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Hello , My name is Cara. English is my 2 language, i am originally from the Czech Republic. I am a jedi and the force is strong with me. I also play in a death metal band and i play the triangle,...
Edwardsville • Female • 23 years old
Am a male that has been blessed with poor genes. Grandfather passed the bad genes along and passed dying in the 1950's. Sadly the disease seems to be progressive. now it seems too have found its...
Edwardsville • Male • 48 years old
Edwardsville • Male • 55 years old
Edwardsville • Male • 48 years old
This is the 2nd or third time that I have c
Edwardsville • Male • 48 years old
Looking for friends and some all around interesting people.
Edwardsville • Female • 34 years old
Edwardsville • Female • 30 years old
Used to work for the MAY co, then big bad Macy's wanted to eliminate the competition on the block. Second time that I am writing this I managed approximately 4Million dollars worth of goods....
Edwardsville • Male • 48 years old
Edwardsville • Female • 26 years old
Edwardsville • Female • 25 years old
;) :D im a happy person. i love to run, play soccer and swim. i have a twin sister shes my whole world. i love my best friend ryan. i love to travel. christmas is my favorite holiday.i love music.i...
Edwardsville • Female • 29 years old
Edwardsville • Male • 48 years old
My name is Rachel Coonrod. I am a college athlete and i love to read and listen to my music. my life revolves around my family. I dont really know what to say about myself but I am sure there is a...
Edwardsville • Female • 27 years old
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