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(This club has been deleted)
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Just to beable to come on in, put your feet on the table yourself and chat freely
People 11791 members
Here you can talk about anything! just dont get toooo nasty! if you got a problem put out here, because maybe we could help you out with it! if you wanna meet somebody new come here, because the...
Activities 8319 members
where single's come to meet  but you got to join to meet the right someone if you are single and looking this is the place to be....feel free to add me as a friend lonely guy
Lifestyle 5699 members
For anyone who loves rock music!!
Music 4329 members
A place to chat for anyone who wants to.
Passions 4064 members
this is a club for anyone that like's movies
Movies 3614 members
for anyone who loves the real sport not football pft
Sports 2983 members
We are people that love to sing!
Music 2621 members
Places 2326 members
wanna talk about all typse of horror movies then come on in. all welcome?
Movies 2283 members
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<P>FaShIoN LoVeRs....FrOm DeSiGNeR BaGs To ViCtOrIa SeCrEt BrAs, If YoU LoVe To LoOk GoOd AnD lOvE tO sPEnD mOnEy, ThIs Is ThE gRoUp FoR yOu!</P>
Fashion 2168 members
talk to any one u want
People 2049 members
For all those who are in love with hip hop.
Music 1977 members
<P>Meeting place for Artists and Photographers. Tell us what you like drawing, taking pictures of and etc. and if you've got any tips, ideas or just want to chat to other people who just has the same...
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Activities 1929 members
All about video games, any platform. Xbox, PS2, PC, and any other platform out there.
Games 1924 members
carnt live with out a girl in your life, then make her be the one! where and when was the first time you went with a girl?
People 1705 members
Talk about whatever, but try to behave yourself ;)
Off Topic 1653 members
Hello all!  This is a club where you can come chill and discuss and trade suggestions on books.  Every Genre of book is welcome for discussion in here.  I'm a major book worm myself and i love books....
Books 1628 members
An important sector about the people that feel the need of being and finding friends from all over the world. Everybody feeling open to the world is welcome! 
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=) I truly believe that when you smile your mood improves and a happy mood is a happy mind-frame. A happy mind-frame produces happy thoughts. And thoughts materialise! S M I L E more!
Lifestyle 1527 members
This Club Is For Everyone Who Knows To Love. :$ "To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides." ;)
People 1498 members
talking for love.
Off Topic 1436 members
I'm ME Nothing you can say or do can change that. If you have the same attitude I do then join this club :heart:
Activities 1386 members
just talk and relax...
Activities 1198 members
;) ;) ;) lol.. :) :) :)
Activities 1162 members
Hey there! I run my own local canine care service business and i also happen to really like dogs in general! So, if you own a dog, or just like them, we have something in common! Share your good,bad...
Animals 1143 members
If your a fan for all animals...this is your club! This is a great club, to tell me and other chaters about your animals and animals you have seen, or want to see. I might be able to help you with...
Animals 1095 members
Hi i am from Lithuanija and loking friend :D  I watch all american pie series and i admire American :D
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Just looking for female friends or male i guess but no romance just friendship.  Talk about life in general. 
Lifestyle 1041 members
If you are missing someone. weather they are far away, close by, no longer with us or you dont know where they are. this is the club for you!
People 999 members
All who just love vampire books come here and chat, start a book club, or just share the vamps you love!
Books 996 members
my mom is the best, always there for me, my friend, my teacher, my guide! i love my mother, she is the best in the world!
Activities 976 members
Linkin Park fan?????Come and JOIN!!!!!!!!!!
Music 937 members
for people who like body art
Hobbies 929 members
:heart:i wish u that were here,or that i were there.or that we were together anywhere:heart:
Passions 867 members
learn how to do this: :dog: :cat: :heart: :hug: :love: :dance: :happy: :drunk: :poke:
Hobbies 848 members
Feeling down? Need some sympathy? Or just want a hug for heck of it? Come and claim your free hugs here!!! :D
People 847 members
Activities 820 members
Lifestyle 794 members
all those who think temprature is rising b coz of hot girls join this
People 782 members
You don't have to change your self to be more likeable.We are what we are and we are ok with this,anyone who doesn't like it should probably leave us alone.We are all so similar but so different in...
Lifestyle 774 members
its for people that drink and give love to everybody! welcome!!
Off Topic 768 members
books, books, and even more books
Books 752 members
:)If yur looking 4 someone who actually gives a sh*t about u, this is the place 2 look.
People 737 members
:) please people come suport the revalotion! weed heels the sick weed gives wealth to the poor weed makes u feel GOOD :)
Passions 712 members
If family and pet's means the world to you and very special to you then this is the club for you.
People 710 members
I cant think of any other description but "SHIT HAPPENS"
Off Topic 701 members
(This club has been deleted)
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I can't live without music :rock:
Music 691 members
for those people who are gym addicts and loves to meet new people
Health 677 members
It's our life and we'll do what we want with it
Lifestyle 670 members
invite all the indians
Hobbies 659 members
who loves anime?? come come seeeeee! share pictures and faves anime rwoks!
Passions 657 members
Talk about the men that are on WIRE CLUB,and what you think of them.
People 652 members
If you really think that Japanese girls are really cute :) then you can join the club :D :D :D And if you want to know more about Japanese girls you can :) I will be really happy to...
People 633 members
who r naughty and do not fear in doing mischiefs can join :P
People 630 members
for any one that things its wrong for a man to beat on a woman.
Activities 623 members
Friends are Life
Off Topic 620 members
General website discussion, problems and suggestions. If you are having any problem with the site create a topic here and we will try and resolve it for you. If you find issues with the site...
Off Topic 613 members
It could be YOUR child! Make a change!
Activities 605 members
where 2 come when u are bored or want some company or 2 chat..
Passions 602 members
The soul slightly deflates when their picture doesn't appear
People 573 members
A group for people who get p^ssed off at guys or girls who add them or speak to them for one reason only. Who use them for their own self gratification. Who pretend to care but only wanna get...
People 571 members
Because you just absolutely positively just can't help yourself
People 566 members
they are so blah
Activities 557 members
football chat
Sports 550 members
Music 550 members
Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop," has died after suffering cardiac arrest at his Los Angeles home, according to multiple reports. The singer had been preparing for a major comeback after years of...
Entertainment 539 members
:-O damn, i shouldn't.. of said that.. oh well.. (H)
Activities 527 members
It seems the "in" thing lately is to go around wire and be "racist".....So Join this club if u say "no" it ain't right...Go ahead, argue, fight, whatever....but leave Racism out of it!!!!!
Activities 517 members
this club is for young girls and boys to have beach entertainment
Activities 509 members
hahaa....i do actually..... so be lucky if ur added.....
People 506 members
:rose: Never to break your heart, Never to tear our love apart :rose:
Off Topic 503 members
This club is for the serious discussion of philosophy and spirituality.  All schools of thought are welcome, and all spiritual beliefs are open for intellectual debate and discussion. 
Off Topic 499 members
Just a play to talk about Johnny Depp and his past films, present films or future films! Or anything else Depp related ^-^
Movies 481 members
Who doesn't love ice cream! I have a problem, you see, I can't go a week without some type of ice cream. I will go crazy! Im addicted to it! But, if I'm gonna be addicted to anything, I'm glad it's...
Food 479 members
Whoever says sarcasm is the lowest form of wit just isn't clever enough to be sarcastic
Off Topic 469 members
for anyone who has trouble going to sleep at night most of the time cause of there crappy thinking or just anything else that bothers yous
People 465 members
For you what think. The day only begins after the noon
Off Topic 463 members
For all you s3xy guys and gals out there that are rockin' the glasses =) :heart: xoxox mexi
Activities 450 members
Anyone that likes WWE Wrestling. I would love to talk to you all.
Sports 449 members
This is a club for every1 who likes ice cream loool
Food 449 members
A place where bisexuals can chat and maybe meet
Lifestyle 448 members
who loves ireland woooop
Places 444 members
The amount of people on here that put pictures of models as their pic is phenomonal. Now, it IS possible that there are models on here, but don't take a picture off google, and claim that its you,...
Off Topic 442 members
According to the words of a very famous Jewish saying :friendkiss: :mangapunksai: 'He who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure' :mangapunksai: :toast:
Passions 432 members
To save the world :) Really..there is logic behind this :) So please..Take off your pants to save the world :)
Activities 428 members
Fashion 422 members
If you strip down to go to sleepy town, this club is for youuuu.
Off Topic 421 members
:cupid: :heart: :stolenkiss: ♥♥♥♥♥ :$ :$ :$
Activities 420 members
:| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| It's too late, but we're ON LINE on wire..
