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Fans of the Charmed Ones<br>
386 members
If you, like me miss the old great cartoons and shows such as Tom & Jerry, Fragle Rock, Animaniacs, Mork and Mindy, Saved By The Bell...... and so on This is the place to be Bex x
283 members
supernatural is a t.v show where two brothers hunt and kill deamons and eny think supernatural.
294 members
If you love One Tree Hill you should join this club!
257 members
What is going on!??
241 members
what if people had real superpowers? It's a great show!
164 members
for anyone who is a greys anatomy fan
161 members
Best Wallpapers ;) Update every day !
158 members
Seriously that shiit is boring :|, everyday I read blogs abt that...'' :'( :'( THIS IS TO MUCH FOR ME, IM LEAVING BLAH BLAH'' and they never leave :| ....Pfffft stop being drama biatches...
158 members
for all you south park fans, boys and girls, come on in!
153 members
I just luv that show.....what do you think?
116 members
For the fans of those five crazy ladies............what will happen next season?
114 members
The best show in the world, I love Superman!
114 members
This Club For Anime We Can Share The Best Animes Of All Time :)
103 members
if u are a fan of wwe wrestling then join me in this club
81 members
Jack Bauer Power Hour!
82 members
Who wants what to happen to who.  What do u think will happen to Ted?  who is Mrs. Ted Mosby?  What will happen next?  Its a hilarious show and i want to know about your views on the show.....
77 members
Naruto! It can talk about anything!
75 members
Who is your favorite character on that show? Mine is sheldon. sheldon rocks
73 members
for anyone who loves this crazy , quirky show...
69 members
this is prison break and please join our club and people have just join the club i would like to say have fun on my club!
71 members
65 members
i love talking aout big brother with any one who loves it to.
60 members
hes yellow. lives under the sea. has alot of friends. he has a best friend. hes funny. he works. everyone loves him..
60 members
And that is why we can't do anything but laugh at all the drama.
33 members
Gossip girl MY LIFE ITS AWESOME<br /><br />xoxo<br />you know you love me
47 members
two and a half men is an awsome show <a href="" target="_blank">Late Night Drop In - Two and a Half Men</a>
53 members
Talk about anything about or evolves around CSI. Your likes and dislikes. Whatever you want to talk about.
48 members
This is just a place for everyone who loves anime to join and have fun with other people and make more friends. Or if you want, you can start your own anime or manga, with the help of your new...
48 members
For all of us who miss those wild and crazy city girls from New York
47 members
Club for fans of Battlestar Galactica series
47 members
Vampire Diaries' Fans. Blog and comment on the show and meet new people that enjoy it aswell!
46 members
39 members
for the people that like the simpsons :D :D :D
40 members
j and silent bob :rock:
39 members
gir rocks x3 funny zim i love the show =P
38 members
Join if you love the show GLEEEEEE :D WOOT WOOT :happy:
39 members
I Really Want to Thank to God Coz God Create Rod Nd Rod Create Wireclub Wireclub Creates More Peoples Nd I Create Huge Nd True Friends Like Apollyon My Best Friend :toast: :heart:...
37 members
hello i'm zim a peferctly normall human worm baby you have nothing absolutely nothing to fear from me.filthy humans i willl rain doom down on your pathetic doomed heads!(gir)i'm gonna sing the doom...
38 members
This club is bigger on the inside. =D
35 members
female rich in everything:happy:
33 members
how could u not love this show..
33 members Dance your cares away, Worry's for another day. Let the music play, Down at Fraggle Rock. Work you cares away, Dancing's for another day. Let the...
39 members
Ok. So Kermit The Frog Was A Cartoon Legend When I Was Young. I Loved The Muppet's Movie's On Dinsey When I Was A Kid I Watched Those Movies Cause Of That Green Cartoon Frog Named Kermit :) If You...
32 members
33 members
I like to Thank Everyone for the Votes and Nominations :rock: Check out the Below link for the Winners of Wireclub Awards 2011 :toast: :happy: (H)
30 members
House MD are the best T.V. Show
33 members
Family Guy Is Funny In Many Ways When I Look At The Show,They Have Unique Chracters,Stewie The English Baby,Meg The Daughter,Chris The Son,Brain The Dog,Peter Is The Dad,And Louis The Mom,Family Guy...
30 members
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