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Please Help Me with a Lyrics
By Radjsa • Last post 5 months ago1 reply
Just Lovin' Rock Music!
By justine1999 • Last post 7 months ago1 reply
Emo girl1446
What Kind of Rock Music Do U Like
By Emo girl1446 • Last post 11 months ago16 replies
Let's Talk Music...
By ramirez_3794 • Last post 4 years ago2 replies
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By dial462_bw • Last post 4 years ago1 like
Hollywood Undead
By funnymanswifey • Last post 6 years ago2 replies
Find Friends
By brenm8164 • Last post 7 years ago1 reply
Coheed and Cambria(:
By mibarra1194 • Last post 9 years ago1 like
Rocksssssssssssssss ~~~
By Akki_ • Last post 9 years ago1 reply
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hockey freaks
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Mz Demeanor
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Rock music
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WWE Wrestling
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