Activities 418 members
Meh, I just can't help it, I don't know why it happens :$
People 413 members
Age Means nothing when your truely and deeply in love
Lifestyle 412 members
Travel 411 members
My mom is the best in the whole world she is is so awesome i love her
Lifestyle 410 members
Meet others who love classical music.
Music 406 members
:@if u had any balls at all 2 say whatevr sh*t u r sayin bhind my back, youd say it directly to my face.
People 405 members
This is a place for people to vent about perverted private messages!!
People 399 members
I MISS YOU. And i need you. I will always hold your hand when you are alone
People 396 members
My message is to stop animal cruelty and hope you'll join the club. Thank you! :)
Animals 394 members
I created this club for people who need advice, want to give it, want to meet new people, make new friends, and most of all be understood.
Hobbies 393 members
:'( :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :'( :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:
Activities 387 members
Fans of the Charmed Ones<br>
Shows 386 members
welcome...those who miss some one special ,can join this club...
Lifestyle 380 members
<P>Any Whom  Love Art</P>
Entertainment 374 members
for all the people who know how make a lil noise in the bedroom... (admit it, it's hot) ;) ;) ;)
Lifestyle 373 members
Is That Your Picture? Are Your Boobs Real? You Don't Answer Fast Enough Reply Demands If You Think I'm Not Me...Or Just Don't Like Me Fine Nobody Is Perfect. Simple Don't Message Me And...
Off Topic 371 members
you should have atleast one pic :@
People 367 members
metal heads express your feelings , vent your frustration , or simply chat about your favorite bands
Music 364 members
Don't Demand Me To Reply To U Beacause I Won't Don't Pester Me With Are U Busy Messages
Off Topic 357 members
a place for those who are into D/s and BDSM to come, meet and share their ideas and experiences.
Lifestyle 351 members
if you have skype, come talk it up :D :D :dance:
Passions 340 members
:love: I'm Missing You :love:
People 337 members
im larisa and im from spain i dont speak very good english but i want to meet people very nice and fashion
Fashion 337 members
Just like the name says- if u listen to this type of music u should know what it means
Music 334 members
Fashion 334 members
I want all my special friends here the one's i share my great and sad days everyday i want you to know i love you all: :hug: JOYN IN :) ;)
People 330 members
Sorry, but I only like people with one face. :|
Activities 329 members
Dude...Megan Fox Is By Far The Hottest Woman Alive...She Is So Damn Hot I Would Stab Someone For The Chance To Fcuk Her
People 328 members
a place where heavy/thrash/speed/power/black/gothic and so on metal fans can talk about the bands they like best, explain what they find in their fav genre, share the memories and feelings from some...
Music 325 members
I'm a tease and I'm proud, If you like to tease, then join ;)
Passions 325 members
For all those YouTube fans, this club is for you. Feel free to post your videos and such.
Technology 323 members
i dont give a fawk about ya LOOK status... as long as.. ya got jokes.. and ya can keep a chat up.. or if ya cool.... im adding ya... im not here to "e-date" ya.. im not here to fall in...
Activities 323 members
this club for muslims in this site
Lifestyle 322 members
join to meet others who enjoy emotional hardcore. dont join to insult emos!
Music 321 members
Why wouldn't u care about ur wire friends as much as the once in real life ? They're as important,caring,funny and w.e the once u live in same town is. So if u agree u should join,if not maybe...
People 313 members
every cared about someone - aka bf, gf, or just a close friend - but they didn't care about you? then join the club!
People 312 members
this club is jsut ppl lookin to meet new and interstin ppl from all over that can share intersets and talk about anythin
Off Topic 312 members
When i close my eyes I see you.. When i open my eyes I miss you.. these lines are very close to me..
Activities 310 members
Lifestyle 306 members
Persatuan kawan-kawan Indonesia yang aktif dalam wireclub. Mari kita sama2 menjelajah dunia dengan mengenal orang baru diluar sana. Junjung tinggi persatuan dan kesatuan disini dengan tidak...
People 302 members
My hobbie is to show Love.So many diffrent kinds of Love. U feel me. what u think
Hobbies 301 members
(H) (H) (H) okay.. who am I kidding? I still do it :D hahaha.
Activities 297 members
h0m0ph0bia AnD rAcISm nEED to be STAmped oUt, aT leAsT in WirEClUB
People 297 members
This is a club that you can come into and make new friends and talk about your love ones!! The one and where everyone won't get tired of hearing it!!!
Lifestyle 296 members
:D join if u agree
People 292 members
pizza :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|
Food 291 members
In here we chat about all kinds of  black metal bands and music.Only goths can join and intice themselves in the glory of gothic arts and coltures. 
Music 291 members
Music 288 members
For everyone who likes to cuddle in bed :)
Activities 286 members
We've had our share of gettin hurt and our hearts gettin broken...This is da club for Strong people that have gotten thru hard times and we stick 2gether!!!!
People 286 members
For coffee lovers! ;) :happy: :banana:
Activities 284 members
just wanted to say thank you for coming into my life and being my true friend :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Activities 282 members
Be a man. ResPecT the WoMen
People 282 members
If your asian, or love asian culture...join!
People 279 members
Hey everyone join if everyone likes you (H)
People 277 members
If you are honest, ethical and believe you are worth 2000 pounds a month then just send me an e-mail and we can take from there.
Business 276 members
For all of you who found someone to love on wire :D THE ORIGINAL LOVE ON WIRE CLUB (i see some people start copying, get your own thing lol)
Passions 273 members
^______________________________^ :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :treasure: :treasure: :treasure:
Activities 273 members
Activities 268 members
hey! if you're my friend! join this club! :dog: haha thanx! i love god :D :dog: love ya! ♥
Off Topic 265 members
Friends are forever.
Lifestyle 263 members
This is a club for those E-flames! You are the ones who talk on the phone for hours and hours! Know every detail about each other, Know each other want to be with each other! But cant for what ever...
Passions 262 members
If you love One Tree Hill you should join this club!
Shows 257 members
The latest fads/trends in Japan and fads that have past. Brand names and making your own fashion. If you want to learn about Japanese fashion, or already love it, join this club!
Fashion 256 members
Any ideas are welcome
Business 255 members
Throughout the years I have come to see you've been the one whose supported me I am sorry that it took so long but please understand I'm scared to be wrong The fear itself is starting to...
Passions 252 members
Activities 247 members
supernatural is a t.v show where two brothers hunt and kill deamons and eny think supernatural.
Shows 246 members
Like to have friends? Well come here to make and meet more friends!
Off Topic 246 members
This is a club for people who seriously believe in the Paranormal state of mind as well as ghosts that do exist.....If you are a non-believer then get out.........
Passions 246 members
sexy girls and boys enjoy here
Activities 246 members
What is going on!??
Shows 241 members
Ok Ive been on wire for almost a year. And these past few months I just have never seen it this bad. You have people making hate clubs, hate blogs. What is wrong with you people? Knowing you know...
Off Topic 240 members
I'll do anything for you... anything to see you smile You smile and the world smiles with you ... its only your smile which mean a lot for me. A smile will not cost you a penny.. But it is...
Activities 240 members
When I see you're online, I get tunnel vision
Activities 238 members
if you wanna be apart of this club comment me and ill put your pick up in the album....<br /><br />x__Taliyah__x
People 237 members
I always write up my "Im Leaving, Please dont try to stop me" and then I get a message from a cute boy lmao
Activities 236 members
I'm not a fan of these deep, intense emo clubs, but meh.
People 236 members
let's do whatever the you like and talk as if you are free to do some with the passion you have,just be cool,chat ,share the feeling ,motivate other,involve,and do !
Passions 235 members
A place to learn about and explore the basic tenets and etiquette of submission. TENETS: commitment, communication, honesty, respect, obedience and trust follow the link to begin your lessons:...
Lifestyle 235 members
hockey rules and nothing else
Sports 234 members
hahahahahah i never liked math but i like this math :drool: ;) hahaha
Lifestyle 234 members
Girls Are The Most Beautiful Thing To The World. WithOut Girls Thier Would Not Be Any Guys In This World. The Word Girls Is SomeThing Important To Me. I Am Not A Perfect Guy. I Always Just Wanted...
People 229 members
Activities 227 members
strange pics strange people strange vids strange everything
Off Topic 226 members
If you are a Brazilian or if you want to be friends with anyone from Brazil, this is your place!
Places 226 members
Really we all our Adults here lets stop the Name calling the bad mouthing other people the put downs these are all things you would find in a school yard with little kids! GROW UP PEOPLE!!!
Technology 226 members
Activities 226 members
No excuse 4 a 2 faced biiitch! In the end u lose !
