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dvustimmer: A Never-ending Constant Irony (My life is…)
Words and Music: Timm McDonald

One thing about ending a bad relationship is it never really goes away
Even my check that I work for only insures everyone else is getting paid
If I try to reach out and extend my hand I’m only getting slapped in the face
But when I need to be alone to my thoughts, then all the world wants to be a stage
My reality
Is always out of sync
To what I think,
I should be,
I can’t believe
I have to go to sleep
Just to escape
All my nightmares but….
If I learned one thing well it is I need to forget everything that I think I know
It’s a bit hypocritical but I have no choice but to embrace it and go with the flow <because>
My life is held in a string of a never-ending constant irony

I’ve try to just crawl under a rock but I find myself being thrown under a bus
I’ve tried to be open and trusting, and still I’m getting thrown under the bus
The harder I try to avoid all the pain, seems like just the more pain that I cause
The harder I try to do more, The more I’m getting more and more backed up
My sanity,
Has deserted me,
And hooked me up
with this strange karma
she’s a bad trip
With a sick twist
And seems a bit
Like she’s a stalker
If I learned one thing well it is I need to forget everything that I think I know
It’s a bit hypocritical but I have no choice but to embrace it and go with the flow <because>
My life is held in a string of a never-ending constant irony

My psychology
To sociology
now Just sucks
And Yea I go with,
The negativity, <it>
Aint fitting me,
But positively ,
Honestly it is all that I have left to show but….
If I learned one thing well it is I need to forget everything that I think I know
It’s a bit hypocritical but I have no choice but to embrace it and go with the flow <because>
My life is held in a string meandering around with the strangest plot twists
this crazy senseless pointless clueless journey to the deepest darkest abyss of
A never-ending constant irony
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dvustimmer: Unspoken
Words and Music: Timm McDonald

Something’s were left unspoken,
Sometime when I was young and naive
Somebody with bad intentions,
Somehow came and took me away
Somewhere where it is cold,
Someplace it was not safe
Someone didn’t care how much I cried in
Someway a dangerous feeling began to take shape

Those thing’s where made to be left unspoken,
At the time when they needed to be said
My body may have recovered but
How was I suppose to comprehend
Where I was left for dead at a
Place that up to then I felt so safe
Now more than One person took and changed all that
And in a Way the resentment inside became

Everything that was left unspoken at
Every time now can still dominate who I am to
Everybody that knows me can see
Ever how quick my anger inside can wake
Everywhere I know it can happen
Every place I look for an out so
Everyone can see me as only the quiet one while in
Every way I’m struggling with my doubts

Nothing should be left unspoken at
No time is that the way it should be
Nobody has the right to keep hurting you
No matter how convenient it may seem
Nowhere is forever if you let it ending
No place if you can’t find courage to open up... Then there’s
No one there to help guide you
No way you can leave it unspoken
Or you will always remain inside afraid

It’s not all that complicated
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romanticlulu: wow these are awesome
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JPoet: Will They Die 4 You.

