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Tallahassee • Female • 43 years old
Miami • Female • 41 years old
Seminole • Female • 32 years old
brownieee Away
Tampa • Female • 48 years old
What more do you need to know? I'm absolutely terrific!
Manhattan • Male • 119 years old
Mother, Astrologer
Lakeland • Female • 31 years old
I am 24, I am engaged, so don't be a perv. I only want PMs that offer a respectful conversation. Respectful includes: No flirting with me, no nasty comments, and talk to me in a basic civilized...
Jacksonville • Female • 24 years old
Tampa • Female • 29 years old
flower girl
West Palm Beach • Female • 118 years old
Angel City • Undefined • 21 years old
Fort Walton Beach • Female • 39 years old
Miami • Female • 23 years old
We are a couple that has been living together for many years. He travels often for his job and so I come here to chat and explore things with like minded individuals and other couples!
West Palm Beach • Female • 35 years old