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wanna talk about all typse of horror movies then come on in. all welcome?
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All about video games, any platform. Xbox, PS2, PC, and any other platform out there.
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=) I truly believe that when you smile your mood improves and a happy mood is a happy mind-frame. A happy mind-frame produces happy thoughts. And thoughts materialise! S M I L E more!
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(This club has been deleted)
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:heart:i wish u that were here,or that i were there.or that we were together anywhere:heart:
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General website discussion, problems and suggestions. If you are having any problem with the site create a topic here and we will try and resolve it for you. If you find issues with the site...
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It seems the "in" thing lately is to go around wire and be "racist".....So Join this club if u say "no" it ain't right...Go ahead, argue, fight, whatever....but leave Racism out of it!!!!!
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hahaa....i do actually..... so be lucky if ur added.....
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Whoever says sarcasm is the lowest form of wit just isn't clever enough to be sarcastic
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The amount of people on here that put pictures of models as their pic is phenomonal. Now, it IS possible that there are models on here, but don't take a picture off google, and claim that its you,...
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If you strip down to go to sleepy town, this club is for youuuu.
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This is a place for people to vent about perverted private messages!!
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for all the people who know how make a lil noise in the bedroom... (admit it, it's hot) ;) ;) ;)
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<P>Any Whom  Love Art</P>
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I always write up my "Im Leaving, Please dont try to stop me" and then I get a message from a cute boy lmao
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Wooooooooooo all girls kick ass
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Because sometimes you want to get on Wireclub to check a few messages or leave one comment to a friend without being bombarded with random add requests and more messages from people who happen to...
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(This club has been deleted)
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;) ;) ;) ;)
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(This club has been deleted)
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*Club is a joke, not to be taken seriously* These are the 10 most unwanted and dangerous wireclub chatters around. Help us take them down, these animals!
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Like they are speaking, rather than typing :|
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Lets all post our favorite recipes for all to share!
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ALL MEMBERS R FLIRTY ON WIRECLUB............. :'( .........HELP ME TO FIND OUT ALL FLIRTY MEMBERS..........PLZ...............:pray:
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:happy::toast: to the Pinnacle of Awesome ppl :toast::happy:
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For all the people that support our military men and women.
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Im addict. :)
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Bahahahahahahahaha, cause it happens so often, 1 person joins then everyone else starts to join. Lets get this baby in motion!!!
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thats right join cause were (H)
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Some people take chat a littl too serious. And maybe a little too lonely.
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What? You didn't fekking know that?
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Haha, ok, so it's crazy, but it would be good if your crush ruled out sleeping with others til you were no longer keen on them, right?
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Rest in Peace, Old Wire. We shall miss you terribly and never forget you!!!
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*giggles* ;) :happy:
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I think it would be cool, if you had a clour wheel and could pick our own colour, and some more fonts would be awesome, too. :happy:
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yup yup (H) (H)
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here is a place for all of us Ohians can come and chat and whatever
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MercuryDragon one of WireClubs Moderators his (H) so don't be giving him a hard time and be patient he will answer all ur questions just give him some time he will get around to it ;)
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Ok. it doesn't even have to be overly basic. Just maybe if they put a triangle, a circle and a square in a line and then a question to follow, along the lines of: "which one is the circle?"...
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Awesome people only (H)
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For all who skype hehehe
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Come n join this club who are old members of Wireclub :D Wireclub Legends are always been rocking n awesome :rock: :dance: :area51: :evilbanana: :happy:
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A group for those people that perv someone's pictures before clicking accept.
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Well for the First time on Wire FX is hosting WIRE IIFA Awards 2011 (H) Click Show all Topics and Nominate yourself in the below Category which suit u. The Winner will be declared on 31st...
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Okay I don't actually have time to answer my own blog right now. I'm just jumping off of one of Sock's while I'm thinking about it.
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Welcome to the official Wire Radio Homepage! This is the home for Wire Radio and remember to check us out! Here you will find show times for when we will be next on the air! Stay tuned and...
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Nominate your best of's. If no category exists, create your own, but, before you do, click on the blue "SHOW ALL TOPICS" button on the bottom right of your screen to double check to make sure your...
