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This is Real lmfao !!!

Lmfaoo this made me die laughing !!!!

But wait theres more, he can actually sing

this is wrong !

kerstynk12: psh beat em upp
B-Dizzle: i know
B-Dizzle: i should
B-Dizzle: im a ninja
kerstynk12: lol oh are yah now
B-Dizzle: soo
B-Dizzle: kertyn
B-Dizzle: would you like to toss my salad
kerstynk12: lol nice pick up
B-Dizzle: thats not a pick up
kerstynk12: haha u steamed mye broccoli
B-Dizzle: lmfaoo
kerstynk12: lol good one huh
B-Dizzle: watch it


Because everyone is making blogs about deleting theyre wire, when theyre not rlly and its driving me nucking futs , fruckking wiiree, i hate youu with a passion !!!!!

this is gay!

So heres what happened, hot chick walks in a room

PrettyHailie: people
PrettyHailie: im a gay crossdressing boy, pm if youre interested

so I pmd her thinking she was messing around, but then i got myself into some deep shit

PrettyHailie (Respected Member Lvl. 4) joined the room
B-Dizzle: are u really?
B-Dizzle: no way
B-Dizzle: me too
PrettyHailie: yes i am
PrettyHailie: youre a crossdresser?
B-Dizzle: lol
B-Dizzle: yeaah
PrettyHailie: yaaaay
B-Dizzle: but dont tell anyone
PrettyHailie: are you gay?
B-Dizzle: nope
PrettyHailie: i wont!!!
B-Dizzle: lmao
B-Dizzle: i just like crossdressing
PrettyHailie: yaay
PrettyHailie: what do you like to wear
PrettyHailie: i think men that crossdress are supppppper sexy
B-Dizzle: wanna see a pic?
PrettyHailie: yes!!
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B-Dizzle: and theres other pics there
PrettyHailie: wooow
PrettyHailie: you make a sexy girl
PrettyHailie: what do you like to wear?
B-Dizzle: umm
B-Dizzle: idk
B-Dizzle: lmao
PrettyHailie: cmon
PrettyHailie: tell me
PrettyHailie: one girl to another!
B-Dizzle: whose that girl in the picture
PrettyHailie: me...
B-Dizzle: thats you?
PrettyHailie: dont be intimidated
B-Dizzle: lol
PrettyHailie: ive been fulltime since i was 13
B-Dizzle: what do u mean?
B-Dizzle: lol
B-Dizzle: i cant even tell
B-Dizzle: heres guy me
B-Dizzle: haha
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PrettyHailie: that means
PrettyHailie: since i was 13
PrettyHailie: ive been dressing up as a girl since i was 13
B-Dizzle: but
B-Dizzle: is ur thing still there?
PrettyHailie: yes
B-Dizzle: take it offf
PrettyHailie: why should i?
B-Dizzle: idk
PrettyHailie: im not ashamed
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B-Dizzle: id probably go for u if i was at a club and didnt know
PrettyHailie: so you wouldnt fy&z me?
B-Dizzle: not with ur thing still there
PrettyHailie: ok
B-Dizzle: lol
PrettyHailie: tell me why do you dress like a girl?
B-Dizzle: lol i did it as a dare
B-Dizzle: im not gay hahah
PrettyHailie: dont lie
B-Dizzle: im not lying
B-Dizzle: i thought i was kinda sexy as well
PrettyHailie: who dared you?
B-Dizzle: a friend from wire
B-Dizzle: lol
PrettyHailie: but you said
PrettyHailie: you enjoyed crossdressing
B-Dizzle: noo?
B-Dizzle: i just liked it
PrettyHailie: why
B-Dizzle: not the same reasons u do it
PrettyHailie: why did you like it
PrettyHailie: tell me why though
B-Dizzle: i like makin a fool out of myself
PrettyHailie: why
B-Dizzle: lol
B-Dizzle: idk
B-Dizzle: soo are u gay?
PrettyHailie: yes
B-Dizzle: oh yeaa
B-Dizzle: so u date other crossdressers?
PrettyHailie: no
PrettyHailie: i date men
B-Dizzle: lol
B-Dizzle: really?
B-Dizzle: are they gay men?
PrettyHailie: no all
B-Dizzle: or they just dont know
PrettyHailie: they know
B-Dizzle: they do
B-Dizzle: woah
PrettyHailie: lol
B-Dizzle: how tall r u?
PrettyHailie: 5'7
B-Dizzle: do u have like implants or something?
PrettyHailie: no
B-Dizzle: ok
B-Dizzle: alright
B-Dizzle: so y does it say female in ur accnt?
B-Dizzle: lol i think u r just messing around
PrettyHailie: cause i consider myself as a girl
B-Dizzle: word?
PrettyHailie: yes
B-Dizzle: honestly as a chick ur like really fine
B-Dizzle: id let u suck my c%~% but thats abt it
PrettyHailie: i wouldnt wanna sduck your dick
B-Dizzle: lmao
B-Dizzle: why not?
B-Dizzle: its floppy like a garden hose
PrettyHailie: cause youre arrogant and stupid
B-Dizzle: and your the daughter from the modern family =P
PrettyHailie: im not
B-Dizzle: i just googled the pic yo
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PrettyHailie: well then i guess thats me
PrettyHailie: lol
B-Dizzle: i guess its you then
PrettyHailie: guess so
B-Dizzle: whatever makes u happy wonderwoman
B-Dizzle: i mean man*
PrettyHailie left the room