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Love is in the air

Valentines day is coming. Show your love to your boyfriend girlfriend. give them nice gifts a Giant teddy bear and chocolates. Then after have romantic dinner with the
candles burning bright like your soul. Then final take your sweetheart upstair and
grab a little tail .

Thanks for the memories

43 cars goin 205 mph

Rap blog #7

I feel like I'm on the brink of danger. I feel the power of a power ranger.
I have the moves of a ninja slick fast without no hesitation. I need a girl to fill the hole in my heart. My life is like a yo-yo has it up has it down. I might put some
People on rebound like a basketball game.

Rap blog #6 Justin featuring Ryan

Imma cool kind of guy likes to play by the rules
I blow your house down like a wolf in a three little
Pigs story. Pass the ammunition cause we gonna have
A war bombs,missile,bullets bang bang i squeeze until the
Shell is shot. I'm more smoother than ice cream more powerful than superman
I remain a soilder i won't ever lose my composure I'll become your
Shoulder for when you need closure. I'm not tryna be someone else my name is
Justin and i'll be your gunman powpow.

Rap blog #5

Hey hey i renewed my license. Imma brand new guy with a big reputation. The skies the limit. I step in a nightclub and see sexy chicks. I see one and I'm about to go in
I see a bunch of guys standin behind lookin like the gonna takle me. Like hey hey
What can i say i party everyday d-d-d day day da-da-day and I'm like p-pause that
Rewind that like espn. I'm set on a mission to find destiny so i can discover who i really am.
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