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Love: L is the 12th letter of the alphabet
O is 15th
V is 22nd
E is 5th

Total of love is 54

But similarly

F is 6th
R is 18th
I is 9th
E is 5th
N is14th
D is 4th
S is 19th
H is 8th
I is 9th
P is 16th

Total of friendship is 108

Exactly twice 54

So the FRIENDSHIP is twice the value of love
Send this to all your friends,and me if im one
If you get 7 back you are loved.Here are the
numbers of what kind of friend you are based on
How many you get back
1-3 You are a not so good friend
4-6 You are a good friend
7-9 You are an awesome friend
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