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Feel free to join whether you are a survivor, know someone who has had breast cancer, have a heart for those suffering or if you're just a supporter. Please post anything at all relevant to the cause...
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This is a club for any one who is interested in Herbalism, Yoga, Acupuncture, Meditation, Holistic Health, Etc.
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Come in here to discuss fitness and nutrition.
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i think it's one of the best exercise and its fun :P what do y'all think?
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Pretty sure you could find me rocking back and forth continuously pressing the refresh button to see if wire was back. hahaha. Nahhhhh, I wasn't like that! But I was pissed off! :@
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Don't smoke,it kills u.
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Most healthy way of living ;) Partying, it's not a hobby, it's a form of life.
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This club is designed to meet and chat with people who believe and use or are curious about using natural alternatives in their everyday lives!! Healthy bodies ARE happy bodies!!
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drives me crazy when u dont get to talk to someone for days and u miss them :( :'( :S
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Give me immortality or give me death.
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(This club has been deleted)
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1. Improving the cardiovascular. 2. Keeping you thin. 3. Optimizing the cholesterol structure. 4. Benefiting the health of respiratory and alimentary tract. 5. Strengthening the substance of bone. 6....
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having a fun time
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Would you like to live a healthier life and make money?  Please visit to find out how
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Lv hurts.... :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
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I wanna tell the world!
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All ideas are welcome, Would like to share theories with psycoanylists around the world!
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH exile is like a migraine waiting to happen!
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This club is for people who care about this disease
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Everyone can Join this club who wanna Quit Smoking or who are Non-Smokers :D Have Fun :rock:
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For those who love to give, and get deepthroat :D
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I fell and broke my vagina :'(
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Cuz u gotta deal with its annoyingness. Im too fuuckin tired for that noise!
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Enjoy as much as you can :treasure:
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This is a club for the medical students mainly 1 & 2 yrs to ask questions or any other douth related to the medical field or studing problem. Anyone can join & ask their medical douths here.
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:openarms: :hug: :)
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This is for those who suffer and for those who have the chance not to suffer, but ignore it due to foolishness.
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If you would like to share feel free :$
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Kick out Smoking n Drinking :rock: I m Proud to be Non-Smoker n Non-Drinker. Join this Club who are Non drinkers n Non Smokers Also People who want to quit Drinking n Smoking can join this...
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(This club has been deleted)
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<P>what do you think this club is about</P>
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we must fight with aids and eradicate it.damn this disease is a global problem especially in africa. :'(
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October is breast cancer awareness month. On my behalf and on behalf of most of the men in the world, I have started this club because there is nothing worst than boobies gone bad. If you like boobs...
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it makes me really sad to see girls resorting to things they dont need to do/be in order to be themselves. its really really sad to see girls being anorexic or bulemic because its unhealthy and...
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hi...this club is for whom who trying to quit smoking or who can`t smoke bcoz they know it is injurious for health.
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Hey everyone! I know this site is about making new friends, chatting and having fun, but i'm being a lil serious for a change. This is a club for anyone who has been effected by cancer either...
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Because lets face it. Abe is a babe.
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