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I am a mature and family-minded woman. Among my merits and qualities you will certainly find those which are so desirable for a man in his future wife. I am a very caring and loving, loyal and...
Jacksonville • Female • 37 years old
im fun,flirty,and me!
Jacksonville • Female • 31 years old
Jacksonville • Male • 53 years old
Jacksonville • Female • 33 years old
juz lil ole me!
Jacksonville • Female • 22 years old
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye my love I can't hide, can't hide, can't hide what has comeI have to go I have to go I have to go And leave you alone But always know Always know Always know that I love you...
Jacksonville • Female • 25 years old
Jacksonville • Male • 35 years old
Kmj’s daddy/owner
Jacksonville • Male • 64 years old
Jacksonville • Male • 55 years old
im pretty chill
Jacksonville • Female • 22 years old
Jacksonville • Male • 37 years old
Jacksonville • Female • 64 years old
My name is Amy. Racing to graduate from high school in the spring of 2020. Then college....maybe. Living at home with my parents and following their rules and boundaries. Also living with my younger...
Jacksonville • Female • 19 years old
Connie is me. Married to Phil since 2000. Two teen kids, Amy and Trevor. Sister (Jill -- backntimejill) and mother (Marie -- formersoccermom3) chat here some also as does Amy (aminolongerachild)....
Jacksonville • Female • 38 years old
Jacksonville • Female • 36 years old