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According to the words of a very famous Jewish saying :friendkiss: :mangapunksai: 'He who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure' :mangapunksai: :toast:
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if you have skype, come talk it up :D :D :dance:
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This is a club for those E-flames! You are the ones who talk on the phone for hours and hours! Know every detail about each other, Know each other want to be with each other! But cant for what ever...
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For all of you who found someone to love on wire :D THE ORIGINAL LOVE ON WIRE CLUB (i see some people start copying, get your own thing lol)
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for thoughs that are lovers of eny type of anime ,i personaly like yuyuhakusho what you like is up to you just as long as its anime
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Throughout the years I have come to see you've been the one whose supported me I am sorry that it took so long but please understand I'm scared to be wrong The fear itself is starting to...
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I'm a tease and I'm proud, If you like to tease, then join ;)
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Wooooooooooo all girls kick ass
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let's do whatever the you like and talk as if you are free to do some with the passion you have,just be cool,chat ,share the feeling ,motivate other,involve,and do !
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This is a club for people who seriously believe in the Paranormal state of mind as well as ghosts that do exist.....If you are a non-believer then get out.........
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Share your work with other poets and read their poems aswell.
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hey i opened an account today here so if u wanna meet me add me to msn or go to my space at i just moved from argentina and im looking for new friend ;)...
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Any1 who loves Kinky Fun :P
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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hai friends... RaIn The most beautiful gift of nature !!!! Those who love RaIn can Join here..feel the rain...
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:flirty: :flirty: :flirty: i :heart: those littles n shiny eyes :flirty: :flirty: :flirty: :flirty:
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Do u like rough or hard then join this club
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U ever met someone so stupid u just wanna choke them?
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sexy and hot like fire
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It really doesnt mean the same thing. ♥ :heart: ♥
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When Im Having The Worst Day And Dont Want To Smile You Dont Even Have To Try..You Put A Smile On My Face And Make Even The Darkest Moment Bright :heart:
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Cant get enough of it, and always wants/needs more.
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Okay I don't actually have time to answer my own blog right now. I'm just jumping off of one of Sock's while I'm thinking about it.
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I don't know what you've done to me, But I know this much is true: I wanna do bad things with you ;)
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Haha, ok, so it's crazy, but it would be good if your crush ruled out sleeping with others til you were no longer keen on them, right?
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dont u agree we are the best creation god ever made ladies, Men dont you think you couldnt lie without us
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Hi everyone!Heres ur shot at meeting someone with the same good taste in photography as you! Photography in colors or just B&W photography. Ppl connect better 90% of the time when they have things...
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If you love receiving and giving hugs, join. :hug:
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:rose: :rose: THIS WEEK THE 24TH RUBY WILL BE 43 :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: Happy Birth Day :rose: Ruby :rose: We ol Love u Queen of Wireclub :heart: RUBY :heart:
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if u perved join here if u didnt perved else also join here :D
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Everything happens for a reason. I have always believed this. If you don`t know the reason now, it will make sense with time. ;)
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:openarms: i'm with you :hug:
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for ladies who love a lovely lump of a sausage, and guys who can provide... oh ye, this aint a club for creeps, just a harmless laugh :-O (---
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Show your appreciation to a wonderful woman on wireclub by starting a topic about her. Start as many topics as you like.
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How much I love you:heart::rose:
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i just need to hold you :'(
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Hello Kitty Lovers, unite!
90 members
Girls that are Busty,Gorgious,And that have a Sweet PSY 4 me.
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Awesome people only (H)
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