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If you are honest, ethical and believe you are worth 2000 pounds a month then just send me an e-mail and we can take from there.
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Any ideas are welcome
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For all the people that support our military men and women.
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-=ini tempat berkulpux dan bersatux orang2x INDONEISA=-
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You know the only way to keep safe is to use protection. Online, there are various ways to protect yourself, proper moderation is one of them. Use proper protection, Use Andrew :D
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Learn the way of the ninja young grasshoppers.
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this is my job.i love freud and adore him.he's biggest psychologist.
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this club invites all men and women who has the gots to venture in life. If you are persistent to be on the peek of your dream, you are verry much welcome to the club.
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Sometimes we meet people in our lives that just annoy us. We try to be nice, understanding...but they just continue to irritate the living shit out of us. After awhile, we must finally say ,"You know...
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Don't disrespect the family or you'll sleep with the fishes. FORGET ABOUT IT!
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All is forgiven when joining The Convent. Join now and redeem yourself, all for $9.99 per month. :| Non denominational btw
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Contrary to popular belief there are no babies in baby powder
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Welcome everyone at ARC!
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Would you like to mak your home safe and healthy and make money at the same time? Then go to my website @ and learn how you can better yourself and family.
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Earn in US dollars by just introducing people.
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Do you wanna improve your health.... ONLY WRITE HERE...
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dont choose money over friends (H)
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anybody interested in having or sharing business ideas or issues can join....................... serious partners
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    Hi everyone. This room is for Adult only. Talk about anything and everything. Talk dirty if you want. Talk about sex. Whatever the case might be.
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his way to busy to reply to mine and im sure most of your messages! or if he does its weeks to late. i think some wireclub staff is in need and should be brought up in next years budget lol (H)...
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For all you pro-choicers out there. This is the club for you. Pro-choice describes the political and ethical view that a woman should have complete control over her fertility and the choice to...
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this club is for every body just to chill relax find people to talk to and take the stress of the day away
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Everyone is welcome
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just us
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live  care with peace
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its something he cant stop, addications are bad & we all know it :|
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This is where you can find you very owne stalker. I master will be taking on apprentices and they will be trained to the highest standard of stalkerdom.
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i would like 14 people to save the business
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Feel free ...
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Well Im sick of it. They are out to ROBB us. So what have I done? I sought super powers... I became... the CELLPLANMAN and I now save people money on their cellphone bills. Have a B :$...
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Have u ever felt like ur walking around with a bunch of women with mountains attached to their chest... never knowing whether u are going to be noticed lol well i dont. but meh POWER to the ones...
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anybody work in a welding shop? Lets swap stories of shops from hell.
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143 means I LOVE YOU...:heart::love:
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