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Air Warfare School Pilot Training and end year... F4 ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maEToLEeFac This video made of my air warfare school at end years... i flew with this...
Ask me • Male • 30 years old
Ask me • Female • 29 years old
Know me to love me (H) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daq9psSBTsY
Ankara, Ankara • Male • 33 years old
its me and i like live life with high energy
İzmir, İzmir • Male • 40 years old
ASK ME!!!!!!
Kıbrıs, Ankara • Male • 41 years old
Akabat, İstanbul • Male • 34 years old
Konya, Konya • Female • 25 years old
Today is my future...! ;)
Ask me • Male • 30 years old
Life is nothing without ..... !
Ask me • Male • 33 years old
i only want to friendship
Bebek, İstanbul • Male • 35 years old
İzmir, İzmir • Male • 33 years old
i talk alot, if u consider to say hi to me probably u will feel like my reply is a spoiler of a book :P
Ask me • Male • 33 years old
ı dont know what to say.........ummmm TO BE ME OR NOT TO BE ME ............Thats me ı guess
Ask me • Female • 26 years old
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