The Singer

daisiesnfld: The Singer
Together under flour sack quilts
Made from their outgrown clothes
Tired children drifted off to sleep
Watching their Mother nightly sew
The foot pedal on the Singer
Ran more effortlessly at night
The children then were sleeping
No longer always kept in sight
The coal oil lamp cast shadows
In the dimly lit quiet room
Creating silhouettes of the weary
That had cleaned and put away the broom
Reflections of the pictures
That hung on the flowered walls
Reminders of the loved ones
That kept watch over them all
Nimble fingers guided fabric
Under the needle of the machine
While the foot kept perfect rhythm
And never skipped a single seam
Shoulders aching back grown weary
Longing for a moment's rest
The Mother pedaled the old Singer
While her hands made only the best
Children grown and long gone now
And with families of their own
The Singer made it's way to stay
In a bright and well lit home
The Singer now sits quiet and idle
In the hallway by the door
An antique that stands to testify
Of the childhood clothes they wore
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dreadlox33: ....yes....i remember these machined....heavy...I think i remember going to move one once and it flopping out and nearly throwing out my back....enjoyed reading it...
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