Activities 77 members The end is near, what do you fear? you have found salvation and it is here!!! :dance:
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Ryan Dunn, a star of Jackass, was killed the morning of Monday, June 20, 2011. He was only 34. It's such a chame that this year and the last have taken away so many people in the entertainment...
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(This club has been deleted)
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Sorry Rod and Braden, but as much as we love wire there is enough drama on here to start a TV show. I swear you should really contact like some reality TV producers or something to make a show...
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(This club has been deleted)
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This is a remake of my old club.......hopefully yall will join again thanks so much for your patience. Evalisium shared this with me and i totally love it.....Please enjoy it as I have....
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lord please give me the strength not to kill this fool but if u dont get this message in time then give me the knowledge of where to hide the body amen
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we love the creep button :flirty:
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Ever just decide that you don't care? life becomes easier. Hmmm, so do you decide you don't care, or is it just part of your inherited nature? I believe in mind over matter, not in the sense...
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:heart::heart::heart: :) Whether you hate them, love them or if its your grandma, or your best friend. JOIN THE CLUB! Why? Because you ARE thinking about SOMEONE! lol :) :heart::heart::heart:
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This is the REAL Absurdist fanclub. Can't have him making clubs for himself *giggles* :P
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You know the only way to keep safe is to use protection. Online, there are various ways to protect yourself, proper moderation is one of them. Use proper protection, Use Andrew :D
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(This club has been deleted)
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Everything should taste like bacon.
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Another funny facebook group, lol. so true, tho!
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Alfred Edward Housman wrote a poem inspired by his life-long unrequited love for his best friend Moses Jackson: "He would not stay for me, and who can wonder? He would not stay for me to...
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LOL.. yeah. It helps me out almost everytime :P
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We, the people of the NBSA, are here to support all women of all different breast sizes. We are strong believers of the chesticles.
Activities 41 members dumbass...
Activities 41 members
Have you ever liked someone and you wanted to get close to them, but once you did, they turned out to be such dicks? You're sooo not alone.
Lifestyle 41 members
Damn right
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I should never have looked at your gallery. My illusions are shattered forever!! :'(
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You know who you are :D Those who are addicted to skype parties and all those other shaninegans ;)
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Don't you just hate it when you're with pretty people and you feel SO out of place. :|
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You know you waaaaaaaant it.
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(This club has been deleted)
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Sleep is for the weak ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzZzzzZzzzzzz
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but after some time I message them asking if I offended them cause they never talk to me first :S
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Praying for our friend seriously injured in a car accident :pray:
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March 7, 2012 is finally here! ♥ the annual day designed to "Spread the Word to End the word," a 24 "r-word free" day. The r-word hurts millions of people with intellectual disabilities, their...
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(This club has been deleted)
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C'mon, fix the lag. It's been going on for 2 weeks now. It's getting really annoying to not being able to do anything on this site. Soon people might as well leave since they can't do anything..
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:| 5 dollar footlongs from Subway people, wtf were you thinking :|
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*gives stupid look at the person*
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*sigh* Don't you just hate when ppl from different countries start and talk about your country like they were from fooking there? LIKE COME ON!!! fook off!
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not really true.. but girls do take their clothes off when showerd.. :| yeah.. both ways
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If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend on wire this Club is to share that you love them and enjoy them being in your life in my case its Elf_Girl aka Amber
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Im gonna transfer everything TO here from the other astronomy club I had on my last account so I can add pics again. I'll stay in the other one aswell though....
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?? wTF!!! i started a trend!!
Activities 29 members
Dame this lag its driving me NUTS, I Enter a msg now and see it 10 years later :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@
Technology 29 members
w8 let me get my crayons and draw u a map :P :P :P
Travel 29 members
i know a lot of them :haha:
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(This club has been deleted)
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Da Warren fan club
Off Topic 29 members
Confess your sins child!!!!!!!!!
Activities 28 members
:@ :(
Activities 28 members
Activities 28 members
A funny group I found on facebook and thought I'd share :)
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and i married their King.
Activities 28 members
What the hell is the point of the levels? Seriously
People 27 members
Epic winning.
