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(This club has been deleted)
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anyone who loves mysterys can join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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hey i love the harry potter books .of you love them too jion my club.
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Anybody who enjoys reading about Bella's unforgettable adventures with her not so human friends and boyfriend.
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the club is where you can enjoy and happy to meet people there a lovely club and you will meet a nice girl and looking forward to seee you there. thank you as you do.
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U like to make poems,or lyrics? tell us why and what kind of poems/lyrics u make
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For any one who love's writers such as Graham Masterton, Steven King, Shaun Hutson, James Patterson, James Herbet..........Or those who like spine tingling thrillers, horror and gore......
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The way of Knowledge about Islam and holy Quraan
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i am a sample.
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This is where we can discuss the bible, ask questions, receive answers, and learn how it all fits into our daily lives.  Everyone is welcome!
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Harry Potter books are the best :D
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...................................... السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتهـ..... اليوووم0000 عندي لكم فكره رهيبة.... ابي كل واحد يدخل ويشارك والاجر عند الله سبحانهـ الفكرة هي 0000 وضع مواضيع...
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For every one who could pull their hair out at those skinny, annoying, twilight-crazed wannabe vampire chicks!!!!
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Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. If u enjoyed those books then u came to the right place. Vampire Lovers can join too, i love Twilight and i can't wait til the movie and i think...
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i am Dr. Alaa from Iraq.. i have many wonderful updated medical books all r free to my friends.. and i hope to meet someone having many other books..
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heres a club that u can tell everyone about james pattersons books and chat about how good his books are.
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This is the works of Edgar Allen Poe for those who enjoy his works and his poems.
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This is a club for all who love different romances who love different books I love Sherrilyn Kenyon and Jr Ward for the Dark hunters and Vampires of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
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all about his books and movies
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it is nice and people meet nice men good looking
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a kind of club that offers books on music and how to play musical instruments.
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If you have read ALL 4 Twilight books then...JOIN! :D
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سلام به همه ايروني هاي كتاب خون تا حالا چه كتاباي قشنگي خونديد؟ به ما هم بگيد لطفا تا ما هم بخونيم
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(This club has been deleted)
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Be a revolutionary reader!
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Stalker Aka charmaine
22 members I first...
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Alot of news & updates. Never a dull moment. ;)
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For those who love the world created by professor.:)
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A group of black men actively seeking out knowledge and information for the betterment of themselves and their brothers.
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Just as the name says. What do you think is better. Lets debate shall we? Harry Potter or Twilight. Team Harry or Team Edward/Jacob
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Fun easy going Room. To exchange thought's on Current, New and up coming Fantasy/Sci-Fi writers works, let other people know of any good book's you have read. Swap views and opinions on current...
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history of Balkan
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These books will ruin you on other sci/fantasy authors, yes that good. A little long, lots of characters to keep track of...but so so good. 'A Game of Thrones' 'A Clash of Kings' 'A Storm of Swords'...
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Hi when you join send kitty_27272277 your story and you get a cool icon!and joining is 100% free!
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Come share your creativity by writing stories or expressing your feelings through poetry. Read and comment on each others work. Let inspration and imagination in when writing or reading. All types of...
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i love tiz books!
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This is for people that read the harry potter books and fell in love with him from the start, like me!!!
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Hi all... Come and join this club. It's fun yo know! I'm sure you gonna be so happy here just like this club nsme. Come on! Lets check it out! Anything can be here! Many has join, when are you,...
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:hug: that's great advice trust me
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Your even in my dreams
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I love to write poetry and blogs.When got things on my mind when happy or sad or mad or dressped I always write blog or poems to let my feelings out.So tell me what you guys like poetry?
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have u ever read a book so real it scared u.  a book about the grimiest thug or the biggest b**ch in the hood. then u need to join. because thata all we do is read real hood shit.
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A great social club where you can discuss books & share experiences on books you have read. Your favorite books, authors, books that have influenced your life. All suggestions are welcome. Books are...
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for what we live ...for who ...what is the our goal?
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Anyone who likes P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast House of Night novels can join and book talk.
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