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Day 30

Welp its been 30 days already. This has been an interessting 30 day challenge i look forward to more Today i had to take pic and i really fuckin hate pictures.....

Day 29

Your opinions on the television show Glee

My opinion on the question for day 29 is that its weeeeeeeaaaak. I have honestly only seen one episode of Glee and it has been played over and over again...not cause i like it cause i dont but cause planned parenthood thinks its good to be play the sex ed ep ALL THE FUCKING TIME. beside just being annoyed with that one ep i dont like or dislike glee cause i havent seen it to make an opinion

Day 28

You first celebrity crush

If im not mistaken i think my first celebrity crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Look whos aging well

Im wearing a red shirt so i can play KETCHUP

So I was busy at the meetup then was feeling really depressed the past few days since coming back so i didnt do my blog. Its been a bout a week since the last so im just going to do all of them right now....Lets do this!

Day 21: Your favorite subject to study

My favorite subject has always been Art. I always found it the most interesting and fun. in high school i took an extra visual arts class I have always loved art even outside of school. AS long as i can remember ive been drawing, painting, sewing, and making random crafts. Now food is my medium

Day 22: Do you play a sport? Tell us about it. If not, talk about a different hobby you have

I dont play sports anymore but i was a cheerleader from age 6 to 17. It was practically life for those 11 years and i absolutely miss it Along with cheer i played baseball, basketball, softball, soccer and i did some swim. I miss those too. I think i need a find a way to cheer again

Day 23: Your opinions on Lady Gaga

I kinda like Lady Gaga. THere was a point when i was like "i hate this weird chick they need to stop playing her music so much" but there are songs i like and shes really interesting. I think i started to like her AFTER i heard some of her pre lady gag music and she actually has talent, i really respect her as an artist.

Day 24: Tell us about the last movie you saw in theater

The last movie i saw was The Lone Ranger. I was kind of a date.. sorta idk. Anyways i enjoyed the movie even though i was fucking high and half asleep. I kinda wish i was more a awake...would have made the movie waaaaay better. definitely a good night tho

Day 25: Tell us about the last book you read (for leisure or for school)

Ummmmm i dont really read so i think the last book i read was Brave New World which was for 12th grade english This was my second time reading and it was waaaaaaaay more enjoyable than the first time. I think its probably cause i actually understood it. At a lot times in high school i hate books just purely fact for the fact i was being forced to read it but im sure if i read it now i would really like it cause it was interesting..... and there was some weird shit in that book

Day 26: Name one place you would love to visit one day

This is so easy. I wanna go to Europe. I know yeah its such a boring answer but ive have since i was younger wanted to go to germany and ireland. My mom is half german half irish and my grandma on my dads side was born and still has family in germany. So ever since i knew thats what i am i thought i would be amazing to learn where my family came from maybe meet some family.

Day 27: List your three favorite girl names, three favorite boy names,and three favorite names for a pet

I have never thought about what my fav names are so i think im gonna say what i wanna name my kids.
Girls: Tahlia, Billie and maybe Karoleen(my middle name and i want to keep it going)
Boys: Ashlin, Jarrel, Malcolm
Pets im not sure either. My pets usually get human names. I do know my fav pet name ive had was Steveo. that fish was crazy, fuckin jumped out of the fish tank. I also really want a hamster named Wi-fi hmmm last one idk!

Day 20

Do you wear any glasses? if so, What for?

I do wear glasses! I need them to see My eye sight isnt too bad but im nearsighted. and when i read sometimes i lose focus. Bad sight runs in my fam mostly only for females. I think my brother is the only male that wears glasses.

Day 19

The initials of your crush(es)

I dont have any at the moment not including my bf so i think im gonna do every "major"crush ive ever had . here we go...RR, AS, JE, HH, ML, CL, MJ, LC, RM (the only girl) JJ, and lastly ill add my bf, NJG.

Day 18

Do you drink soda more often than milk?

Um sometimes. I do love me some white stuff anyways i love milk but tend to not drink it cause it gets used to make other stuff and eat cereal

Day 17

Your thoughts on Ugg boots

Ah the amazing Ugg boots, associated with cold weather and stupid girls since 2004 (yes i know theyve been around longer). I really have no problem with them if its cold and you need to keep your feet warm. Its really the stupid fucking trend of girls who wear them in the summer(or w/e time of year) with their short shorts. please keep your clothes to like one season at a time. It really just makes them look stupid *end rant that wasnt really a rant but was a rant in my head but i was too lazy to type it all out plus im sure everyone knows exactly what im thinking so i dont need to type the rant anyways*

hmm the first result when i googled ugg boots. yw

Day 16

Your favorite Disney princess movie

I would have to say Mulan. Its the only one that i can really remember and if came on i would watch. A lot of the others are either boring, i dont remember them or for the newer ones i havent seen enough to really establish if i even like them that much. Plus who doesnt love a movie where a women pretends to be a man and kicks ass

Day 15

Tell us your favorite junk food

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