If you down to act, we're down to scrap, we beef baby no stop so watch ya back..if a nigga smack me, I'm a smack him back..and if it leads to the guns then that be that. Lately nigga's that snake me just make me wanna send them heat with out AC...think somethin sweet taste me, how much you really want it..enough to put a mil. on it or your deal on it. This year is cancun guess who I'm going with..my own niggas. you see I make my own chips.pay my own trips, make my own hits..rock my own shit like I'm on my own dick. My days are short you need work blaze the fort if I'm not by the spot come graze the courts. and yall niggas out there going for self disrespecting me like in below your belt. Me I always have so i never go for self I got thousand dollar bills with Teddy Rossevelt. Better slow down I'm tellin you now put the dough down, kick your door down, surround you block no where to go now. 50 shot's spit at you and that's not a whole round the way I leave your furniture you'd think it was co-found. Here's the low down messin with Jay you gotta down what more can I say but hey I guess you nigga's know now.
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Armando20: alto,bajo,guapo,feo.blanco,negro que mas da
dentro de mil años todos calvos bajo tierra va!
no has probado nunca a conocer a un extranjero
fijate en los niños ellos saben de que va este juego
y es que la raza humana es un crisol
y el que no pueda ver belleza en esto no merece ver el sol
paso el relevo al compañero
para este mundo nuevo
el del triunfo del amor contra el miedo
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Ms_Mafdet_The Great
Ms_Mafdet_The Great: Now There be catz thatz got skillz, but they might lack tha flava/
Ain't me/
I'm old school, calm n' cool, and I'm just not the stranga/
2 hip-hop/
can't seem ta stop when i blow the spot - up/
Take your time chill, don't trip - now watchya' thought up?/
Care to bet on, and get caught up in your lyrics or the flow that weren't brought up?/
I ain't a vet, or a "veteran"/
I'm not-"better than"/
I Just bust my shit 4 fun - my shit weighs a ton/
1 vs 1, against me? you better run son/
Beatz, rhymes and life, like.... - I'm life-like/
Not a clone, but I'm tight, right?, like rope, around your neck, I sound dope,/
in a rap fight/
Or a "Battle"/
Rapperz truly ARE in-danga/
'Cause no hope springs eternal/

It might be they fun-er-al/

Now Listen, this is critical/
Your shit is pitiful, - residual/
now catch the visual/

Me on a pedestal/
With the 1st place medalz,/
I won, Haha!!!!!

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Wordificationismness: 1 2 unbuckle my shoe
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jerseyguyext114: I smack kittens with black mittens ..your gf said I have exact fitting...in her beat twat..I hit it people heard screams for three blocks
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alexffffz: fuck all of ya
i am no nigga
in nigga my fly
works to bye
flow to you try
forrever but bye bye
bye slut guy
give you a battle
come on fag
to be a shy
kiss the floor or die
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SuperNovanika85: what's in the trunk yo playa das whack
suckas play with toys
Yo, I play with noise
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Wonderbunny: I'm a big fat stray cat. Don't mess with me
'Cause I've got the biggest territ'ry.

Don't be deceived by my fluffy paws.
Underneath I've got really sharp claws.

I don't ever purr much, just yowl and hiss.
Ain't no way baby that I'll give you a kiss.

Can't you see I'm busy? I'm patrolling the walls.
Unlike all those house cats, I've still got my balls!
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MiraiTrunks: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1IIMWfu7YAw <- Best rhymes yo
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I want to be what lives and true
like all the words you thought with haste
seem misplaced and so you.

..all my life need some manners
we shall step to proud our fathers
we shall step in light and find the way
we pray

(Dedicated to youngsters)
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beanteaser: word to your mother!
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m_a_fuhlendorf: Here I am questing my sanity cause they all actin scared of me I'm not that bad I swear the voices in my head I tell myself their not there but here I am rocking back forth contemplating all their words thinking about my actions I'm scared I might collapse and I stand here in front of you my face might seen to turn blue but that's not because of you I see standing over there do you not see him with the long hair I'm questioning my every move nothing I do can stop these movements of my curiosity and I stand by myself at a distance with a painted smile but in the dark night I still see no hero nevermore nevermore I swear I'm not a fucking whore

Screaming crying kicking screaming you wanna put me in a straight jacket I got bugs under my eyes and I break out in hives all I do is try to peel myself away
All he wanna do is play I'm sorry bro dont cry for me stay strong you too mommy and daddy I want you to smile that all I want is yall to be happy
I dont know how I'm gonna fix this man I'm such a mess all I do is drop rhymes when I think about tough times at this point my emotions should just be mimes
If I succeed you'll be all I need even if I'm homeless I just wanna feel like I have a home I dont want to feel alone and maybe one day yall will understand what I say

People laugh call me a slut never once have I consented to this mess but I was raped I swear girl or guy it doesnt matter it's all the same there is nothing to joke about you live in your fucking paradise with mommy and daddy all together they dont hate each other and dont make you choose you dont have to question what love is why cant you be happy with what you have you think it's depression but it's just you feeling entitled to something yall never worked for go get a title
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