Activities 225 members
Wooooooooooo all girls kick ass
Passions 224 members
yeah if you dont matter with your friends search other club... :)
Off Topic 224 members
Are upset or sad and feel theres no one you can talk to?then this club is for you,this club is for people who are going through a hard time,dont be shy were here to help
Off Topic 223 members
Let's talk and get our kicks on
Sports 222 members
If your a Tim Burton fan come see me! Ill keep yah on the update
Movies 218 members
Do you spend way too much time on this site? LOL, then join the club!
People 215 members
:@Its Just So F*CKIN Annoying As HELL, I Just Wanna F*CKIN Smash it 2 PIECES:@
Activities 214 members
watch this video the more people who watch and join..the more awareness will be spread. If i can have every single person who cares join this club..i will send the proof the to Prevent Abuse...
Activities 212 members
come and join
Games 212 members
Because sometimes you want to get on Wireclub to check a few messages or leave one comment to a friend without being bombarded with random add requests and more messages from people who happen to...
Activities 210 members
The best place on earth.
Places 209 members
Calling all paramore fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11<br /><br />all about the band paramore.<br />pictures of the band ,song lyrics,concerts,videos,and more.<br />
Music 204 members
:drool: some accents turn me into a wet mess. :P BRITISH :) IRISH :) NEW ZEALAND :) SOUTH AFRICA :) LOL. :drool::drool:
Activities 203 members
for volleyball fanatics,to show the number of times per week they play this sport.Their views on certain rules...ways it can be encouraged ...etc...spk of their experiences while playing v/ball,share...
Sports 202 members
A club for Interracail couples to come together and meet
Passions 202 members
Cars 201 members
Any1 who loves Kinky Fun :P
Passions 201 members
JOin this club if you luvvv a person right nOw, that means a LOT to yOu :3 && remember to say i :heart: you to that special persOn!! so pweez jOin if you deeply luvv sOmeone.. it can bee your...
Lifestyle 200 members
Hi All...This is a club for those...who love their frnds very much...I guess everybody knows that frnds play an important role in everyone's life...I LOVE MY FRIENDs...All are welcome... :D
Activities 200 members
*Club is a joke, not to be taken seriously* These are the 10 most unwanted and dangerous wireclub chatters around. Help us take them down, these animals!
Activities 200 members
Lets all post our favorite recipes for all to share!
Food 199 members
Finally a club about the stupid things us, normal or less normal pepople, hear on Wireclub.
Off Topic 199 members
How much can you cope with? lets hear it................
Activities 198 members
I am a 27 year old, female and all I am basically looking for is just someone to communicate with when I am on-line. I am always up intill two or three in the am so if anybody out their is looking...
Technology 196 members
Share your work with other poets and read their poems aswell.
Passions 195 members
Like they are speaking, rather than typing :|
People 194 members
for all those kool nice wireclubbers
Activities 194 members
hey i opened an account today here so if u wanna meet me add me to msn or go to my space at i just moved from argentina and im looking for new friend ;)...
Passions 191 members
I Love My Computer Bcoz My Friends Live In It :D
Technology 191 members
This club is only for good girls & boys for friendship
Activities 190 members
Geeks Only!
Lifestyle 187 members
This is a rare for me, but I know it happens to others ALOT. I am sick and tired of meeting seemingly nice men on here, then two minutes after we speak, they use lines like, "I'm falling for you,...
Lifestyle 186 members
Do u like rough or hard then join this club
Passions 186 members
I didnt really check to see if there was an anime club on here so Im starting my own. I'm just a lazy manga artist looking for a gang
Hobbies 185 members
Almost all information about wireclub ;)
Activities 185 members
:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
Off Topic 184 members
You're a disgrace of a human being if you have ever hit or physically abused a woman.
Activities 183 members
Monday, February 19, 2007    11:27:03 AM     SOUL FOOD,MEXICN,ITALIN,CHINESE..
Food 183 members
Hobbies 183 members
Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, forever to repair :|
Activities 182 members
It’s actually a reflex, you just can’t stand the simple presence of the person. You can’t stand listening to their name, or w.e reminds you of them. You can’t stand the way they talk, the way they...
Lifestyle 182 members
A club for people who are crazy about dogs, want to share pictures, stories and generally talk about their dogs.
Animals 181 members
World Cup 2010 and many more:D
Sports 181 members
People 179 members
<3 You will never know true happiness until you have truly loved, and you will never understand what pain really is until you have lost it...
People 179 members
Off Topic 177 members
Activities 176 members
This club is for some people I know and others I do not that need to be reminded that if they aren't hurting people, being vicious or rude, that they should NEVER apologize for who they are. Love...
Activities 176 members
ok i LOVE ta show off my 38 Ds! their perky and i LOVE them their also natural!!!! i hate fake! If you love ta show off ur boobs or u like girls who shows off er boobs this is ur club! and u have ta...
Lifestyle 176 members
Activities 173 members
Welcome For anyone who loves parties and weekends! Thanks!
Activities 173 members
Please join! :)
Activities 172 members
Meet bro & sis in a special room dedicated to Islam. You might find your soul mate here.. NO RUDE PEOPLE !
People 172 members
The toaster doesn't pop your toast - YOU YELL AT IT The chair magically trips you - YOU YELL AT IT Your computer randomly freezes - YOU YELL AT IT You know you wanna join this group... :)
Off Topic 170 members
Friends who care and love there friends
People 169 members
So friendzzzzz show ur intelligency here in inteligent people club hurrrrrrrrrrrrry
Activities 168 members
all the cool poeple here:) :P
Activities 168 members
This is for ppl who are sick of all the drama on wireclub and just want to chill out and enjoy talking to mates on this thing i mean afterall it is a chatroom its supposedly for fun but some ppl just...
Off Topic 165 members
:hug: promise me u will be always there with me :hug:
Activities 164 members
<P>A Place for People In Toronto and Out of Toronto to have a chat</P>
Places 164 members
i love all music i think my life with out music would suck so come share with me your likes and dislikes about music     love jordan
Music 164 members
<P>club for people who dress how ever the F*** they wanna dress.</P>
Fashion 164 members
Take time to appreciate life's simple pleasure :)
Off Topic 160 members
:happy::toast: to the Pinnacle of Awesome ppl :toast::happy:
People 160 members
For all the people that support our military men and women.
Business 159 members
Seriously that shiit is boring :|, everyday I read blogs abt that...'' :'( :'( THIS IS TO MUCH FOR ME, IM LEAVING BLAH BLAH'' and they never leave :| ....Pfffft stop being drama biatches...
Shows 158 members
Some friends are separated by time, some are separated by pride, some are separated by differences, some by distance but no matter how far you are or how different we may be, you will always be a...
Technology 157 members
sexy and hot like fire
Passions 155 members
Activities 154 members
for all you south park fans, boys and girls, come on in!
Shows 153 members
wireclub is just a time pass site...dont be serious here
Activities 152 members
Well What do u think Zoey lol
Technology 151 members
Well, we do :(
Technology 150 members
for everyone that, DONT CHEAT WITH NO ONE,IN EVERYWAY ;)
Off Topic 150 members
Brands 150 members
help me stop the bullying!!!
Lifestyle 148 members
this is a place where members can talk about there problems and is better to talk about them and get it off your chest.includes:family problems,drinking problems,abuse problems,drug...
Off Topic 148 members
With which word should i start. How can i express my feeling. How can i talk you. Because i always :love: you. I may start a talk with my feeling but sacred about your answer :(
People 148 members
If you are or ever have been in a long distance relationship this is a place you can go and help others and meet others that are going through the same sorts of things. I myself am and would love to...
Lifestyle 147 members
I need enough members to help catch this little tw*t and teach him a lesson :cupid: :broken:
Lifestyle 147 members
Off Topic 147 members
hey,<br />who thinks that animals in this world need a voice?<br />i think they do because people take them off the planet as if they were continuously renewable resources..<br />cows, chickens, and...
Animals 146 members
life is short, smile and forget the past :)
Lifestyle 145 members
how many of you thinks wireclub has second home and family? ;) :rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock: :rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock:
Activities 145 members
;) ;) ;) ;)
Technology 144 members
:$ :evilbanana: GUILTY!
Activities 143 members
:cube: :rose: :cube: :rose: NOBODY IS PERFECT UNTIL YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM. (Isn't that the truth?) :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Activities 143 members
Contains all of your new and old emotes!
Activities 143 members
The club you come to chat because no where else is chattin
Lifestyle 141 members
It really doesnt mean the same thing. ♥ :heart: ♥
Passions 141 members
I know problems, are hard sometimes... but smile always. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D all gonna be alright, ;)
Off Topic 140 members
ny gud jokes please feel free to share them wit us all.<br />tell evry 1 ya know.
