mikepine2020: Do you know about poison food (that is a crime), chemicals and preserves inside the food, health care system who cover up these poison food industry? Do you know about toxic house with fiber glass insulation (ASTHMA), mould, formaldehyde (BRAIN PROBLEMS),....? Do you know that the "organic" food is not actually organic food because the underground water is poison and air is polluted so the plants and animal drink and breath like us poison environment? Do you know everything you do or say is spy by TV, phone, cars, satellite and all this information is use instead you? Do you know that everyone in USA pay taxes including illegal immigrants sales taxes and others and by USA constitution the gov must protect the USA people from any enemies domestic and foreign so what about enemies like poison food , criminal health care, illnesses, toxic houses, polluted environment...? Do you know you have the right to remain silent that mean you are an IGNORANT.

Do you care what do you eat, what do you are, .....? you are what you eat. US has 320 millions of citizens since 40 years ago, the number is stagnated because of deaths, there are millions of new born babies, millions of immigrants and the number 320 millions is the same stagnated because of deaths. More Americans die than 1,2 world wars together multiply by several times. The numbers are manipulated like pollution, poison food, people identity vanished,...and everything else… same way the electronic machine votes, investigations, justice system, health care system,…..everything manipulated, lie, mislead, misinterpret,…..
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Fog Swept Glade
Fog Swept Glade: What food need no cook?
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Angry Beaver
Angry Beaver: Mike, you seem a bit tense mate
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