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My 4 celebrity crushes as of right now.

1. Wenthworth Miller. I don't care if he's gay, I can still crush on him.

2. Norman Reedus. He won my heart in Boondocks and has kept it through TWD.

3.Jensen Ackles. I don't know how you can watch Supernatural and NOT fall in love with Dean.

4. Alexander Skarsgard. C'mon, he makes you want to sleep with a vampire.

You should check out this band.

They're great guys.

Burn drill!!!

I know, I'm a mess, You try standing in the heat for 9 hours after working all night.


BrittanyBee, she is rather fine,
BrittanyBee, I wish she was mine.
When compared to her beautiful smile,
I feel rather vile.
Her humor gets me giggling for a week,
If touched, I damn near spring a leak.
When faced with her bosom, I just fail to rhyme and all verse goes out the window. Its actually a pretty crap feeling, if you fancy yourself a poet.
Ehem. Anyway.
When into her eyes I look down,
I feel like I drown.
No matter how much I ponder,
how much I think,
I can only think of one negative trait.
Oh, how I wish, BrittanyBee,
that you were jailbait. <3

Awww. Anctus


I'm going to be going out this weekend. Friday out to bars by the lake with my sister and brother in law and Saturday hotel party and bars in town with friends. I don't know what to wear. Vote.

PS. I know the quality and lighting sucks. My webcam is awful.

My first night of Rift...

Can be summed up with one picture....

Daniel, Raf and I doing the chicken dance... nekked.

Makeup Boredom.

Part 1.

Ash and I's Adventure.

As follows...

Just wanted to say hiiiiii.

I haven't talked to some of you in ages.

So catch up with me sometime.

I'm not on often. But I still miss you

Recap- I'm loving Daniel being here. I was worried a teeny bit, but it's been about a month and I still adore him

Work still sucks. I'm crossing my fingers that when I go back in tonight my favorite resident is back or still hanging in there. After 3 months of not being able to walk, she finally got the okay to start walking with a cane. She was so happy. Then bam, hospital. chronic renal failure, pneumonia.

I've been baking cakes for people. family and co-workers mainly. I'm hoping to maybe try and find a job at one of the bakeries. I just need to suck it up and put in an app. I'm just partially afraid to leave where I'm at. I've been there over a year, I know everything inside and out, I hate it sometimes, but co-workers and residents have become important to me and I'm 'fraid to leave .
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