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QJRouge: The draw back to the following diqussion is...I do not have any letters after my name...all I have is six decades of observation and the collective knowledge of researchers who do have letters after their name.
Now on I rant...
I have just been researching magnetic pole reversal with the intent of devising a story for one of my micro novels. In doing so I have come to an epiphany about global warming...human civilization's part in climate change and the natural consequence of pole reversal. Indeed mankind...especially 7 billion of us has an impact...I read that we have use up enough fossil fuels to tilt the earth slightly on its axis....I have also read that the poles reverse....gradually....quite often...over a long period of time...though theorist have different lengths from 300,000 to 800,000 years. It is occurring now noticably according to my study of the stars and their positions over the last two decades....This is not a long time but the key to this statement is...it is happening impressively fast for natural events.
Global warming/climate change is for real but not entirely the fault of humans.....infact the more I study the matter the more I believe human intervention is only a fraction of the cause and nature is the primary intervenor, which there is nothing we can possibly do to thwart the natural shifts and changes in our global conditioning.
In my next story I can imagin earth being dominated by a evolutionally advanced Yehti as a new ice age forms and humans become the myth...
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The giant midget
The giant midget: Very interesting read
Let's not mix Climate Change with Global Warming as those 2 are different things altogether

I have more respect for a highschool grad with a common sense approach and a little dash of streets smart than those people with letters after their name's
I quite surprised that the politically correct social engineering police hasn't wiped you out yet by you saying that humans are only a fraction of the cause of global warming

Just saying eh
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theHating: @giant midget whats the difference between climate change and global warming?

I always thought they were interchangeable terms
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Angry Beaver
Angry Beaver: It's not a globe dammit!
Everyone knows the earth is flat ffs
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