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New Wireclub!


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It's true.

Wireclub Updates

Well that didn't go so well, sorry if you encountered some problems or slowness in the last hour.

Here is what is new:
- New look for the chat rooms
- The 'Share This' button is back
- Lots of things are faster

Private Profiles

We have added some privacy options to profiles for people who only want to share things with their friends. You can control who can see your entire profile, or just lock your blog and pictures if you want. Head over to "Edit Profile" and click the privacy tab if you want to change these settings.

If anyone wants to control access to some other part of their profile let me know and we will consider changing it.

Something looks different

We are working on improving the profile customization and have just released a little update that changes a few more elements of your profile based on the colors you pick. We also decided to use custom profile backgrounds for your homepage so you don't die of gray boredom! Can't beat that level of service!

Also black is the new "wireclub blue"

See your notifications while chatting

We just added a new tab to chat "notifications" that works like the news feed on your homepage, except this one is updated automatically! If you are in a room and the notifications tab turns green it means you have new items. We don't have all the items on the feed yet (only messages, friend requests and comments) but we wanted to get it up so people can use it while we work on it.

Hope you like it

Now less boring

There are a few more options for profile backgrounds to play with, hope you like 'em.

Change your profile background!

If you go to edit profile there is a new option "customize" that lets you change your background. This is just the start of customizing profiles, but we wanted to get it out right away instead of sitting on it while we worked on the other stuff.

Coming soon....

My profile background is a little preview of some fun stuff that we are working on

Happy monday day

Hope everyone had a good weekend. We never sleep here at wireclub so here is a ton of new stuff today. I can't even remember everything we did, but the "my profile" link is now a menu, so you can easily get to each section (so good....)

Also you can now filter the news on your homepage, so you can see just your friend requests or just your messages etc. I did that pretty much for myself since I get a bajillion messages/requests a day, hope other people find it useful too

There is some other stuff I am forgetting now, no time to think - back to work!
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