiNicaL CoNcerN..
We Have EmeRgeD.. From the Flames That Purged... Our HoNorAble NaMes WhiLe the FaNgs Stay InserTed.. InTo The NeCk Of The NeXt CoNverT.. I KnoW CoMenCe... OpeRaTioN CoNdeNce..ALL HUMANS.. JuSt To Tie Up A FeW LooSe EnDs.. AnD ALL Of The ALLuD ILLUSIONS. ~Mc SkALES 3
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archana krishnan
archana krishnan: unnai vittal yarum enaku sonthamilaiiii...
sontham endru yaarum inge thevai ilai....
oru pani thuli pani thuli ennai suduvathu suduvathu eno........
en sooriyan sooriyan sooriyan adil uruguthu uruguthu enoooooo oo oo.........................
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budd wizer
budd wizer: bitch i fly like a bird im the shit like a turd and thats my word. im an animal who will eat that pussy up like a cannibal cuz im supernatural.haze on my brain haters on my lane im the shit but thay wont get a piece down the drain, if this aint idk whats game.. for u lame muthasuckass
(Edited by budd wizer)
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Np19: a wise man told me too much talk is cheap
so i closed my eyes and meditated for a week
disconnected my tongue im at war with my heart
let my heart guide my hand ive mastered that art
put your head to my chest hear the cries and the screams
my soul tormented, shattered from where ive been
its a never ending battle call it clash of the poets
came so far now i know i cant blow it
but they testing me, overjoyed thought i went
so i sat back in silence gave the game out on rent
returned with a mic.. comeon ud best pay me
ask who they want i guarntee they gonna say me
night turns to day u see im doing the damage
faith in allah is what really makes me manage
im a lion so vicious, scaring these hyenas
talk alot of shit im killing these fucking schemers
before you step to be son you'd best take precautions
ill stick u back in ur momma force that bitch to take an abortion

the above is a verse i wrote about 5 years ago.
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budd wizer
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Apple_Sauce: Im tired of Dr.suess rappers with no grasp on reality
They've got these ABC lyrics and a 'Hive Mind' mentality.
Every other line is an ode to their fame,
Their a lyrical miracle and no one else is the same.
But every little single is a carbon copy, a cookie cutter beat, and the rhymes are sloppy.
Anyone can do it, If you passed grade one,
So sit back, relax while I have some fun:

I'm the baddest bitch, you don't know my life,
Your boy just met me and wanna make his wife.
Don't step to me if you ain't got swagga,
You should smell like Old Spice and walk like Mick Jagger.
Im a Grecian Princess, and I better be spoiled
I'll send you runnin to your momma with your panties soiled.
I come from the streets in gated community,
But i'm all about peace, love and unity.

I apologize for the stupidity with which you were just pelted
I wouldn't be surprised if some of your brains had melted.
But that word diarrhea isn't a brand new affliction,
So many rappers resort to this common addiction.
So this is a public service announcement to any lyrical geniuses in the game,
Don't sell out just so people will know your name.

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budd wizer
budd wizer: im doper than dope he will choke your qoutes that you wrote with the mind rope
girls see the pimp they drop the soap but i know its on purpose some may think im worth less then the next day i have them shirtless and sqirt less and so on they blow on this underground sound from the brown side of town they want to get down so they drown when my flow strong - buddie wizer
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dvustimmer: I didn't actual spit these out but they are still my three most honest attempts at lyrics from a CD I did in my home studio 3 years ago. Kinda revolve around most of my experience going through a pretty bitter divorce happening I went through for 2 years up to that point.
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dvustimmer: Kiss my ass
Words and Music: Timm McDonald

Never touch me, don’t you lead me,
On a Journey through your deep needs,
That is bullshit, you just use me and abuse me
For all I’m worth,
Condescending, I’m insulted
By the way you take for granite,
The years of service to my duty
With no credit or regards……
oh, oh oh…..are you serious?
Why so serious?
When you step on me again, will it make it sweeter in the end?
When I’m pissing on your grave (comprehend), that is all you were ever worth anyways.
Kiss my ass!
I’m only happy when I’m standing,
Though I’m tripping, I’m still not falling,
You may be laughing, at my dancing,
But I’ve never called the cards
That you’re dealing, I say stealing,
Then Discarding, and believing,
That the arrogance, and benevolence
Are your entitlements also…….
Oh, oh, oh,,,,,,can’t be serious?
Why so serious
Do you feel so rich inside, with all your fools buying all your lies?
When I’m pissing on your grave, when your dead fools won’t shed any tears anyways
Kiss my ass
Oh you want to show me, just how bold you can be,
Hope that I will just see, just how great you are,
But it’s just Pandering and pimping, bleeding yourself in deceiving,
All your lying and cheating aren’t working so well……<Because>
Heaven isn’t, such a reach
For the hardworking and the honest meek,
But St. Peter probably wont
have any mercy left for you
You’ll be burning and a churning
While it’s flaring, it’s unbarring,
And the only one you’ll have to blame
Is blaming yourself……
oh, oh, no……Now it’s serious
Why so serious?
When I’m pissing on your grave, You’ll just know I’ll be saying
Kiss my ass
When I’m pissing on your grave, better believe that I will be saying
Kiss my ass
Kiss my ass
Burn in hell and kiss my ass…….
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