What Is Atheism? (Page 4)

Zanjan: Essence: "because in the extense of the majority of theist CAN'T explain logically, "

That hasn't been my experience. Sure, some people are better at explaining than others but the good illustrators never have to use scriptures. That's illogical to an atheist - they don't believe in them. Good explanations use logic, history, known facts and reason.

My parents were atheists; I knew they fully understood my explanations because they weren't stupid people. I wasn't religious so they had nothing to fear from my explanations - I wasn't attempting to convert them and had nothing to gain.

They recognized the reality of psychic powers because they saw some very convincing demonstrations first hand but that's as much as they would accept - only the kind they'd seen. I've seen other atheists react to that with incredible fear, and some with no particular emotion, just thoughts about how they could capitalize on that.

What they were was deniers - they wanted to have things their way and not be accountable to some highfalutin standard of inspection, which would make them the object of condemnation. To justify that, they had to get rid of God so they wouldn't bear guilt for their wrong-doings.

Everyone has the capacity to "perceive" and intuit God via the spiritual virtues- we were all born with this faculty, regardless of level of intelligence. However, that doesn't make us willing to do His bidding. When we resist, we learn how to stonewall.

Anyone who chooses to disobey any person, rule or law will always find an excuse, no matter how ridiculous. If they use the same excuse repeatedly, they come to believe in their own lies - that is, they think their excuses have successfully been pulled off so, they must work. That's not really a perspective, it's a political decision.
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