Job in network for person live in shenzhen

seeprog: i look person who find manufactures in china
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yogaman: A part-time or full-time job? I am very interested to cooperate with you. I am currently looking to be a representative working locally here in China for a USA or European company. I used to be working for a trading company with Europe as our market.
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sunnymood: Hello,i'm glad to read your message here,i'm in shenzhen and have been working in product sourcing area for more than 10 years. I know very good factories and you can rest assured for top quality products and very reasonable price. Pls reply to me if you are interested.
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qianxun: i m not in shen zheng
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jocksweet: Hey friend, Finding manufacturer is my skill. I worked as soucing eningeer and I work in a big company in Guangdong as a purchase specialist. Maybe I can help.
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My friend I have enough experience to work and I live in Palestine how I work in your company
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