Activities 27 members
He is still the same awesome person he's always been. Before he's life as a mod,and now while as a mod. And im 100% he will still be after he's time as mod,if he ever quits. SO if you guys...
People 27 members
(: If I Get To Heaven and God Isn't Morgan Freeman, I'm Gonna Be PISSED!
Activities 26 members
I'm watching you :P
People 25 members
are you a Futhermucker? do you know any?
Music 23 members
All the reasons to argue that Jason is way better then freddy and that freddys movies are lame expecially the new nightmare on elm street....Join the club!!!!!
Movies 23 members
We r old Enough and we r RESTRICTED what the hell is up with that? :|
Lifestyle 22 members
Only chicks Do it for me :$ :D :P
People 22 members
I mean, more power to ya. I have no problem with you praising the Lord, just don't shove it in my face or preach at me, mmkay? (;
Activities 22 members
cause u know that they do everything:|;)
Activities 22 members
I cant understand WTF some of these morons are saying :S
Activities 22 members
Food 22 members
Don't have secks in the missionary position, don't have secks standing up, just don't do it, OK, promise?
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Activities 21 members
Well I'm not really sure...I just feel like making him a random club for no apparent reason :D Boredom at it's best ;)
Activities 20 members
fan site for fans of naria the witch the lion and the wardrobe and prince caspian..
Movies 20 members
For all my WireClub Friends in the Mafia World
People 19 members
Well?? Have I?? Have I :@ :@
Activities 19 members
You talk about deleting your account but you seem to never do it and instead complain non stop about people and drama...:blahblah:
Off Topic 19 members
Love Abes hair as much as he does...or else
Activities 19 members
:@ it makes me feel like i should be licking windows lmao
Off Topic 18 members
Are You Afraid of the Dark
Shows 18 members
Just how pervy can you get???
Activities 18 members
And it's creeping me the fvck out.
Activities 18 members
Congrats Merc, you deserve it!
Activities 18 members
This is the club where you can post all your thanks and appreciation for the certain great people here on Wire you have come across and share with others who you think truly are great. Something much...
Activities 18 members
honestly, how great is it?
Activities 18 members
Silent but deadly
Activities 17 members
It's Like Get A Life!!! (H) Lmao
People 17 members
we have a vacuum stealer on the loose and no vacuum is safe
Activities 17 members
For those who came to WC and got more than they bargained for (good stuff only).
Activities 17 members
:|:P:D :heart:
Activities 16 members
This is where you can post epic stories of hilarity and pwnage. :facepalm:
Activities 16 members
Get that into your heads you ignorant sods!
Activities 15 members
Scampi is a french, ukulele-playing machine who is also known as chipswow on youtube and "that adorable little imp" everywhere else !
People 15 members
Sometimes you think your life is the worst, but you can always remember the fact that someone has it worse, if not a little bit, then a whole lot. This isn't supposed to make you feel better, but it...
Activities 15 members
This club is meant for people who are addictive to smokes or just do it for the liking! (_____(________((((لك
Lifestyle 15 members
Just because you know I'm stronger than you doesn't mean you have to bring me down. :strong:
People 15 members
(This club has been deleted)
Wireclub Help 0 members
dey need our help!:rage:
Activities 14 members
Upload a wolf picture as a display picture and $10.00 will go to the "save the wolf fund". Every picture matters.
Activities 14 members
Passions 14 members
(This club has been deleted)
Activities 0 members
Mean ass
People 13 members thats him!! :@
Activities 13 members
He spells it like: "bnanans" :flirty:
Activities 13 members
Activities 12 members
:| Seriously... no JOKE.... I got proof :|
People 12 members
:| :| :| :| :| OLD FART!
Activities 12 members
Seriously? Some people need to grow up and stop with the unneeded drama...
People 12 members
because i know your all a lil bit dirrty ;)
Activities 11 members
For those of us who never know when to stop.
