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I have black hair dark brown eyes, im curvy, beautiful,and mexican and I love to talk to sweet, respectful, and mature men. I love australian accents and Brittish accents, that is really attractive,...
Fremont • Female • 34 years old
Fremont • Female • 18 years old
Fremont • Female • 33 years old
** There's too much pain in this world....try to lighten up and be kinder... ** When you give your word up to it. ** Don't put yourself into credit card debt. Those stores that now ask...
Fremont • Male • 67 years old
Fremont • Female • 27 years old
My name is Sheena. Call me that, Mystique, or Misses. Either one is fine with me. I'm eighteen and I love meeting new people. That's why I joined Wireclub. No need for long intros; just get at...
Fremont • Female • 27 years old
Fremont • Female • 31 years old
:| I'm a 25/female from Western Kentucky. I just moved to Ohio with my long term boyfriend. He finished up school and with our economy the way it is he had to take a job where he could. Me, I'm a...
Fremont • Female • 35 years old
Just call me Sheena; my real name isn't necessary here on the web. It's obvious how old I am. I'm studying to become a high school psychologist; something much different than a counselor, I assure...
Fremont • Female • 31 years old
Fremont • Female • 43 years old
nice and easy going, I enjoy having fun
Fremont • Male • 35 years old
Fremont • Male • 23 years old
Fremont • Female • 39 years old
Fremont • Female • 27 years old
Its all about ME haha ;)
Fremont • Female • 34 years old
I am 52 years of age, lonely and looking to find a special woman who hopefully isn't American.
Fremont • Male • 55 years old
Fremont • Female • 44 years old
Fremont • Male • 29 years old
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