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IQ Test

i guess u cant embed in wireclub anymore, lame.
i got 135 on a professional iq test. (average out of three times and 3 different tests)

Girlfriend Application for Fun but not really

Lol ok well yes i started this topic with 'lol'

And now onto the embarrassing blog!

This is a girlfriend application blog.

Make fun all u want to be serious it's all up to u!

1. Name (doesnt have to be full)
2. Where ur from
3. 3 favourite things to do on a date.
4. 3 favourite hobbys or activities to do on ur own.
5. 3 things u like most about urself
6. 1 thing u hate about urself
7. 3 things u look for in a guy
8. 1 thing u hate in a guy.
9. 1 - 3 things u like about me (they could be ur favourite things in a guy :crosses fingers: )
10. one thing u hate about me. (please just one)

The number of things u like/dislike -- feel free to put as many as u wish.

i wonder how many responses ill get this could suck. >.< or be good