Hobbies 140 members
Hi everydoby! Well I decided to do this club cuz I love Wireclub & this site is very gives the oportunity to have friends from all over the world to have fun, share nice stories & good...
Activities 139 members
This is a club for MMORPGers, like Eve Online, World of Warcraft, Everquest, Runescape, and many others.
Games 139 members
When all else fails, just type those three precious letters and make it look like u got what they meant L O L (H)
Technology 139 members
:heart:I don't want our friendship to totally end. I need you! You are my best friend! So can we make a promise to stay together 'till the end? A vow to each other to ALWAYS be...
People 139 members
hey i love the harry potter books .of you love them too jion my club.
Books 138 members
<P>I need a free ride in a porsche, pref. 911 with fun loving girl</P>
Cars 138 members
:S :S :S I'm hungry
Food 137 members
This is for Singlesnet Chatters who miss our old friends.
People 137 members
Activities 134 members
thats right join cause were (H)
People 134 members
i like to meet my wire friends to get drunk with them lol:drunk:
Lifestyle 134 members
She says she isnt beautiful this is to show her she is wrong :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
People 134 members
Climbing walls, rocks and ice.  Let's talk about what we've climbed and where!<br>
Activities 132 members
When Im Having The Worst Day And Dont Want To Smile You Dont Even Have To Try..You Put A Smile On My Face And Make Even The Darkest Moment Bright :heart:
Passions 132 members
Music 132 members
I could care less about what people think or say about me. If you feel the same and see people for who they truly are, then share your feelings, thoughts and expressions here.
People 131 members
People 130 members
Some people take chat a littl too serious. And maybe a little too lonely.
People 130 members
ruby is an cute women:hug:
Activities 130 members
For all the sexy girls girls only here we talk about the hottest guys on wireclub and the ugliest here it time for the girls to make the boys wonder whats going on in this room FOR SEXY BITCHES(GIRL...
People 129 members
join if ur cool (H) and if ur not still join :P :D:D ;)
Activities 129 members
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ :( ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ :'( ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥...
People 128 members
:heart:....♥itS mE_azZ♥....:heart: oKiEs, wANNa KnoW aBouT mE ? ♥ My NamE Is NuR hAZwanI hADHri.. U All caN cAll Me AzZ Or wAnie Or wAteveR, NeVeRmInD ! hEy.. buT U BaBe, U caN Call Me t0NiGht...
Activities 128 members
i love all myfriends on wire
People 127 members
Community dedicated Mr Bean! Useless Topics & spams will be deleted !
People 126 members
piercings and tattoos turns me on :) :P xD
Fashion 126 members
I absolutely love animals. I have a dog, a cat , 4toads, 2 newts,and 1 gecko.I think I would be a poor pet store owner because it would be to hard for me to let any of them go.
Animals 125 members
theres polite ppl , Rude ppl and theres US! f*ck ya'lll...I luvvv you lol
People 124 members
All pretty gurz can join and participate...we need ppl to vote!!:) :happy:
Entertainment 124 members
Welcome all from China! Be friends here. (H)
Places 124 members
dont u agree we are the best creation god ever made ladies, Men dont you think you couldnt lie without us
Passions 123 members
U ever met someone so stupid u just wanna choke them?
Passions 121 members
But other times like i talk to other people, not saying that they are not smart thought don't get me wrong
Activities 121 members
yeah hi everone i have made this club to spread love n joy
People 117 members
the club is where you can enjoy and happy to meet people there a lovely club and you will meet a nice girl and looking forward to seee you there. thank you as you do.
Books 117 members
i need u :$ :$ :)
Activities 116 members
Fashion 113 members
Anything From Trucks in Mud 2 Cars in the Mud!!!
Cars 113 members
Because you know you're only better when you've had a few too many.
Activities 113 members
dude..get over it!@!!! its just the done with the BS.... and i know im not the only one either... join if ur done with BS
Activities 112 members
Wireclub Better Than Facebook !
Activities 111 members
lets talk about why da heck we joined wireclub.... lol
Off Topic 111 members
Ughhhhhh I'm going craaaaaazy :$
Activities 110 members
for old gang :rock:
Activities 109 members
People 109 members
This club is only for people who truly love the computer itself. :P
Hobbies 108 members
Rest in Peace, Old Wire. We shall miss you terribly and never forget you!!!
Technology 108 members
:rose: :rose: THIS WEEK THE 24TH RUBY WILL BE 43 :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: Happy Birth Day :rose: Ruby :rose: We ol Love u Queen of Wireclub :heart: RUBY :heart:
Passions 104 members
Show your appreciation to a wonderful woman on wireclub by starting a topic about her. Start as many topics as you like.
Passions 104 members
Making Question and Answer those of them.It'll be fun for sure.Welcome to new Club.Can be friends.Date.
Off Topic 104 members
This Club For Anime We Can Share The Best Animes Of All Time :)
Shows 103 members
Be yourself. Don't back down. Live by your own rules. Make mistakes. Never be afraid. Love like you've never lost. Dance like no one's watching. Live everyday like it's your last. NO REGRETS!
Lifestyle 103 members
Have you ever got drunk and thought to yourself "this is a great idea.. why didnt i think of doing this before...:duh:!!!
People 101 members
you know its trueeeeeeeeeee
Activities 101 members
it's funny how a man only thinks about the...
Activities 99 members
yup yup (H) (H)
Brands 98 members
its a great place to pick up a hooker, a poser, or even... your own girlfriend? maybe youl find someone youll like here so come on down to see the strippers and hookers but dont forget to talk to...
Off Topic 97 members
surfers hang out when the swells are low
Activities 97 members
hahahaha (H)....... :bolt: ....................... :S
Activities 96 members
Come on in
Dating 94 members
You are welcomed to join this club and express the love you have for ur friends on wire,
People 92 members
a place were girl's can chat about any thing thay want.
Activities 92 members
Food 92 members
all star!
Fashion 92 members
Activities 91 members
For any one that likes to hit a home run!
Sports 91 members
WeLcOm to My ChAt RoOm...SeLaMaT DaTaNg Ke cHaT MaLaYsIa :P
People 90 members
Revolving door is open, come back as many times as u want!!!
Activities 90 members
In tune with the spirit of the occasion, I pay my sincerest tribute to my friends, both old, new and yet to come, and appreciate the important role played by them in shaping my life.
People 89 members
Lifestyle 89 members
This is for the lovely BBW women and the people who admire them. We try to organize regular meets...all over the country, The most recent being held in Cambridge.<br />We are a "normal" bunch of...
People 89 members
ERmm this is just random lool like me .....<br /><br /> Im always doing random things ...... So if your random like me feel free to join lool <br /><br /><br /> And we will just talk...
Off Topic 88 members
Activities 86 members
You are the ones that i like to be around
Activities 83 members
HEY!! love bullet or other heavy bands??<br />come and let me know!!!!!<br /><br />ur all awsome!! bye
Music 83 members
Okay I don't actually have time to answer my own blog right now. I'm just jumping off of one of Sock's while I'm thinking about it.
Passions 80 members
Hi, I love farm animals,i.e. horses, sheep, goats, chickens, dogs, cats and rabbits.  Right now I have one cat and one dog.  When I was growing up, though, we had sheep, goats, horses, cows, dogs,...
Animals 80 members
(This club has been deleted)
Technology 0 members
Share your favorite music <3
Music 80 members
<P>need a better description?<BR>im not a dictionary!</P>
Hobbies 79 members
Hello! I am interested to know where would YOU like to live? It can be fictional or nonfictional place and why?
Places 79 members
Connecticut Urban Hip Hop Fashion Connection
Fashion 79 members
Marilyn Manson is vvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyy cool
Music 78 members
A club for any one that has lived in California, or wants to!
Places 77 members
i want some NAMES people!!!! :rage:
Activities 76 members
for those who think they found real friend on wire
Activities 76 members The end is near, what do you fear? you have found salvation and it is here!!! :dance:
Activities 76 members
whos popular in wire
People 74 members
b free to join this club if u r her friend...:) she is friendly n nice lady
Activities 74 members
Friendships are Priceless & leave a Heartprint forever :) Chat freely
People 74 members
This is a club for people in the Bdsm lifestyle or those who are curious about it. If you dominant or submissive, meet people with interests that match your own. Those on the outskirts of the...
Lifestyle 73 members
no one is perfect and i would never want to be..i love all my lil imperfections, they are what make me who i am and i love every single thing..and so should everyone else about themselves
Off Topic 72 members
this club is for those guys who love their laptops! :) and cant live widout! :P they r most comfortable and portable ;)
Technology 72 members
Lets get together and help each other out in order to reach our goals. I'm a writer, with hopes of eventually being picked up by a publishing house. Feel free to use this club to make new friends,...
