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Anyone that likes WWE Wrestling. I would love to talk to you all.
448 members
for all those who love basketball this place is 4 u
338 members
This is the club for basketball. So if u like basketball join. It doesn't mean that just guys can join. Girls can join to cuz we basketball players need lovin too.
321 members
hockey rules and nothing else
233 members
Let's talk and get our kicks on
219 members
for volleyball fanatics,to show the number of times per week they play this sport.Their views on certain rules...ways it can be encouraged ...etc...spk of their experiences while playing v/ball,share...
202 members
if u like fighting any fighing join up
197 members
World Cup 2010 and many more:D
181 members
if you skate tell us about it or just talk about whatever u want!
125 members
Any one who wants to talk about the Premier league. Players, teams, matches, transfers, stadiums, chants, transfer rumours. Whatever you want.
119 members
people who like paintball
95 members
For anyone who loves Americna Football, any team!
97 members
Here you gotta love the game and live the game na man just a chill place for rugby league fans or people who want to know more
93 members
For any one that likes to hit a home run!
91 members
best game to play
96 members
It was so good for a kids & other.When we start play,you can never forget.
87 members
'Live to Ride and Ride to Live" Talk all about killer trails you've ridin and where you wanna ride next.
87 members
If you like to ride down a mountain as fast as you can and go tree bashin this is where its at .
84 members
A club for the greatest team EVER
86 members
Cheer for the Football Worldcup 2010 ..... ;) Just Relax....Enjoy the game of South Africa...... :P
72 members
Liverpool football club fans only
73 members
Is there anything better?
64 members
anybody thats a huge ufc,pride or wec fan, come join!
60 members
All the ARSENAL fans can join this great club
56 members
This club is about basball.
55 members
Tennis Players
61 members
if u like to ball hit me up
53 members
Noooooooooo Comment
1 members
Diving under water with Scuba gear-particularly in exotic locations-coral reefs, sunken ships, etc.
51 members
Indian beat srilanka by 6 wicket & won the Icc cricket world cup 2011....:happy:
51 members
Live to surf, surf to live...........
50 members
Australian Rules Football is the best
47 members
that`s the best soccer team in the world! there`s nothing more to argue!! we have the best players ever seen!!
39 members
For the folks who know that the retards are taking over wireclub! Us normal folks band together and show them how to live normal lives!
43 members
NBA Has Been Exciting For Many Of Years, With Diffrent Great Players In Each Era's Of NBA Time's I Love NBA Players Of Today And Respect Those Legends Of The Past Who Paved The Way For NBA Today In...
45 members
Barca, Emperor of the World, King of Europe, Duke of Spain, Pride of Catalunya, Institution of Global Art, Creator of Everlasting Passion, Supplier of Skills and Magic. Barca, BlauGrana in my...
45 members
(H) (H) all who like sports can join this club :D :D
41 members
For Cheerleader all over the world
40 members
the master
35 members
Do you just love golf watching it or playing? Are you a pro who is always getting wholes in 1 or are you a begginer learning the key skills to play the brilliant fun game of golf? So if your a great...
37 members
(H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H)
34 members
thats right.. i said it...
35 members
Training our way to the top in Martial arts
35 members
32 members
Originally created for members who came over from the FanIQ website and have participated in the Q Locker Room (or QLR) member-created chat room. We are open to anyone who's interested in sports and...
33 members
you know about cricket?<br />it is a very intrusting game. play by 22player. there are two teams.<br />each having 11 player.<br />this is realy very gergeous game.
32 members
this culb is about baseball players only.
31 members
For all Boxers and ex boxers Pro or Ammateur
32 members
Come on in and chat! Doesnt matter if you're a fighter or a fan just mma talk and mma people!
32 members
This club is for people who are involved, play or just a fan of Lacrosse.
32 members
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