Speculative Nature

Thorn5: This is the place to talk about the beast forgotten in natural history works . I aim to work with professors, zoological gardens, and parks to address the subjects that I would like to discuss. In fact, I hope this can one day be my career. Extraterrestrial life, invertebrates, and modern-day birds are not likely to be mentioned here. However, this list will tell you what you might find.
1.Carnivorous Plants
2. Fish
3. Amphibians
4. Reptiles
5. Mammals
7. Hybrids of any mentioned above.
8. Motion-Picture Monsters (expect for late nineteen-nineties and beyond)
As you might have guessed, I am very old-fashioned and would use telegraphs or use a elephant if I could. I like to use first- mentioned names and so you might have to do some (hopefully) book digging. I don't expect this thing to really come to fruition as no one seems to want to talk about the subject. But, I thought it might be interesting and hear something rather than my own thoughts. So, please give it a try and we'll just let things run their course. Enjoy!
P.S. My first entry is on Merfolk and can be seen on Facebook. Look up "Nicholas Bobish" and you'ell see it midway down the page (along with this group). I want the next one to be suggested by others- its just for progress.
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slave2change: OCEAN DREAMS
That beautiful, exciting, yet relaxing, early morning walk down the coast of that secluded tropical island you always dreamed about.
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