New Shows that will appear in 2015.

GeraldtheGnome: Technically it should be considered to be 2014 instead though. The Shows are based on the locally made Shows of each Country, not that of Foreign made Shows that are going to be shown for the first time in that of the Country that the Shows were exported to.


AUSTRALIA. : SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA. : Hinch Live on January 31. "Shame, shame, shame !" "That's life. " A Current Affairs Show.

CHANNEL TWO. : There is no information that I can find about when these new Shows on Channel 2/The ABC are going to come out but Redfern Now : Promise Me and The Secret River will be shown on that Station at some time during this Year.

Sounds like Teen Spirit : Triple J at 40 will be on Channel 2 on January 19. The other TV Documentary Shows on that Station have no declared to the general public release dates so I don't know when any of them are going to be on that Station.

Triple J can't be 40, it's not a Person, Triple J has been around for 40 years though I think. Actually that may actually be incorrect since I'm sure that during the first years of 'J' it was named Double J, it was more of a University based Radio Station back then when two of the DJs accidentally left their Audio Links on and were heard having sex live on the Radio.

IT never was, is or ever will be everyone's favourite Youth Station, I must admit that I liked Triple J when I first heard anything on it, I still do and I always will despite the rather Far Leftist Uni Student like approach that is on that station which I dislike about it, but I am their for the Music, not for their extremist Political Views and their Cavalier attitude to all types of Legal and Illegal Drugs.

Some of the Girls in it are hot !
Cat fight ! "RAR ! " "MEOW ! "


It not the Story of all of us who live in Australia and it is not 40,000 years in the making which is such an overused cliche in Australia anyway. There is no publicized date as of yet that shows when it will be shown on Channel 7.

The other Shows on 7 that there is a so far unknown release date for are the Shows Gallipoli : The power of Ten, Mesmerised, My Ireland with Colin, Restaurant Revolution, What really happens in Thailand, Winter and the TV show named Catching Milat, the last one is a Miniseries or Telemovie that is about the real life Serial Killer Ivan Milat who killed a lot of Backpackers, he is also the one that the Movie Wolfe Creek, although he was fictional, was kind of based on, even his name is jumbled about in the original Movie as the place where the fictional Serial Killer lived.

CHANNEL NINE. : No one has shown to the general what when this Year the TV Show Gallipoli will be released on TV, so I don't know when they will put it onto 9 this Year. The answer to an unrelated to the show question is yes. Don't ask me what I mean by that.
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