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Prometheus sucks

I'm a huge fan of the Aliens story line. The first movie I ever watched that had me scared shitless was Aliens 2 Special Edition (still want one of those robot guns). I liked the story line so much I read the books & comics.
Alien 4 (Resurrection) was initially disappointing for me because the books said she was a synthetic human, but the movie made her some tripped out, born again hybrid. Works tho, she could've built the synthetic version.
The Predator (think Arnie in the jungle saying "If it bleeds, we can kill it" movie) story line ties in with Aliens, but I'm fvcked if I understand any of the piss-poor movies that have been made under the heading 'Alien Vs Predator'.

After watching Prometheus I have to ask, whose too much faith in so little talent, overly financed family member allowed this garbage to be written let alone filmed?
"Questions will be answered"...really?, here's one; how does a hamburger sized squid thing cut out of a chicks belly, end up the size of a Mack truck?

Aliens always grew fast, but they needed this weird thing called "Food". How that chicks squid baby ended up so large it could strangle a blue whale, without anything/one to eat, is beyond me.

This movie makes an over-loaded septic tank look sterile and clean.

MichaeI: I admire you sci-fi folks. You stick to it.
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veronica: I said it sucked a year ago , i was so disappointed
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_CaNkER_: I'm gonna drop this movie into the nearest charity bin I can find.
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