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amber gypsy raingasm: When someone you were involved with for months all of a sudden you a white van drove to her state, and she says it was me stalkign her in person? And that guy didn't look like anything in my prfile pics (duh) claims my profile pics aren't really me and then six months later she messages me asking my opinion about a short story she's writing.. Does this mean things have changed and she's ackowledging she could have been wrong?

Or he so so crazy she want to meet her "stalker" in real life? Or is she hoping to get "revenge" for something she perceives me to have done? I can understand he paraoia, but she never bothered to tell me she decided this about me entirely on her own, without ever bothering to even tell me, or even ask I had to hear it second-hand (well, first hand, I was in the room under a different name to avoid harassment... she was in there under a different name too.)..

I understand her paranoia, I mean's she's a cute girl only about 5'1"... and I'm sure there are a lot of guys who might stalk her. It's just that after six months of her fawning all over how, telling how much she loved me, she all of a sudden decides I'm the guy in the white van... didn't even bother to ask me about it, or even consider she could be wrong. Didn't even tell me. But once I found out, what can I do? She asked me not to contact her again, ever. So left her alone. And ONLY THEN did she start coming out with shit about stalkig her. Except I can't defend myself cause I obliged not to contact her again.

a friend says, "she she was trying to reach out, and you could have said okay let's let the present be the present, and not dig up the past?" Thing is, the past is STILL the present. I told her that i she really doesn't belive these things about me, why would she want the literary opinion of her short story from a guy she believes is her stalker? May have been a dickish thing to say, but I suggested she might need to seek therapy on that.

Or suggest that we meet in real life? Call me paranoid now, but how do I know she's not just gonna come down with a couple male frirends wanting to kick my ass? What would her reaction be when she see's I'm the red-head guy in all my profie pics.. what then? awkward silece? I'm totally willing to forgive, and if she wants a webcam or more proof that I'm willing to get that webcam and prove that it's really me.

I started reading her short story, abut it was about a woman who shows up at her ex-s house of 12 years, and plays him all sentimental... pours him some Jameson whiskey... that she laced with seadatives... and massages his shoulders... she also brought him one of his favorite CDs, and drew a bath.. (you can see where this is going). she she drops the radio in the tub, electocuting the guy... maybe I'm as paraaoid she, but at this point I wouldn't doubt that's the only reason she wants to meet me in person... some kind of sick "revenge".

Suppose we're both wrong. I just find it tragic when two people who could have been special to each other had they actualy met before... could end up never really being friends or knowing each other because of unfortunate yet understandable misunderstandings, First time she's spoken to me in six months, she acts all nonchalant, as if nothing ever happened. Again, I'm not trying to dig up the past, but this is stil the present as far as I know. If things have changed, fill me in.

Granted, maybe she really *deesn't want to being up the past, not do I. but last I knew, the "past" is still the present. Dou guys think I was too harsh in refusing to review her short story? I daid I'd review it if she just gives me a respose to any of this.

I sent her a photo of my pictire OD... sent that, and also a pcture of myself, holding up anote saying who I am I'd be willing to prove w\ho I am, but back in Decemeber when I pointed out, "We haven't spekan in a while..." to which she repled, "I know." Adn I said, "Is there something you'd like to talk about?" to which re replied she wasn't ready to talk about it just yet, so I'm ike, "cool"... and so I just said, "I hope everythig okay."... to which she replied, "It will be. I promise." ... then like 4 days later, she texts me and says, "I hate you. Please do not contact me again ever.

So didn't! I told her way back in the earliest days, when a woman tell me to fuck off, I DO. And she did make that clear request, and I left her alone like she asked. it was only after I let her alone like she asked me to, that she starts with telling the whole chat room that I'm not the person in my profile pics, that I drove a white van up to Indiana and followed her from her work to her ex-boyfriend's house (I don't even have a licesne, let alone a car... or a wihte van, nor have I ever been to Indiana in my life.

So, do you guys think I'm just being unfair, and rejected a person's... what you could call reaching out, and I handled it immaturely by ignoring her sort story? Or do I have sufficient reason to believe this person is bat shit and is a danger to ME?
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Lady_Feral: hun be carfeul and am here to listen if you need me and no i dont think you were being immature i think you were being wise
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