Hobbies 72 members
talk to people with similair interests. people who enjoy the outdooors. like music and movies.
Activities 71 members
(This club has been deleted)
Activities 0 members
A place for Nebraska singles to meet and chat. Is also where all the exiles for singlesnet can be found :)
Off Topic 69 members
If like me, you get drunk then log onto wire this is the place for you. Bex x
Activities 68 members
:-)<br />
Off Topic 68 members
hmmmmmmmmmmm...:poke: :S
Activities 68 members
if u like kissing girls then join this club!!n every week there is going to be new topics
Activities 68 members
Scores of awesome bands falling under the numerous metal and rock music types. Some good metal types - Power, death, black, grunge, thrash, grind, and goth. Some good rock music types -...
Music 68 members
PEOPLE JOIN THIS I NEED 500 PPL TO SEE HER BOOBS ;) + Im now competing against michael :haha: JOIN !!!!!
Activities 66 members
Members who show their loyality & endurance!!! It's clear, your a strong member & your enjoying "wire journey". .........It' you.....
People 66 members
(This club has been deleted)
Hobbies 0 members
This is a club for Anyone interested in the Paranormal. If you love Ghost Hunting, Or have ever lived in a Haunted house. Or if you have ever had a paranormal experience, or if you just love the...
Hobbies 65 members
oi skin crust metal and that it
Lifestyle 64 members
This club is not for ramantic twins to have full fledge roamance over here
Activities 64 members
Write forums about skateboarding
Activities 64 members
Travel 64 members
one of the greatest bands ;)
Music 64 members
whose wanna be my friend just be my guest Add people for everyone.Making friend.Having good time chatting with others.Thanks For Join Us :rose:
Off Topic 64 members
Your personality is SO ATTRACTIVE!!!! The way you are captures my heart. You are a JOY and A RAY OF SUNSHINE in my life. Thanks for being you! YOU ARE SPECIAL!!! :)
People 63 members
;) A beautiful heart always beats forever!!!! ;) Do you feel special???
People 63 members
This club is dedicated only for those peoples who are extra-ordinary or have some different type of talent...My frnds also can join this club..bcoz they are special for me...:rock:
Technology 63 members
this group is for all christian and good news we have a site
People 63 members
HI There isnt it a pity theres no beatle talk here. Anyway Im going to fly the flag for here (H)
Music 62 members
Be a good sport and give someone on ur list a random :friendkiss:....u'll feel alot better..:D
Activities 62 members
Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends.
Activities 62 members
sallamalikoum and i hope all muslim meet here
Off Topic 62 members
For nice people that do not eat poor animals:)
Food 61 members
ITS TRUE!!!! Everyone loves photo comments
Technology 61 members
this is for all the cradle of filth fans just showing what the my fav band is all about<br /><br /><br /><br />ORDER OF THE DRAGON
Music 60 members
there fawken hot i dont care what some of you might say haha there hot, everything about them, there accents especially fck it drives me crazy lol and yess i need one :|...
Passions 60 members
Off Topic 59 members
One Voice, One Humanity This is all about the people. People who want to change the world, but just don't know how. This is where new ideas are born, and people are called into action. One by...
People 58 members
for real yall...i've had to block almost all of them because they JUST WILL NOT STOP sending like 10 messages a minute. u there? hi hun u there? want talk? just never stops
People 58 members
This is a remake of my old club.......hopefully yall will join again thanks so much for your patience. Evalisium shared this with me and i totally love it.....Please enjoy it as I have....
Passions 57 members
horny men horny girlys
Activities 57 members
GOD ROCKS!!!!!!!!:rock: :D i love god :D :dog: haha
Activities 57 members
They are really something ;) ;) ;) Check them out ;) ;) ;)
Music 57 members
hi every one.try to make every day a very special day. and remember this life is yours  
People 56 members
This group is for anyone whos asian, pacific islander, or whoever just loves them! *be friendly *no spam PLEASE make friends and learn from one another here =)
People 56 members
Welcome all.. :openarms: :cube: The Malaysian Wireclub Award has come again this year (2012) . There are more categories added to this year award ! so what you waiting for ? :) vote now and help...
Activities 56 members
fOr all yOu cOOkie lOvers
Food 55 members
the regulars from canadian chat. you know who you are;)
Technology 54 members
I am so sick of losing contact with all friends that have been made here on wire as are so many of you, yes we can chat on messengers but what about those that are in different time zones, so this is...
People 54 members
Lady Gaga lovers join!!! :D
Activities 54 members
go and join this club for friendship
Lifestyle 53 members
Best of its kind!!!!!!!!!!!feeeeeeeeeeeellll itttttttttttttt
Activities 52 members
Lifestyle 50 members
all the loverz and even tha haterz of holdens..
Cars 49 members
Activities 49 members
If you think Lithuanian girls are the most exciting ones then join there..:P
Activities 49 members
The newest version of Wireclub launched July 8th, 2011 @ 7:30pm Eastern Standard Time.
Technology 49 members
Understand that which ever way you want to ;)
Lifestyle 48 members
Gossip girl MY LIFE ITS AWESOME<br /><br />xoxo<br />you know you love me
Shows 47 members
anyone who is willing to meet me...??:$:$:$ u r welcome..:openarms::flirty:
Activities 47 members
Hey all Tea and coffe drinkers! This is the right place for u, becuz, u can share recipes, have fun and socialize. SO COME AND JOIN!
Food 47 members
Alright all you Canadians. We've been considered North America for too long! Let's put a stand to this. I now un-officially dub the land below Canada to be SOUTH CANADA (previously known as The...
People 46 members
REALLY IS =)=)=)=) Keeping smile =)
Off Topic 46 members
Every one that is Italian is welcome here.
People 46 members
Its so much fun to play the idiot until the time comes that you can beat them
Lifestyle 46 members
Lifestyle 46 members
anna is a great person
Activities 46 members
U only make a "first impression" once, touch someone's heart forever___faith, hope & love===the greatest of these is LOVE. :)
People 46 members
for those you love the most
People 45 members
I cant think with all of these shiney objects around :)
Off Topic 45 members
Of course she has 50k friends shes wearing a thong in her profile pic
Technology 45 members
Off Topic 45 members
i dooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
Activities 45 members
These are people who left their imprint here.... People, who you won't ever, ever forget.... ;) And, for those who still have yet "to make history"...
Hobbies 45 members
I saw the old 80s movie and is this really true??? are nerds really better in bed?
Lifestyle 44 members
Here's to those of us that put up with garbage and come out smelling like roses. Luv ya all. Hang in there!!! ;)
Activities 44 members
:heart: -тιиιєуfιєqα- :heart: stay in clunk,selangor,MALAYSIA cheerful person sometimes moody )maybe( love music born to make love ;)
People 44 members
for wat ROD created this site????(wireclub) not for chatting huh??? :rage:
Activities 43 members
People that adore Japan with all there heart
Travel 43 members
:happy: :flirty: :happy:
Activities 43 members
Im the coolest thing on wireclub since the invention of the club
Technology 43 members
join me my ninja brethre as we make war upon the panda scum!!!
Off Topic 43 members
my name is jordan i have 4 animals a dog,cat,3goldfish,and a desert turtle i would love to know about your animals come tell me funny stories about your pet i'm sure it will make me laugh caus my...
Animals 43 members
Please post your favourite recipes and leave comments when you try a recipe.
Food 42 members
Activities 41 members
i love you forever and ever..:love:
Activities 40 members
if you love bikes and love racing bikes come in
Hobbies 40 members
Little Big Planet! Mess with us, and we will SACK SLAP you! =\ Club Founders: FakePlasticTrees Kinny *All pictures are courtesy of Madam Trees :D
People 40 members
:happy: :flirty: :happy:
Activities 40 members
Instead of focusing on what’s missing, learn to appreciate what’s there... ;)
Lifestyle 40 members
i give u my ---->>(..:heart:..)
Activities 39 members
It is true you are everything to me thats why i rather suffer knowing im with you than living without you knowing i will never be with you
Lifestyle 39 members
its about opening your mind too the bigger picture seeing things u havent even thought about :)
Hobbies 39 members
For people that love rats.
Animals 39 members
Finland is a small country of only 5 million people, covered in vast forests, beautiful fields and over 187.000 lakes. The winters are long and severe, in the darkest days the sun doesn't come up at...
People 38 members
That's some good excuse to start deleting you all, the unnecesary ones. :P hehehe
Activities 38 members
I don't give a damn 'Bout my reputation The world's in trouble There's no communication An' everyone can say What they want to say It never gets better anyway So why should I care 'Bout a bad...
