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Thor H
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arnym: Well I'm fond of saying that WIndows 3.1 was pretty good and they should have stopped there; only half joking - I drive a standard all-manual car with windows you wind up & down .

Anyway linux mint is now my for-keeps OS. No-cost to begin with, downloadable free apps for almost anything you'd want to do, runs on any old machine and I've never been forced to buy a new OS or computer(!) á la Microsoft; never have to abandon apps either, because they're too old to run.

I'm not a tecchygeek so there was (still is to some extent) significant learning involved but the online support community is fabulous and I'd never go back to Windows for my main system. I do have W98 on the side because of a couple of old apps I still want to use. I guess their authors only knew Windows so that's all they'll run on.

The biggest problem I've had is finding machines that aren't snafu'd by having a Windows system already installed, that's really hard to get rid of. Thank goodness I have Killdisk (that was free too )
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Njlatino74: Let's be Honest, and admit that Apple makes nice and expensive toys to be pretentious, Microsoft makes more production tools (well, at least better than apple).
My pic is Microsoft for being versatile and generic. Personally I used to use Linux, I like it but had no tools at that time
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