Technology 11 members
hes got the right look hair and all
Activities 11 members
No really.... :|
Activities 11 members
:( sometimes you have to say enough is enough
People 11 members
If you know Trav... so TRUE biggest LURKER EVER! Def kingage right there... when it comes to lurking.. Trav is BOSS :| :hug: :love: :heart: ya Trav
People 11 members
This is a club dedicated to the music of Cory James aka HeartstringSerenade6. I am always writing music and releasing different projects so I will be posting them here for you all to check out :)
Music 10 members
blow my seeds away in one breath and make a wish!
Activities 10 members
(This club has been deleted)
Lifestyle 0 members
:P :P :P :P
Activities 9 members
Shes sweet when you get to know her
Activities 9 members
klara, britt, brandon, ben, LETS DO IT BISHES
Activities 9 members
so please stop comparing him to bieber :@
Activities 9 members
Activities 9 members
Now she suffers from blue waffle. Really sad. NOT! bahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahhahhhahahaha!
Activities 9 members
Liam has been such a cool guy and is always there for his friends and fair to everyone hes funny he craacks me the hell up sometimes and lets not forget THAT GUYS MAFIA!:rock:we need u back mate like...
People 9 members
People 9 members
LMFAO.. wouldn't you though?
Activities 9 members
;) ;) ;) ;) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H)
Activities 8 members
This is a fan club for DiarDiar because he is amazing awesome and just simply wonderful.. He makes you want to sing his name like DIAR DA DIAR DIAR DIAR DA DIAR DIAR DIARRRRRRRRR!!! :happy:...
People 8 members
Lets all give a round of applause to the one and only Moderator to have six fan clubs and NO hate clubs. MercuryDragon, you my most epic of friends, are a fantastic Moderator. You are patient,...
Activities 8 members
(H) you know it makes sense
Activities 8 members
Welcome to the jerks that ruin the end....
Movies 8 members
Because we all love him.
Activities 8 members
he is :heart: x
People 8 members
Just for you acidicalex :P
Activities 8 members
yep yep she told me she does, like wtf!
Activities 8 members
Animals 8 members
I am always lagging(H)
Activities 8 members
Activities 7 members
(H) (H) (H) (H) only for potatoes heads (H) (H) (H) (H)
Food 7 members
dont let him lie to yall, he can sing very good :| :|
Activities 7 members
XD rofl
Activities 7 members It's back. :) Does that make me creepy for knowing? HAAH.
Passions 6 members
He seriously does :flirty: He sings other songs too but he does GREAT with Disney songs! He gets into character and has a great voice. LOVE YOU JEWWWWWW and your singing :hug:
Entertainment 6 members
pancakes served all day every day :flirty:
People 6 members
if you fail then this is the place for ya...we don't judge ya :)
Activities 6 members
:D shes awesome and i love her :heart: shes been a great friend
People 6 members
(This club has been deleted)
Lifestyle 0 members
Dang him. And all the rest of you who take off without a goodbye.
Activities 5 members
Who Ever Married Liam Then Divorced Him :'(
People 5 members
:drool: :D
Food 5 members
you know it makes sense
Activities 5 members
This is our palace!:D Mina is the princess and Im the prince Me and her are owners as I've known her for a while shes a sweet well chilled person and shes fairly nice to everyone and is very good to...
Passions 5 members
Activities 5 members
lol jokes it was a kangaroo
Activities 5 members
If im liein im cryin
Activities 5 members
(H) LOL! u wanted it!!!
People 5 members
And we still love him.
Activities 5 members
People 5 members
Um, stop with all omg, he just can't leave me alone, stop perving me and bothering me :dramaqueen: - asking for atention shit, block the guy and move on. Get a life !!
Activities 4 members
seriously all the mice runnin around
Activities 4 members
It's true.. I did.
Activities 4 members
till im blue in the face
Activities 4 members
Activities 4 members
I think this is bullshit, just saying.
Activities 4 members
She Is A Cutie =3
Off Topic 4 members
Activities 4 members
:| :D
Activities 4 members
For those of you not as gangsta as others I've broken down some of the common "gangsta" terms down for you to understand in photo form! These are the literal translations.
Activities 4 members
Activities 3 members
An awesome band!
Activities 3 members
damn girl i cant keep up lol :heart: ya :D
People 3 members