Lifestyle 38 members
:love: i :heart: u :love:
Activities 38 members
For people in any type of art to abstract or just pain ole Gothic art. ( Please Note I did all the artwork in the Pictures Folder)
Hobbies 38 members
Activities 37 members
Lifestyle 37 members
;) funny how 2 people can view the same thing in life and have such dramatic attitudes!!! If all life is about promoting yourself, then gloating over self-pride, then that...
People 37 members
HEY HEY!!! Ladies, join the club and get votes on who should be Miss Wireclub 2009!! Profile must have recent pic, at least one in a 2 piece bathing suit. Be the one and have bragging rights for a...
Animals 37 members
:P :P :P LOL THIS IS THE BISEXUAL CLUB COME COME COME COME COME JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P...
People 37 members
today i lost someone very special to me her name was AlliexFataliy she got banned from the site and i miss her we had a good relation ship we laughed and told story's and had a good time but what I'm...
Off Topic 36 members
For those who are often in Wire a little later than they should be
Activities 36 members
:heart: :heart:
Lifestyle 36 members
its juz for fun and to show dat girls with curves can be hotter than stick thin girls ;) :P (H) XD
Off Topic 36 members
Friends Dont Let Friends Join Clubs
Technology 35 members
if you drive motorbike onetime then you never leave it<br />motorbike is life for me ,maybe it is danger but really motorbike is everything.
Lifestyle 35 members
this club is for anyone with a good imagenation to share your darkest ghost stories.
Off Topic 35 members
For people that loves music
Music 35 members
People 35 members
thats right.. i said it...
Sports 35 members
Sometimes Just Not Sure What Say Is All
Activities 35 members
oh yes I love it ;) bite harder :$ lol
People 35 members
:) so don't peek!!!!
Off Topic 34 members
Off Topic 34 members
Music 34 members
Activities 34 members
yeah, basically this club is for people that love making friends......... in a non disrespectful way of course...
Activities 34 members
Andres, our friendly local Roboto has been banned!! We need to bring him back... Wire's not the same without him :(
Activities 34 members
Mods are quitting, users are quitting, everyone is leaving... its a sign of the wireclub apocalypse. It was foretold by the great wireclub prophet neoncrab.
Technology 34 members
This club is dedicated to help more people understand what really happens to the gentle giants of the sea when a human hunts it down
Animals 34 members
Music 33 members And I dont want to live my life like everybody else. And I dont want to be destroyed by everybody else or live a meaningless life like everybody else.
Activities 33 members
:love: u :love: u :love: u:love: n more :love: u
Activities 33 members
Hey everyone what's up, in case you didn't notice I am a bit of a fan of the drums, I spent years playing and listening to cool bands and different styles of drumming, so if you are a fan of drumming...
Music 33 members
March 7, 2012 is finally here! ♥ the annual day designed to "Spread the Word to End the word," a 24 "r-word free" day. The r-word hurts millions of people with intellectual disabilities, their...
Lifestyle 33 members
The Club for People Who Love Clubs
Lifestyle 32 members
go ahead and just give me 2 cigarettes because I will need one later :) ty
Lifestyle 32 members
lol u no ;) XD
Lifestyle 32 members
hahahahahahahahaha :happy: :D:D:D:D:D:D
Activities 32 members
This club is for people who care about this disease
Health 32 members
:| grrrrrrrrrr :@
Lifestyle 32 members
This club is for people who are involved, play or just a fan of Lacrosse.
Sports 32 members
My Vagina is Haunted
Lifestyle 31 members
If you know who pink donkey is and you love coffee, then welcome. If you don't know who pink donkey is (hint hint: the creator of this club) and love coffee come join. If you know who pink donkey is...
Food 31 members
I looked for a club where I could get advice, swap tips and tricks for the garden, couldn't find one, so here is one now. Gardening helps me wind down, relax me, but can also be frustrating. I hope...
Hobbies 31 members
The Emptiness Is Killing Me Slowly As I Wipe The Tears That Fall From My Eyes,I Realize ur Really Gone.My Heart Breaks As It Crumbles 2The Floor,I Drop 2My Knees UnAware Of What 2Do. I Close My Eyes...
Off Topic 31 members
Love it when people hate just becuase.
People 30 members
feel so so lost and alone without u here by my side.
Fashion 30 members
Pheww, thought there was some kind of monster coming from over there.... xD
Off Topic 30 members
America the great!
Places 30 members
Beauty is deep within a person that glows through all odds it is not looks that makes u as a person beautiful it is yr soul.
Activities 30 members
Having qualities that will attract is A MAJOR PLUS! Put on your magnet, & start attracting.... Find out what it takes to "be attractive"..... And Start to...
Passions 30 members
stop whining about trivia :@ :@ :@ :@
People 29 members
:haha: :duel:
Activities 29 members
If you believe loyalty in your life.. :)
Activities 29 members
We want ella for mod!! Ella kicks ass!
Activities 29 members
Activities 29 members
yup...guilty as charged..:P when none of my friends r online..i go into the h0rny room to perve at what they're talking about...weird hey? :S
Activities 29 members
i wanna break from wireclub for a while..:hug: sorry guys..:worship: take care all..:hug:
Activities 29 members
hi, i will go to toronto in july i want to meet people
Travel 29 members
I fell and broke my vagina :'(
Health 29 members
Music 29 members
;) :) :D Amazing!!! You are truly amazing!!! :P :) ;) :D
People 29 members
A club about Romania, people living in Romania and romanian people living in other countries.About famous people,football and general knowledge about Romania.
People 28 members
:dance: :banana: :dance: :banana: :dance: :banana: :banana: :dance: :banana: :dance: :banana: :dance: :dance: :banana: :dance: :banana: :dance: :banana: :banana: :dance: :banana: :dance:...
Activities 28 members
The Ocean
Places 28 members
:heart: :love: :heart:
Activities 28 members
Everyone is welcome
Business 28 members
and pathetically inadequate to be around.
Activities 28 members
this is a club that people can fall in love with one...
People 27 members
Music 27 members
hi im ebony if you wolud like to come in my club come on in
Fashion 27 members
Food 27 members
there.. i said it :P its out there ... 21291 Clubs and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!
Technology 27 members
You just needed to save money because your economy is going downhill.
Activities 27 members
Final Fantasy Fan Club, You Are Welcome Here.. :D
Activities 27 members
the bamabunch are from the singlesnet alabama chat room we just need a place we can go to and have fun without a lot of hassle
Activities 27 members
This is for those who suffer and for those who have the chance not to suffer, but ignore it due to foolishness.
Health 27 members
:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
Activities 27 members
Food 27 members
(This club has been deleted)
Activities 0 members
Would you give your life?
People 26 members
since the first day i realised u were the one.
Passions 26 members
Lifestyle 26 members
awwww dont cry everything is gonna okay :hug: :hug:
People 26 members
Never start a game with me-Im the better player (H)
Lifestyle 26 members
Wow, you have burned a "lasting impression" with me forever......and it is a GREAT ONE!!! ;)
People 26 members
This is for our favorite person Rogue!! If you love, miss, adore, got touched, ect.. join plz
People 25 members
I love both ~ and ya??
Food 25 members
Activities 25 members
an American animated television series produced by The Walt Disney Company that ran from 1991–1995 and 1996–1997 on both the syndicated programming block The Disney Afternoon and Saturday mornings on...
Shows 25 members
Activities 25 members
n American television sitcom that originally aired on NBC from July 5, 1989, to May 14, 1998, lasting nine seasons, and is now in syndication. It was created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, the...
Shows 25 members
Anyone and everyone can join
Off Topic 25 members
When i am with my friends i am happy, and will treasure them all for the rest of my life.
People 25 members
U r our everything, u r so beautiful in everyway, u r my little sis and i love u just the way u r. MY BEAUTIFUL LIL SIS PRINCESS RUNNINGWOLF. we all love u just the way u r
People 25 members
I want my own club :| So here it is :) Join it :) Have fun :)
Activities 25 members
all about california
Places 25 members
in te name of love require,s thoose who are loved or to be loved
People 25 members
People 25 members
just talk
Off Topic 25 members
This isn't the school yard people, nor is it high school, do we really need the he said she said stuff? If you're a victim of drama, hate, malicious rumors, lies, or anything else of the sort then...
People 24 members
If you can't handle that others don't think like you, then you're not really a good friend.
Activities 24 members
Girl, Interrupted is a 1999 film drama about a teen's 18-month stay at a mental institution, and stars Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie. It was adapted from the original memoir Girl, Interrupted,...
Movies 24 members
:$ ILOVEYOU!!!!!! :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ :$
Passions 24 members
i just might own a dog collar :P mmhmm
Lifestyle 24 members
Austria and Australia whats the difference LOL j/k
Places 24 members
You can't hide forever, true colours always find a way to shine. Or should I say let out their smell. (H)
People 24 members
:) this is one of the funniest and most disturbing things i've ever seen.
