Jobs online?

HeyItsMia: Anyone know any jobs online that can pay a lot of money? I'm in school and I don't have my own car, so it's hard for me to get to a job at a certain place. Please give me ideas.
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michael_cooper1v: Find a place close to home and.uber in.
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goldenpanda1125: I have a job for you.
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adamdudkapk: Hello

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you should have a computer.
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Qoot5: I am a part of a new way of earning an income online. I just wanted to share this with other. Here is the NO SPAM link to view the details.
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Seraph Korr
Seraph Korr: PLEASE HELP ME!

I'm in dire need of whatever you can send my way. Because of the pandemic, my work contract has been suspended and now I'm facing starvation and maybe even homelessness if I can't pay my bills. Please, this is deadly serious. I know there are probably many people out there in a similar situation, but I can't think of any way to get through this. Please help! Anything you can send my way is really appreciated. You may think a single dollar may not do much, but considering the fact that a dollar is now worth five times my country's currency, your one dollar can make a huge difference! I beg you, please send me anything. This is my Paypal address:

Thank you in advance for anything you can send me. I mean, really, thank you!
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