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I’m a normal member of the human species with some imperfections, but with a strength of ten as well, I kid you not! I am mildly Intelligent and can converse in most topics. ( The more interesting...
Sydney • Female • 31 years old
I am a rebel without a cause. I prefer the road less travelled. I love sunny days with a big smile & a camera. I enjoy rainy days with a good book & a cup of tea. I am happy-go-lucky. I love the...
Sydney • Female • 36 years old
Too soft for my own good and too honest for some.............
Sydney • Female • 46 years old
Sydney • Female • 20 years old
I would like to engage with people, and discover what makes them tick. The topic of conversation doesn't matter too much. Honesty and openness are so much more appealing than pleasantness.
Sydney • Female • 41 years old
Discover me!!! :)
Sydney • Female • 28 years old
Warning, I WILL NOT add you as a friend if you have never spoken to me at all.... i am Me, You are you, lets move right along... Im the type of person who will treat you how you treat me,...
Sydney • Female • 34 years old
Sydney • Female • 27 years old
Sydney • Male • 30 years old
My name is Kim, I'm 27 years old and I work as a nurse in an animal hospital. Yes, I really am engaged. And yes, I'm adequately happy about it now kindly fuck off. :treasure:...
Sydney • Female • 27 years old
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