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Vancouver • Male • 38 years old
Leave me a message if you have any comments or problems with the site! If you don't like it here, keep it to yourself ;)
Vancouver • Male • 33 years old
She Stood In The Storm & When The Wind Did Not Blow Her Way She Adjusted Her Sails :sailboat:
Vancouver • Female • 109 years old
Vancouver • Female • 29 years old
Vancouver • Female • 39 years old
Vancouver • Female • 27 years old
Vancouver • Female • 117 years old
im NOT A COUGAR.....
Vancouver • Female • 51 years old
http://6hfvu.oh5uz1yjlhu.ih4x1.wa.e/watch?v=Vwci6q9f9Yc makes my life. Vancouverite living abroad! http://6hfvu.oh5uz1yjlhu.ih4x1.wa.e/watch?v=sArnFOOZBmA "Belief, like fear or love, is a...
Vancouver • Female • 28 years old
Vancouver • Female • 26 years old
Vancouver • Female • 26 years old
Vancouver • Female • 22 years old
Greetings, I am here for real friendship only, all other interests please walk the other way. I am misunderstood a lot and a bit of an oddball, whether you want to try to get to know me, that I leave...
Vancouver • Female • 115 years old
Give me love,give me strange,give me passion,give me music,beats,screaming,singing & poetry.I have passion for friends,family,life,for dancing in thunderstorms,music,for singing,for beautiful...
Vancouver • Female • 34 years old
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