Activities 24 members
Shows 24 members
Too many clubs with naked boobs all of a sudden...
Technology 24 members
I would like to know that there are some real people out there and not a bunch of fakes.
People 24 members
i always miss u..:treasure:
Activities 24 members
Friends,I am building this club following my current political blog.The hatred of many people towards not only south Asian people,even to his/her own countrymen/women just because of their colour...
Politics 24 members
We're a family ;)
Activities 23 members
Some people think they can play wid us and our hearts like if we were some kind of toy they just think about themselves and dont care about how much they hurt you when you realise that nothing...
Lifestyle 23 members
any ideas about what other social network to join?
Technology 23 members
My mouse hand feels like it ran a marathon after joining 10000 clubs
Technology 23 members
join ur an asian or u like asia :)
Places 23 members
REALLY??? im not even canadian and i had to make this club. yall should be ashamed :)
Food 23 members Azteca Fan Club
People 23 members
Air Conditioning bringing rat hair and roach poop straight to your face since 1902
Activities 23 members
and put your head outside in the scorching sun for the lovely crows and flies to eat :flirty:
Lifestyle 23 members
Off Topic 23 members out-some places can get u stuck or trapped... Don't stress out....there is alot of people here who will help you out!
People 23 members
Yes I am and just so damn proud of it!!! :P :P :P
Activities 23 members
For anyone who sees themselves as a slave to my power...for those who know i am the dominant master of IMP....for all my devoted followers....Niffa rules!!!
Passions 23 members
If you know StuckInTheSixties, then you have plenty of reason to celebrate him. If you don't know StuckInTheSixties, then get your smirk in gear and get to know the guy. Great sense of humour....
Activities 23 members
Places 22 members
Hello, there really are beautiful girls in real life!
Activities 22 members
some people are juz annoying and disturbing :@
People 22 members
Food 22 members
Off Topic 22 members
:| :| :| :| :heart:???? :$ :$ :$ :$
Activities 22 members
Hey all!!<br /><br />just wanna get to know some more people, i already have a bf so nothing dirty ^_^ clean chat if you wanna get to know me...join my club and send me a friend request =D<br /><br...
People 22 members
i love sharks, i noticed there was no shark clubs so i created ones for my fishy friends :D please leave no negative comments about sharks ^_^
Animals 22 members
As most of the things you say are just a big lie :S
Activities 22 members
:$ ............................................ :'(
Activities 22 members
We Say NO !!! A safe zone where everyone can share their opinions about cyber bulling and online abuse and how best to fight against it :)
People 22 members
i know your sad so just tell me what's wrong :(
Activities 21 members
If not for yr daughter i would never met a beautiful spirited women as u r. Yr an amazing friend to have as well.
People 21 members
The most fudged up individual on wire, not to mention the most goofy lookin, but ya gotta love the sloth!! :P
Off Topic 21 members
For people that like to write short stories long stories. I hope that you all enjoy this club.
Off Topic 21 members
Off Topic 21 members
;) :$ I would even sell my soul to be with u lol
People 21 members
wisconsin chatters
Places 21 members
All SRK's fans join in....
Entertainment 21 members
A code of conduct for Dom/mes, Masters & Mistresses in the D/s Lifestyle. Dom/mes, Masters and Mistresses who accept and vow compliance with the code should post in the conversation titled "Cod of...
Lifestyle 21 members
it is nice and people meet nice men good looking
Books 20 members
(H) For all my bosses
Lifestyle 20 members
and impotence before this hostile world. Shove the prozac up your ass. Medication won't make the world any better.
Activities 20 members
Off Topic 20 members
candystripe i will punch you in your pimply left tit ya b!tch
Hobbies 20 members
=.='' zzzzzzzz lol arghhhhhh I dont want to go to school :(
Education 20 members
thoose who are my friends and wants to be come my friend is this club to be in plz respect the rules as follows if you here to be rude ur out and if u here to take advantage then ur out anything...
People 20 members
but now u already have many new friends in wireclub.. n u ignoring the old friend.. i was dissapointed with our friendship now.. :S
Activities 20 members
(H) i want uuuuuuuuuu
Passions 20 members
have been waiting for so long for someone like u to come along now i have u i will love u forever
Activities 20 members
We r worlds apart, But i feel u r so near, Cause of the love we have, That has built a bridge.
Passions 20 members
Magnums... do u use them? yes or no?
Off Topic 20 members
Fashion 20 members
Music 20 members God is a woman and the woman is an animal that animal's man and that's you was there a need for creation? that was hiding in a math equation and...
Lifestyle 20 members
i will never stop loving u:love::heart:
Lifestyle 20 members
fuuckin tired of people being so rude :@ :@ :@
Activities 20 members
thank u so much my love..:love:
Activities 20 members
or even touched, they must be felt with the heart!!!!
Activities 20 members
thoose who love motorcycles of all ages
Activities 20 members
we :heart: u lec..:hug:
Activities 20 members
I mean I dont call you "My sweet little bugger", do I ?
People 20 members
:$ :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ :heart::heart::heart::heart: :heart::heart::heart::heart: :heart::heart::heart::heart: :heart::heart::heart::heart:
Passions 20 members
Activities 20 members
If you dont remember our friendship one day then pls dont add me..
Activities 20 members
Scottish people dont sound like Sean Connery... like at all
People 20 members
:@or is this a nightmare, or wire virus, or amI losing it? :-O
Activities 20 members
All those who hate perving and Ho0rney indian men can join! lol
Activities 19 members
i never thought i could feel this way till i met u on here. My heart beats like bongo drums. My eyes light up like the stars at night....
Passions 19 members
Have you ever smelled someones breath and it smelled JUST LIKE poop??? How does this happen? Why can't they smell their own breath and eat a mint?
Off Topic 19 members (exclusive excerpt released from the meeting) Richard Branson: "we need to encourage governments to experiment...
People 19 members
that means I m not interested to talk to ya,leave me alone!!!dont be so annoying :@ :@
Off Topic 19 members
all r invited who feels alone in this jungle of wc :|
Activities 19 members
Activities 19 members
Business 19 members
the best movies ever
Movies 19 members
u need it... lol
Fashion 19 members
This club is designed for people who love to have fun, party hard and enjoy life as it is......sod sulking or moaning about things that have either happened or could is about enjoying...
Lifestyle 19 members
juz love everyting from you ;) :$
People 19 members
This special club is for the most important person on wire and that is MOTHER EAGLEFEATHER, who everyone will agree has been there for each and everyone of us. our wire mom i and all love u so much.
Activities 19 members
Ya dió comienzo la nueva telenovela "la Traición de la Tía" una serie llena de envidias, celos, pasiones, y sobre todo cuernos, muchos cuernos, sígala en su cadena amiga Wirevision todos los días....
Shows 19 members
For ladies who have remained chaste in spite of Jose's advances.
Lifestyle 19 members
"friendship and love"
Lifestyle 18 members
Hapod kopo4e pi6y tak!!!! Bce pycckogovopja6ije - procum mulyem !!!!!
Places 18 members
Yea i do and i will always lov u no matter how far u r from me :heart::love::heart:
Lifestyle 18 members
Not all guys who play MMORPGs are losers but lets face it... MOST are. lol :D
Activities 18 members
this subject always makes me fell asleep in class lol join if ur also retarded on maths ><
Education 18 members
I hate people keep asking me why!not everything had a reason or even needs a reason lol even there is I m not gonna tell anyway :@ :@
Off Topic 18 members
Technology 18 members
first we called it Spaghetti then we started calling it Pasta and now we f-ing call it Carbohydrates... WTF
Food 18 members
Since the day we met u always put a smile on my face, when i am down u r there with kind words and smiley faces, U really know how to cheer me up and i love u for being the friend that u are. THANK...
People 18 members
shhhhhhhhhh :$ keep it secret lol
Technology 18 members
she is a loyal friend, understands me more then anyone has. Thank u princess runningwolf for being a true friend.
People 18 members
this clud is for people how wants new friends and chat with them online for long term relationship
People 18 members
all is well :banana: :evilbanana: :banana: :evilbanana:
Activities 18 members
Real women wear flats not heels... :-O
Lifestyle 18 members
Passions 18 members
1 out of every 5 people die from hills. When u climb up a hill and on the other side is an even bigger damn hill... :( I almost died
Activities 18 members
The BlackBerry Torch 9800 is a 2010 model in the BlackBerry line of smartphones. It combines a physical QWERTY keyboard with a sliding multi-touch screen display and runs on the latest BlackBerry...
Technology 18 members
Well I do...We all like to whack/touch it. Everyone does!!
