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People don't like me as a general rule. I'm fairly okay with that. Also, I lurk. That's why I don't talk to people much. That and I'm probably reading something. I don't really do well with...
Scarborough • Female • 31 years old
London • Female • 31 years old
Likes: songs about the clitoris Dislikes: songs not about the clitoris
London • Female • 34 years old
Geoff Away
I'm incorrigible.
Exeter • Male • 41 years old
Cookley • Female • 43 years old
'Sup! Few rules: don't be rude, don't be crude and don't be an asshole. Don't start your shitty pickup lines with something offensive, sexual or just plain creepy, because I won't respond. No...
York • Female • 25 years old
tall , thin , arty ,.....hmmmm
Canterbury • Female • 28 years old
London • Female • 20 years old