Activities 18 members
I was just lazy to dislike you any further in the galaxy, not that you don't deserve it.
Activities 18 members
And not to forget all my wire brothers who have stood by me through thick and thin i love u all too and really proud to have u as my extended family.
Activities 18 members
Activities 18 members "I wanna stand with you on a mountain I want to bathe with you in the sea I want to lay like this forever Until the sky falls down on me..."...
Music 18 members
ladies who are needing another lady
Activities 18 members
:) :) Write a Diary, Do U have this habit? If U do then welcome to my club:toast:
Hobbies 18 members
I am Bob. I am going to teach you, and you are going to learn if that's what you want to do. This is everything Bob. Enjoy. ;)
Off Topic 18 members
For those who love dawn
People 17 members
Off Topic 17 members
Lifestyle 17 members
Passions 17 members
haha for all of those who are waiting on news :P
Lifestyle 17 members
For all you people who think SweetnSassyGal77 is waaaaay cool, and pretty good lookin' too! :D
People 17 members
:D :) :P food!! :P :) :D
Activities 17 members
whose lives were stolen while attending classes at sdhool this morning. May you RIP
Activities 17 members
all haters :@
Off Topic 17 members
For everybody who has open eyes and knows about the global Agenda of the Bilderberg Group and the rest of the Elite.
Off Topic 17 members
u knowwwwww???
Activities 17 members
Are you lookin for love CLose to Home? Who are you lookin for?
Places 17 members
i knew that alot of things come with a price tag, but i thought love came free. so why should i have to pay for loving u.
Activities 17 members
Activities 17 members
Activities 17 members
some dumb ass add u becoz ur profile is private,they juz wanna see ur pics and ur page then juz delete u without a word.....rude enough :@
Technology 17 members
Best metal band ever
Music 17 members
u hurt me so much bt i forgive u though dat doesnt mean i want to talk to u
Lifestyle 17 members
For the selp-proclaimed awesomeness of being a Loser!!!! :D
People 17 members
:$ :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ i wanna be w uuu
Passions 16 members
i have a crush on someone :$ :$ :$ :) :|
Passions 16 members
between 4 and 7 kids can be a lot
People 16 members
lmfao at least i joined this club lol (H)
Activities 16 members
- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
People 16 members
We always need people to guide us & help us!!!
People 16 members
Passions 16 members
Lover Lover you are my hero
Activities 16 members
People 16 members
This is where your dryer sent all those missing socks. Show off your little bundle of linty joy. It's a sock party, and you're invited!
Activities 16 members
:rock: :P juz for fun dont take it serious! :)
Lifestyle 16 members
To each and everyone of u that i have on here i love u all so much and so proud to call u my sisters and we will be forever.
Activities 16 members
just because i am a female it does not mean i am stupid.
People 16 members
or you will reqret :P :D
People 16 members
I hate how they hurt me and broke my heart then suddenly come back saying how much they miss and love me :@ :duh: BULLSHIT
People 16 members
a newgrounds group with an alterior motive.
Technology 16 members
awwww sweet heart dont cry x :hug:
People 16 members
Always wonder how u r going, Wonder if we will ever be friends again, But i see that will never happen, Just hope u r doing well.
People 16 members
WIRECLUB-one of my FAVORITE places! :)
Places 15 members
Get that into your heads you ignorant sods!
Activities 15 members
y ya no quisieron salir de ahí :D
Passions 15 members
Let's get all the hottest redheaded girls and guys and show Wire that we rock!!! :D (H)
People 15 members
ever feel like wanna kick someone hard when they pissed u off?? lol
Off Topic 15 members
haha, you cant do that! its an ability i got through years of being awesome. :P
Off Topic 15 members
like i was told when i was growing up. If u have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all.
People 15 members
Lifestyle 15 members
Off Topic 15 members
I'm a nice down to earth person, i don't like people who rub me the wrong way. That's a side no one should see of me.
People 15 members
No matter wat the problem is, Being on here yr true friends r always there, To make u smile and feel better again.
People 15 members
for laughter and jokes but no offencive ones please
Entertainment 15 members
even is the end of the world ;) lol
People 15 members
for whom randomlly really do lol <winkies>
Activities 15 members
Enough talk, shut up and do wat u want, if u want me so bad then come get me, i will be here with my arms wide open.
People 15 members
Passion for Cooking
Food 15 members
People 15 members
my some friends are love to clubs :P
Activities 15 members
so romantic :$ Jack and Rose >3
Movies 15 members
Great movie. I have a good description of it in the forum thing because this wouldn't let me write all of it. But for those of you that have seen it and enjoyed it, please join! Or even if you...
Movies 15 members
The title says it all.<br />We are in fact, the super coolest ever so hah.<br />xD
Lifestyle 14 members
Noobs, beware, for the slayer are here!! :@
Sports 14 members
Aζζah rзmзmbзr us зvзη whзη wз fόrgзt Hΐm'♥ mόrз όvзr, Aζζah dΐd ηόt ζзavз thз ηΐght sκγ bζacκ, rathзr dзcόratзd ΐt wΐth bзautΐfuζ stars fόr us...'♥
Activities 14 members
(This club has been deleted)
Lifestyle 0 members
we love boobs, eh
Activities 14 members
I am a Taurus.. Are you? ;)
People 14 members
Chatrooms, clubs and threads are partly for encouraging each other to go on, wouldn't you agree? C'mon in and let's help each other out.
Off Topic 14 members
:( missing someone and always wanna be there with her/him
People 14 members
YO YO :banana:
Activities 14 members
u liked some 1,they told u they dont like u,still they keep appears in ur life,being damn nice&sweet 2 u,makin u unforgetable,suffering~when they have gf/bf,they still being like dat~whats da point 4...
Off Topic 14 members
juz really feels wanna to punch those people on the face because they talk way too much :@ :@
People 14 members
Activities 14 members
It's a fact. If you think sliced bread is better than Holly, then I suggest you have never had a Holly sandwich my friend.
Activities 14 members
Lifestyle 14 members
Yummy :P
Food 14 members
:heart: happy birthday :happy:
People 14 members
u have been such a good friend. And everyone should know that.
People 14 members
well the heart can only take so much, when been broken so many times, it time to give up and find a new life.
Off Topic 14 members
For real users only, if ur fake well sorry fuuck off !!!!!
People 14 members
shut the fuuck up ur annoyingggg :@ :@
Off Topic 14 members
for every body who love Brazil<br />This wonderful place!!! :)
Places 14 members
we come here to chat and mingle not be targets for aimless people....
Activities 14 members
the things u say n do just drive me crazy. Wish i had u near me now, to show u. How much i love n miss u. I just want to spend the rest...
Passions 14 members
Passions 14 members
If you love the great outdoors and love nature then feel free to join
Activities 14 members
If You Feel Lonely Come To Me, Im A Good Helper! 
People 14 members
<P>All about the game itself. talk about gameplay, quest, guilds, servers, and sagas</P>
Games 14 members
my best friends r always in my heart forever.
People 14 members
:$ :$
Music 14 members
Lifestyle 13 members
Activities 13 members
For all of us who love BR3NTTT and wouldnt know what to do without you.
Travel 13 members
Just a club for people to express their random thoughts that everyone has. Have fun!
Off Topic 13 members
When the earth has fallen to pieces...
Activities 13 members
they r AWESOME, join if u like them
Music 13 members
Ayumi Hamasaki is a Japanese Singer! ♥ You can find more information in the club! And about her beauty ('; shes really soo beautiful!
Fashion 13 members
:P :P :P :P :$ :P (H)
Activities 13 members
the room open to every 1 - but they need to give 2 reason why you like me ?
Activities 13 members
But tbh in my eyes you are, i love you :heart: :$
Activities 13 members
Activities 13 members
lol its like an addiction but i cant help it:heart:although sometimes i wish i could
Lifestyle 13 members
Any thing goes ;)
Passions 13 members
Wat is that i do to make u fall in love with me. Tell me now or forever hold yr peace and let me go if u can't answer this simple...
Activities 13 members
Music 13 members
This is for the Martial Arts fanatic.
Sports 13 members
without radio, tv, mobile, newspaper, only for me and my dog, the only one i trust.
Lifestyle 13 members
This is the most exlucsive brothel around. We live by a code, one code and one code only, 'Setting is a way of life.' If you happen to see this club, and for some reason think it would be a good...
People 13 members
especially with so many friends that are so special.
Activities 13 members
I'm gonna name and shame. Including myself (H)
Activities 13 members
at least they understand me more,knows how to respect and treat me nicely :( boys only knows to make me cry...break my heart :( :@
People 13 members
flash it in the toilet! ASAP!
Activities 13 members